Friday Fire: What Happened To Music?

Old School Friday at The Commission: The D is in Seventh grade edition (All bangers).

Yo you look like a straight rockhead in the pic bruh! Sure my fam of those of me I’m sure.

Miss you Miles

Daaaaaaaamn we actually get another day to celebrate our existence? You mean one more day to get down get down with what we’ve given to this society in terms of power, education, athleticism, journalism, music (Stevie killed this drum solo with ridiculous passion, but so did this 12 year old), entertainment, inventions, swagger, fashion, politics, innovation, hard work, comedy, consciousness, intelligence, history, love, etc.,? Thank God for the leap year or you would never know Plymouth Rock landed on us huh?

Do something different today signifying some sort of deep down consciousness as a result. Maybe the chuldrun might hear ya.

A extra special special friend of mine (Sup La La all squeaky? lol) hipped me to a station in Philly dedicating today to the aforementioned sentiment by playing an old school mix that was sick. Among other way back tracks they played both versions of Fight the Power back to back–the block party bbq Isley Brothers version and this one as well: Elvis was a hero to most…El…Elvis….But he never meant shit to me…straight up racist the sucka was simple and plain..mothafuck him an John Wayne!

One of the best all time lines in any genre.

If you ain’t from ’round here, I guess you don’t know who we do P.E.

Hey you heard that new Chubb Rock joint?

Not this one:

I also feel the original because I loved it in the club.

Damn, just want to treat ’em right.

Leave the guns and have fun…and oh yeah..sing it!

I’m am diggin’ this

It ain’t ya booty, it’s ya beauty.

OK OK…ya’ll prolly think I’m trippin’ but it’s Friday right?


Simple question…Whassup with the young pups dominating all forms of music? So our generation is basically finished in terms of radio air play? Having conversations with Chuck D, I could hear it in his voice that record companies are basically done existing in their known model and the Internet has changed everything, but damn Slow Down!

T3 knows about this right hurr…anyone else?

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