Dominique Did Not Like the Celtics

Just so everyone knows, we’re posting interviews with L. Z. Granderson, Henry Abbott of TrueHoop, B.J. Armstrong, boxer turned businessman Leland Hardy and AUC Magazine editor as well as Hip Hop artist Jacinta Howard next week. Crazy busy getting things done outside of TSF, but will have stuff as promised posted next week. If anyone has any questions, concerns or suggestions with the new site, hit us up here. If you are having problems logging in, delete your cookies and try again. Thanks for bearing with us during this time of transition. We hope to have all the bugs out very soon.

In the meantime, check out the Human Highlight Film bang it on EVERYONE.

Dig the hop step thunder. OMG!

Hey Larry…getcha ass up off the floor and go help Chief get boofed on too.

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