After Reporting His Firing, Stephen A. Smith Slams Philadelphia Inquirer

Posted in Blogroll on February 1st, 2008 by Michael Tillery

Stephen A. and Jalen rose share a laugh

Richard Prince

Sports commentator Stephen A. Smith, fired a week ago by the Philadelphia Inquirer for job abandonment, shot back at the newspaper on Friday, saying in a statement, “What they have done to me is malicious, intentional and vindictive.”

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Lakers Acquire Pau Gasol From Grizzlies

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Gasol gives the Lakers some well needed ferocity

Commercial Appeal (Ronald Tillery, no relation as far as I know)

The Lakers just made a power move. Talented big man Paul Gasol was acquired for Kwame Brown, Javaris Crittendon and two first round draft picks.

Big move…

Gasol will add 17, 10 and a couple blocks nightly and take some pressure off Kobe. This will also allow Lamar Odom to roam more freely.

All I can say is damn…

NBA On TNT Notes Jan. 31: All Star Reserves Selected. Allen, Camby, Turkoglu Snubbed

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We both made it?

TNT exclusively announced the NBA All-Star Reserves. TNT will air the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday, February 17.

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Friday Fire 3: What Is the Greatest Super Bowl?

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His great grand kids won’t ever forget this moment

After Sunday, 42 Super Bowls will have come and gone. This question is via TBR who says Super Bowl XIII is the G.O.A.T because of game quality and also because a combined 11 Hall of Fame members played that day. Jackie Smith missing a potential game winning catch in the end zone is one of the most memorable plays in the history of the game. That game featured a couple remarkable catches: One by the acrobatic Lynn Swann and John Stallworth’s game winner down the left sideline.

I have to go with Super Bowl XXXIV. Even though Steve McNair and the Tennessee Titans lost, dude put the team on his back in the fourth quarter fo sho. He had cats all over his on that last drive. There will forever be a debate about if he should have thrown into the end zone, but you gotta give it to Mike Jones (Who?); he made the play and kept Kevin Dyson out of the end zone.

Friday Fire: Who Wins Super Bowl XLII, The New York Giants Or The New England Patriots?

Posted in Blogroll on February 1st, 2008 by Michael Tillery

Reggie got his. Is Randy next or does the Manning household get another trophy?

TBR is working on a Super Bowl piece to be posted sometime today.

I’m picking the Pats.

Yeah, so the Pats are looking to blaze their name in history as arguably the best team to ever play in the NFL. No one has been 19-0.

Whassup Mercury? The Pats are on the block bruh. Whatcha’ gonna rap about now with an old school sho your right foot tap if the Patriots pull this off?Who wins the game? What’s the score?

Friday Fire 2: What Is Your Favorite Super Bowl Memory?

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desmondhoward.jpgStrike the pose brotha It’s a shame Eagles fans don’t have our own….Besides Doug Williams winning the Super Bowl obviously, Desmond Howard’s 99 yard kickoff return got it done for me. While Desmond’s pro career wasn’t as stellar as his collegiate days, he did win the Super Bowl XXXI MVP–the first and only special teams player to do so.The 1991 Heisman Trophy winner was absolutely sick at Michigan. Could you imagine being at Michigan with #21 doing his thing while the Fab Five burst on the scene? The parties alone must have been sick. Anyway….One play defined his entire pro career. Not many can say they won a Heisman and a Super Bowl MVP. What’s your favorite Super Bowl Memory?