What’s On These Brotha’s Minds This Very Second?

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A very good friend of mine, Morco Morcos is a UAB assistant under Mike Davis. I haven’t spoken with him since this 79-78 heartbreaker, but I damn sure will. The one cat gets slapped right in front of jake. Dude you wore hunting gear to a basketball game! What did you expect? Here’s the link, so you can see the pic enlarged (scroll down and side to side after you do). Ya gotta love college basketball rivalries…


5 Questions For Our Culture In These Changing Times

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Recent addition: Jemele Hill. LZ Granderson will be posted tomorrow along with his very compelling interview. Get your responses in if you want to be included.


Thank you all again who took the time out to participate. I’ll definitely do this again soon and hope more will get involved. I’m challenged to come up with relevant questions and very much look forward to doing so the next time around. Of the writers who responded, there are links to their work in the first couple of questions. Those who didn’t get a chance to respond, you still have time to get your answers posted.

Be Peace.

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A Black Woman’s Smile

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Ain’t Nothing Wrong With The NBA

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An old 23? LeBron’s second MVP award

A couple of thoughts before the TNT notes just to provoke thought…

Remember this time last year? All hell was breaking loose huh? Cats getting drunk and diggin’ strippers, but criticizing Pac Man and anyone else for getting drunk and diggin’ strippers…Yeah it was that ridiculous and hypocritical.

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NBA On TNT All Star Game Notes

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This is a good move. What has Dallas won anyway?

TNT’s Craig Sager interviewed New Orleans Hornets guard Chris Paul before the game.

Paul on being introduced in his first All-Star Game: “I told Coach (Byron Scott) all along that I might get introduced and throw up, I’m so nervous right now.”

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TNT All Star Saturday Night Notes: Dwight Howard Is From Krypton

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Dwight Howard ushered in a new era of “magistration” lol DD

Magic Johnson on his impressions of NBA All-Star in New Orleans: “First of all, the gumbo has been so good. The food, the people and the hospitality have been amazing. If you haven’t been to New Orleans, (the city) is back and ready to host people. You can have a good time and the NBA All-Star Weekend is happy to be here.”

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TNT All Star Weekend Rookies vs Sophomores Game Notes

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T-Mobile Rookie Challenge and Youth Jam

MVP Gibson hit 11 of 20 threes for 33

Announcers: Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith

Barkley on who is he looking forward to watching play from the sophomore team: “One of the best players, he’s obviously an All-Star, is (Trail Blazers guard) Brandon Roy. I wish a lot of these other kids would realize how important it is to stay in school for a while and learn how to play. And if you asked me to pick one player who I thought could become a star, I would say (Grizzlies guard) Rudy Gay. Rudy Gay (has) got so much talent, he’s done a good job this year, and he’s gotten a lot better. It’s going to be fun to watch him grow and mature.”

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NBA On TNT Notes The Valentines Edition: Charles Barkley Shows No Love For Post Katrina Development Efforts

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TNT NBA Tip-off presented by AutoTrader.com (broadcast live from Johnny White’s Pub and Grill in New Orleans)


Smith on all the NBA legends who return for the NBA All-Star weekend: “It’s like walking around and all your trading cards are walking around the building.”

TNT’s Craig Sager spoke with Mavericks guard Devean George who has blocked a trade involving New Jersey Nets guard Jason Kidd.

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Friday Fire 2: Is NBA European Expansion a Good Idea?

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Run by Diallo’s spot for some old school giddy up

(Wall Street Journal)

Of all the major sport commissioners, Stern is clearly the best businessman

The NBA plans to have 5 European teams competing for the NBA championship by the end of the decade. David Stern will introduce these plans this weekend in New Orleans. Is this a good idea?

Friday Fire: What Does All This Barack Obama Momentum Really Mean?

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The First Family?

Barack Obama is on a serious winning streak. Could he really win the Democratic Nomination? What about the super delegates? Honestly, I’m shocked that Barack is still in it. Is it a testament of Obama’s resourcefulness or Clinton’s ineptitude to really connect to the people?

Throwback Thursday: K.C. Jones

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(Getty Images Photo / Chip Somodevilla)

The sudden revival of basketball in the city of Boston has taken many of it’s fans back to the glory days -when their beloved Celtics were the class of the NBA. Personally, it takes me back to a time where I hated to see the Sixers’ arch rivals from the north coming, whether it was in mid-season or the playoffs. As my knowledge of sports has grown, so has my respect for the adversaries of my youth; Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parrish.  Respect for the Dallas Cowboys? That day is still afar off.

Celtics coach K.C. Jones was the driving force behind the Celtics last two title teams. In researching Jones’ career, I discovered that he was a groundbreaking player in college, and played an intergral role on eight Celtics’ title teams before winning two more as a coach. To my embarrassment I also discovered that I should have been more focused on the color and not the colors.

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Devean George Explains Himself

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Devean George exercised his Bird rights and shot down the proposed trade sending him, De Sagana Diop, Devin Harris, Jerry Stackhouse and other considerations to New Jersey for Jason Kidd.

I’m hearing that Stack will stay in Dallas get bought out and re-sign with the team.

Mark Cuban has to be going crazy right now. I’m sure this will get crazier heading up until the trade deadline.

I have a little Rudy Gay q+a up on SLAM and a full length B. J. Armstrong interview will posted here later on today.

Jason Kidd Trade To Dallas Mavericks For Jerry Stackhouse, Devin Harris, DeSegana Diop, Devean George and Other Considerations “Imminent”

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You got ya wish bruh…Hold ya head VC

Looks like JKidd is going back to the team where he shared rookie of the year with Grant Hill.

Hmmmm…..I wonder what Monster Mash and Jimmy Jax think about this.

Most of these cats are throw ins to line up the salaries. Did the Mavs purge their roster with a high cost?

This move possibly will counteract the effectiveness of smaller point guards Kidd would oppose, give Dallas help on the boards and more importantly gives Dirk a Hall of Fame point guard that plays defense.

With 9 teams playing .600 ball the West is looking absolutely sick!

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TNT 2008 NBA All Star Game Teleconference With Marv Albert, Kenny Smith and Doug Collins

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Yesterday, I participated in TNT’s 2008 NBA All Star Game teleconference. Beat writers and columnists from across the nation questioned the participants below on NBA All Star Weekend as well as current happenings in the NBA. I became associated with TNT after being asked to moderate their panel on New Media in July during the annual NABJ conference in Vegas.

In this teleconference, I get great responses from some of the questions I asked the fellas.


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Short Talk With Juwan Howard

Posted in Blogroll on February 12th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

Check out a piece I did for SLAM on Dwyane Wade and also 5 questions with Josh Howard.


Lotta Michigan fans around here so I thought I’d give you little treat and post a short q+a I did last night with Juwan Howard. I only had a few minutes, but I could talk to Juwan for hours. Funny, when I hear Juwan speak, all I see and hear is Chris Webber’s pop. Any of you who have ever spoken with or seen Chris’ father will agree he and Juwan share a striking resemblance.

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