Brett Favre to Retire

Posted in Blogroll on March 4th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

It was never about you personally Brett. It was that Larry Bird thing you were represented as

One of our favorite whipping boys has retired. I guess with RMoss resigned with the Pats he was a done deal.

Remember I wrote this?

When the greats are gone, they are gone, so I’m sad to see Brett go in that respect. What I’m not sad about is how the media and fans identified with Brett like he was God. Hey I’m down with Donovan McNabb, but I sure as hell ain’t kissing the ring. I can’t go out like that…I have sons. They would be disgusted to see me bow down at another man’s feet.

Imagine if he threw 4 interceptions multiple times. Would he still have a job?

Who is gonna be that dude for the media now? Any suggestions?

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