5 Questions For Our Culture In These Changing Times

Posted in Blogroll on February 10th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

Second in an ongoing series

This post is for anyone who didn’t receive the email. Send your responses to Mike@MichaelTillery.com. Great answers to 5 Questions To Take Advantage of a Black Sense of Urgency, so this most likely will be a monthly thing. If you do respond please provide a link to your work.

This will be posted next Tuesday the 19th, so please get your answers in by Monday night. Responses are pouring in, but please don’t rush because that compromises the integrity of your answers.

Now to the questions.

1. There’s a negative email going around falsely discrediting Barack Obama that has made it’s way into the mainstream. Does the media have a responsibility to report facts in such an important time in our history to ensure the best candidate wins?

I must be clear this is not questioning who you are voting for.

2. Anna Nicole Smith died one year ago Feb. 8. Why is Britney Spears being ravaged by society? Do we as people blindly attack celebrities as a means of masking our own insecurities? What about Britney’s kids? Do they matter? Britney sure as hell is catching wreck like your friendly neighborhood Black athlete these days isn’t she?

3. Besides Martin Luther King Jr., could you name someone else of influence during Black History Month and why they’ve affected you personally?

4. What type of music do you listen to when you are going through different emotions? From dance floor happiness to melancholy loneliness and everything in between, what music puts you in a place of comfort? What music heals your soul? What is the greatest song and cd/album of all time?

5. Why are we so critical of other cultures but then in turn are so apologetic of our own? Does the world have a point about our perceived arrogance as a nation?