Ain’t Nothing Wrong With The NBA

An old 23? LeBron’s second MVP award

A couple of thoughts before the TNT notes just to provoke thought…

Remember this time last year? All hell was breaking loose huh? Cats getting drunk and diggin’ strippers, but criticizing Pac Man and anyone else for getting drunk and diggin’ strippers…Yeah it was that ridiculous and hypocritical.

The NBA deals with less crime among its ranks than what’s assumed. It’ll be very interesting to see all the NBA critics dig deep in attempts to find what’s wrong with the NBA writing stories this week (if they have the temerity obviously). Cats like Chris Paul, Dwight Howard and Brandon Roy should be the story–not the crimes committed by a select minority. People who don’t want to watch the NBA are going to do so regardless, of what you write or say. They don’t need a push just so you can feel better about your disillusioned words.

I hope my peers chill on that shit.

For the record, the dunk contest is back. It’s my opinion that Andre Iguodala helped to usher a new age of creativity back in 2006 that will take the dunk competition to even greater heights ever imagined.

I actually saw some major news outlets headlining the skills competition and the three point contest instead of Howard’s showing.

What is that all about? Are people that sick of seeing Black men fly high? The dunk is only a small aspect of the game, but it affects you that much? Be objective.

Forget the Superman dunk for a second…How does Dwight Howard dunk the ball with his head behind the backboard?

That was straight up African!

The athleticism of NBA athletes fallin’ from the ceiling cannot be diminished no matter what the haters say. I’m not one of these pundits that hates on anything and everything just because my peers do so. That’s both simple minded and irresponsible.

If you weren’t affected by Dwight Howard and Gerald Green (Gay and Moon to a lesser extent), you don’t belong in the field because your soul is both jaded and corrupt.

It’s not that Dwight dunked the ball or not, it’s the creativity and athleticism encapsulated as straight up entertainment. Even NBA superstars and legends were affected by Howard’s performance.

Cheryl Miller, shame on you for cutting Doc off. He was simply trying to speak of the difficulty behind Green’s dunk sans kicks.

This is going to go down as one of the most successful years ever in the league, and it ain’t all about money…

Another thing, name another group of people that has donated more time, money and effort to the revitalization of New Orleans than NBA players. You’ll be hard pressed.

Oh, before I forget. The All Star game is an exhibition. Stop all the bullshit about players not playing any defense or that the game is nothing more than a dunk fest. You hear the same thing every single year.

That’s what it’s for! The kids like it and that’s all that matters.

You get out there and travel on a weekend you could be with your family and take the entire game seriously. I wanna see you try.

Thanks Chris Paul and Dwight Howard for taking the game back to the sights and sounds of life’s initial athletic thought. I’ve talked to both personally and I couldn’t have been more honored to speak with athletes (athletes is the context here, not other professionals who are doing an honorable service to society) who are real. Yeah ain’t no one perfect, but those two in particular…I’m glad my children choose to follow. The NBA gave kids an everlasting memory this weekend and it was done with a smile.

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