LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen VOGUE Cover Causes Racial Stir…And No One Understands Why???

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What the…
This ain’t no coincidence. The enlistment pic was sent to me by a prominent writer soon after the issue hit the stands. It’s the same damn pic. The weapon of choice is different and Gisele isn’t topless, but you get the idea. Annie Leibovitz definitely has some explaining to do for this bullcrap–Mizzo

Once again a national publication has taken the liberty of pissing off the Black community. The April issue of VOGUE focuses on NBA superstar LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers and supermodel Gisele Bundchen, girlfriend of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The cover of the magazine draws comparison to the King Kong/Fay Wray pose – James is shown baring his teeth, clutching the waist of Bunchen with his shoulders hunched in a gorilla-like pose. This recent development opens the door for James, who is arguably the most popular player in the NBA to address this issue and others concerning race in sports and how Blacks – specifically how Black men are viewed.

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NBA On TNT Notes: Chris Webber Joins Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley On the Set

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Check the replay Billy Packer
TNT NBA Tip-off presented by AutoTrader.com
Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley and Chris Webber

Webber on announcing his retirement on Wednesday: “It was difficult but it was time. I’m just happy that I had such a really nice career in my eyes, did things that I dreamed about. I just concentrate on the fun I had, I don’t want to get emotional thinking that it’s over.”

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Friday Fire: Who Is 2008 NBA MVP?

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I know, I know the season isn’t over and a lot lay in the balance, but hey man hey somebody gotta be first right? This discussion is devoid of stats because they really don’t matter here. It’s all about who is the most valuable to their respective team this season.

Here’s my picks along with some more Lil Stevie Fingertips bashin’.

Will this be the year?

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Rookie Highs, Rookie Lows

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Too many lights?

Click on the pic to view a piece I wrote for SLAM regarding the rookie seasons of Joakim Noah and Thaddeus Young. One is having a good rookie year and the other is not. Can you guess who?

TrueHoop picked up a funny part of the interview (also added below) here

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The Los Angeles Times Apologizes For Tupac/Diddy Story

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Meanwhile Pac’s murder still goes unsolved

Bithassness alert. The suspicions of some of you had last week on the authenticity of the story which claimed Diddy had full knowledge of Pac’s 1994 shooting were warranted.

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Chris Webber to Announce Retirement Wednesday

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(Photo:Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)nba_g_webber1_400.jpg
One of just six players (Bird, Wilt, Billy Cunningham, KG and Elgin Baylor) in the history of the NBA to average 20, 9 and 4. All but he and Garnett are in the Hall of Fame.

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This Is Why Media Gets a Bad Name

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Do we not speak out of our own mouths?

This was published a year ago and referenced presently ad nauseum like it was written yesterday. Good people out there…we have some work to do. Sensationalism is now fact?

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B.J. Armstrong: From the Player, to TV Analyst, to Sports Agent

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Definitely looks out for others

I have an interview with the three time champ posted on SLAM. Click the pic for the link or read the story below.

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Happy Birthday Q!!!

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Lil’ Big Man

Happy Birthday Quentin Mekhi Glover!

From the day you were born you have been the most important person in my life. Watching you grow these past 5 years has been amazing, I see now how fast time goes by and how quickly you’re learning new things and working on perfecting them. I’m proud of the young man you are becoming; remember all of the things that you want in life are yours. I’m so proud to say that I’m your Dad. People make parenting out to be something hard or a chore – you’ve made fatherhood the greatest joy in my life. It is a blessing that I’m not worthy of. I will do all that I can to ensure that you are equipped with the necessary tools to face the challenges that you will meet in life. That is my promise to you.

I love you son -Daddy.

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Friday Fire: What Will Barack Obama Have To Do To Get Elected?

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Run by The Commission for not Cousins in a Jungle but Brothers on a Quest
Is this a dream or someone’s nightmare?

There seems to be a serious and madly determined campaign to smear Barack Obama at all costs. You would think America had enough of Republican politics after the last 8 years.

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NBA On TNT Notes: Boston Messes Up Texas

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(Photo:Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)bostongarnett.jpg

Barkley on the Dallas Mavericks needing a playing identity: “I think the Mavs just haven’t figured out how to play, they only have one way to play. They have to figure out a way to become the Phoenix Suns, they need to outscore people…They are not going to have a good half-court team, they’ve got to run and gun and let Jason Kidd make (Brandon) Bass and (Erick) Dampier better. It’s no secret, they have to speed up the game, they can only play one way.”

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The NBA: Where Reseeding Can’t Happen

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For a small fee, I can do other tricks as well

The NBA will not look at reseeding the playoffs to include the best 16 teams regardless of which conference they’re in. I know it seems like the logical thing to do considering a 48 win team might be in the draft lottery, but trust me it isn’t going to happen. You know why? Money.

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TBR’s Top All-Time College Basketball Players (Part II)

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Plasticman springs into action.

I hope everyone enjoyed the first half of this list. The second half isn’t too shabby either, we have a couple of sure-fire Hall of Famers in our second installment and maybe even a Blue Devil or two.

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The Prince Returns To Closure’s Sweet Release…Or Not

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The experience of witnessing The Answer returning was just amazing. Click on the pic to check out my description on SLAM of what folks will remember for a long time , or read the piece below .

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McCain Aide Suspended For Circulating Obama/Wright Video

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I’m strong to the finish..As I eats me spinach?


Campaign says Soren Dayton has been suspended for pushing racially-charged video that uses controversial words of Obama’s pastor to portray candidate as unpatriotic.

McCain spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker: “We have been very clear on the type of campaign we intend to run and this staffer acted in violation of our policy.”

Declined to say how long he is suspended for.