TSF Fam Links Feb 26: The “Good Times Is On” Editon

Thelma, Thelma, Thelma!

Some PM links to the TSF Fam. These are talented folk.


Anyone want to get down, hit me up. I’ll be posting and interview with either Dwight Howard or Rashard Lewis on SLAM tomorrow. Off to the game…Be Peace.

Chuck D: Africanless-Non Americans?

5 and a Possible reviews A Raisin In the Sun…The Diddy version

AOBS posts a video by the compelling Frances Cress Welsing on White Genetic Survival

Delinda Lombardo asks why Thurman Thomas’ recent philanthropy hasn’t be covered

Black Agenda Report does a profile on Reverend James Orange

Claude Johnson of Black Fives has a cameo in NBA pioneer documentary

Blackmystory on Why Hilary Clinton will win

Black Quarterback on Cris Carter joining ESPN. Why was he snubbed from the HOF again?

Charisma All Over highlights a Sista Queen poem Try Being a Lady on Def Poetry Jam

Cosellout short commentary and video on Emmit Smith campaigning for Barack in Texas…”He doesn’t care if Republicans by throwback jerseys too.” Thanks for that Modi.

Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog gets called Cheesboy 500 times by Wilbon and Kornheiser. Wilbon threatens a beatdown

TrueHoop: Mark Madsen says PED’s not an NBA problem

The Serious Tip: David Whitley of the Orlando Sentinel is neither funny or original

The Commission ask What is Emeka Okafor smoking for turning down 13 mil….a year

Temple3: Tina Fey is the same old bitch

Stop Mike Lupica: Could Kiki Vandeweghe be the next Knicks GM?

Moderately Cerebral Bias speaks on Daft Punk artists–complete with videos

Nah Right posts Lupe Fiasco performing Paris, Tokyo on Jay Leno

SLAM: Antoine Walker wants out of Minny

Sportafile on the originator of Makin’ It Rain

Skeptical Brotha speaks on John Lewis’ switch from Clinton to Obama

InkogNegro asks “What part of the game is this?” regarding the coverage of the Bobby Cutts Jr. trial

Raving Black Lunatic sarcastically calls Obama a Jew hater

MindRite Sports ponders if trades will keep LeBron in Cleveland

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