A Thank You To David Aldridge and Some TSF Fam Links

Out for season with stress fracture

Before linking to the devastating news that Yao is done for the SEASON, I had to mention this:

Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post sent me an email earlier about an exchange between Tony Kornheiser and David Aldridge on Tony’s radio show this morning regarding blogs and TSF got a mention


Tony: Yesterday I was all over what is affectionately referred to at PTI as
“The Blogosphere.” And David, you do blogging, so you know about this.
There are four or five sports blogs that are out there that are read on a
daily basis by a lot of people in the sports business and I’m going to name
them so that they know that I know what they are: Deadspin I think is
probably first among equals, there’s something called The Big Lead, there’s
something called With Leather, the explanation for which I can’t go into
due to my employment circumstance, and there’s one called Kissing Suzy
Kolber. Am I leaving any out that are big?

David Aldridge: Well, there’s a couple more.

Tony: Well, I don’t know the others

David Aldridge: The Starting Five is a good one.

Tony I don’t know the others, I don’t know the others, and I will confess
to you that I don’t read these things. And the reason I don’t read these
things is because I’m fair game. And I don’t really want to know….

Thanks DA for the plug and Dan Steinberg for the link. Read David’s TSF interview here. We appreciate the love. Folks, there are so many other blogs out there screaming to be read. If you are wondering…you can simply start with our blogroll.

It’s funny…when I’m covering Sixers games for SLAM and if he isn’t around, I usually sit in D. A.’s seat because it’s so close to the isle. He’s a busy man, so when he shows up I feel like I’m in the presence of an icon. I thought my questions in the pressers were good, but DA asks questions much more deeper and game tight informed. He’s a true inspiration.

Now to the links:

Yao done for season

Hope his injury had nothing to do with this:

Good Gosh!

The Commission comments on Yao

An interview I did with former Knick great and current Knick announcer Walt Frazier

Scoop’s take on Kelvin Sampson

Dave Zirin on MLB underpaying Latin American ballplayers

SLAM: Marquis Daniels not a suspect in alleged rape at his crib

Stop Mike Lupica previews Croatia for 2008 Olympics

Delinda Lombardo and giving back

5 and a Possible touch on cussin’ in public

Claude Johnson of Black Fives asks “Why hasn’t anyone covered Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing?”

BlackGivesBack hypes Bill Duke’s “down low” flick Cover

Straight Bangin’ highlights Charles Barkley and the religious right

Blackmystory’s compelling piece, A Slave’s Narrative

InkogNegro on Johnny Gill’s “stable”

Charisma All Over highlights AfricanAmerica.org

Sportafile on the Detroit Tigers

MCBias on NBA trades

Nah Right hips us to the new Bash Bros. joint

Jordi over at The Serious Tip attends Rays Fanfest

TrueHoop: Sam Cassell working on a buyout from Clips

Black Quarterback on the Albuquerque Tribune folding

Temple 3 the proud Pop

Cosellout on Jamal Crawford

Fusicology hypes Jill Scott’s Live in Paris

Raving Black Lunatic: Desperation smells like shit

Eric Daniels on “acting white

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