Short Talk With Juwan Howard

Check out a piece I did for SLAM on Dwyane Wade and also 5 questions with Josh Howard.


Lotta Michigan fans around here so I thought I’d give you little treat and post a short q+a I did last night with Juwan Howard. I only had a few minutes, but I could talk to Juwan for hours. Funny, when I hear Juwan speak, all I see and hear is Chris Webber’s pop. Any of you who have ever spoken with or seen Chris’ father will agree he and Juwan share a striking resemblance.

The Fab Five all have this noble presence and carry themselves with class and dignity. Yeah they changed fashion in the sport, but trust they’re freshly pressed in public no matter what the occasion. After the game Juwan looked like he was headed to a job, not leaving one.

Got a chance to meet him a couple of years back at Chris Webber’s Bada Bling.

One of my best pics: Howard, Steve Fisher, Webb and Jimmy King

If you ever get a chance, I highly recommend getting out to Webb’s July event in Vegas. Chill atmosphere. Very organized. Classy company and it’s for a good cause.

MT: Missed you there last go around.

JH: Yeah I was in Africa with Dikembe.

Anyone hear of this trip? Thought so. Shame isn’t it?

I can remember having the chance to reminisce with Jimmy and Juwan at the welcoming party after Common and Talib did a very memorable set. We all were laughing at Chris for some reason. I think it was because he had that look we all have had after partying all night. I’ll post the pic of us all laughing when it’s located.

MT: Playing for one of the most dynamic teams of all time in Michigan’s Fab Five and then having a successful NBA career, have you sat back and reflected on it all?

Juwan Howard: Oh absolutely Mike, I’m proud of my career. I’ve had a real positive career and I just want to top it off with a championship. That’s why I chose Dallas. We have the right type of character that gives us a chance to win. I’m happy to be here.

MT: You think the Fab Five will be more appreciated way down the line–like 20 or 30 years?

Juwan Howard: Of course. Wow it’s been almost 20 years. People to this day remember me as being part of Michigan’s Fab Five. When I checked into the game tonight, I heard fans yelling my name and the Fab Five. It makes me smile that people appreciate what we did for the game of college basketball–or more importantly–how we inspired the community. We had an impact on the community. That means a lot.

MT: Whassup with your boy Webb? You happy for him to come back?

JH: No doubt about it man. I’m happy for him. I think he made a really good decision. Of course I wish him all the best. I know he’s gonna make the best out of it.

MT: What’s it gonna take for Dallas to get over the hump and get that ring?

JH: First and foremost, we need to get our guys healthy like (Jerry) Stackhouse, Devin Harris and (Eric) Dampier. We get them healthy and back out on the floor and we’ll be able to play with the best of them.

MT: 9 teams in the West are playing .600 ball. It seems like a lot of there’s a lot of energy coming from the conference with all these guys coming in.

JH: No doubt. It’s very exciting to play here. There’s a lot of talent. I also have to tip my hat to the East. They are doing pretty good over there as well. Boston’s playing well and Detroit and Cleveland. It’s nice to see the talent being spread over the entire league.

MT: How would you assess the young talent coming into the league? Is there a different type of athleticism?

JH: These young kids are very talented. I think we were more skilled regarding our basketball IQ. The fundamentals. Not saying a lot of these kids don’t have it, but a lot of these programs don’t really teach enough.

MT: Whassup with Jimmy (King)? Been trying to get up with him, but I hear he’s a busy man these days.

JH: Yeah he’s still with Merrill Lynch and also doing radio for Michigan basketball.

MT: Nice talking to you again bruh. See you in July?

JH: Oh you know it!

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