Donovan McNabb, Randy Moss, Chad Johnson: Decisions, Decisions

If the Eagles trade Donovan, the franchise will be set back half a decade

Look for a big off season in the NFL. While the pundits say there’s no clearcut franchise player in the upcoming draft (Dorsey, McFadden?), there are three big name All-Pro caliber veterans supposedly on the market to be had if ya pockets are deep.

Donovan McNabb: The five time Pro Bowl QB is a close fourth in active playoff game starts behind Favre, Brady and Manning. The criticisms of him have been well documented despite his success and professionalism. The year he had a franchise receiver, the Eagles lost to Brady and the Pats by three in Super Bowl XXXIX. Teammates besides McNabb (Westbrook) have been calling for Philly brass to bring in more weapons so he won’t take so much of a beating on or off the field. McNabb was sacked 44 times this season.

Those who say he doesn’t need weapons are simply smoking crack.

In a city where their top sports hero is the mythical Rocky Balboa–which is laughable–no sports star is going to catch a serious break and the three franchise heads seem to be cool with that. The leash is short around Donovan’s neck and the deafening scrutiny here–no matter what you hear or say–is grossly ridiculous and undeserving. They’ve been all kinds of trade rumors surrounding the top three quarterback. The most obvious being Donovan going back home to Chicago and balancing their franchise for the next 4-5 years. The Bears defense has been on the field way too much the last couple of seasons and McNabb would give Chicago their best chance at the position since Jim McMahon (’82-’88) and Sid Luckman (’39-’50). Since any of us have been alive, McMahon has been the only Bears quarterback selected to the Pro Bowl.

Would the Bears be a much better team with McNabb?


Is a move with Chicago possible?

Damn right.

Another has Donovan going to the Ravens for the 8th pick. Jim Harbaugh was a Philly coach, yes, but this move would be stupid for both teams. Ozzie Newsome is a talented GM but would be pimp slapping his scouting department making such a transaction. Because of McNabb’s resurgence (995 yards passing, 6 TDs, 1 ints, 65% completion percentage in the four games returning from injury), the Eagles undoubtedly would ask more than the pick–Chris McAllister or Ed Reed being the obvious choices–thus depleting an already aging Baltimore defense. This franchise because of its stellar scouts, has not been a major player in free agency and would have to make some more moves so this makes sense. Yes Joe Banner has denied this rumor, but in this case, I gotta go with him.

This ain’t happening.

Arguably, the best receiver in the NFL

Chad Johnson: The best showman in the NFL is also the most hard working receiver in my opinion. He’s speedy, catches balls with the best of them, goes over the middle and takes hits, is durable, has great hands, is a great route runner and obviously gets into the end zone. The four time All Pro is one of the most feared weapons in the league and also helped elevate his Bengals and former Oregon State teammate TJ. Houshmandzadeh into one of the best as well by commanding so much defensive attention.

Because of his personality and the defense mechanisms of fans and hater writers alike, I guess Ocho Cinco opens himself up to maddening scrutiny. He’s fallen out of favor with the franchise that drafted him by taking shots (veiled and otherwise) at head coach Marvin Lewis and will definitely be moved unless the miraculous happens. There were rumors he would sit out 2008, but those have been refuted by his agent Drew Rosenhaus. The only reason why the Bengals have been mired in mediocrity the past few seasons is because their off the field problems have come back to haunt them. Too many bad boys on this squad and it has to be blown up. Trust if they could find a linebacker stocking at the local grocery store they mos def would.

There’s just too much tension surrounding the most talented offense in the NFL and it’s just that time for a big move to be made.

For the right price Chad Johnson can be yours, but ain’t gonna be cheap.

Randy Moss a Patriot in 2008? Not so sure

Randy Moss: There actually shouldn’t be a question of whether Randy Moss will be a Patriot in 2008. He had one of the most amazing offensive seasons of any player, in any sport possibly ever. Of Tom Brady’s 50 touchdowns, 23 went to Moss–which cannot be overstated. It’s not that he was rendered ineffectual in the playoffs; teams knew to keep the Pats under thirty, Moss obviously had to be a high priority in defensive game plans. Most teams that had a measure of success against the Pats, employed an inside out scheme so Brady would have look off Moss and check down to Wes Welker because of the impending rush.

The Pats don’t overpay to keep stars in the fold (read: Willie McGinest, Deion Branch). Moss has been an exception his entire athletic career, so maybe a new precedent will be set by Robert Craft. Tom Brady will be Moss’ biggest cheerleader this off season, but you gotta tip your hat to the Pats; they’ve won championships without Moss and just lost Super Bowl with him so….

It’s a shame that Randy has played on the two best offenses of all time with nothing to show for it.

The fan in me says the Pats will let Randy go and replace him with a young receiver–say James Hardy–thus giving more responsibility to ridiculously underrated Kevin Faulk. Reche Caldwell stepped up when he was called upon as well.

Are the Pats a better team without arguably the greatest receiver of all time? Hell no, but the financial blueprint they’ve referenced has worked for the past decade, so why go off course now? They’ll be cost cutting all over the place to get younger this summer.

Donovan McNabb: Stays in Philly. Moving him would be sheer stupidity.

Chad Johnson: Plays in Philly and gets Donovan back to the Super Bowl.

Randy Moss: Jacksonville Jaguars make a power move and elevate themselves to the NFL elite.

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  1. Chad Brady says:

    It’s amazing hwo much things change in just a year or two. Chad Johnson is declining, Donovan may end his career as an Eagle, and the same with Moss and the Patriots.