Friday Fire: Is Brett Favre Better Than Warren Moon?

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Appeared on a internet radio program hosted by Florida broadcasting legend Ed Berliner yesterday and discussed some issues that just don’t sit well with the TSF collective. I’ll provide links to other topics as they are posted on SBN. I said stuff you will not hear the mainstream media say that needs to be stated even more.

I haven’t watched any of Brett Favre’s retirement coverage. I refused to be dumbed down. I’ll say it again my annoyance has nothing to do with Brett Favre the person. He was a great quarterback, but was he really that much better than Warren Moon?


Moon’s stats: 208 games. 203 starts. 3,988 completions. 6,823 attempts. 58.4%. 49,325 yards. 291 passing touchdowns. 233 interceptions. He also missed 6 seasons in the NFL because he was winning 5 Grey Cups in Canada. Do the math and add roughly 22,000 yards (based on Moon’s 230 yards a game average) 102 (17 a season) touchdowns and 78 interceptions (13 a season) and you get why Blacks scream racism has modified history. We will never know how those 6 seasons would have shaped the NFL or Warren Moon’s legacy. It’s a damn shame this messed up society exiled Warren after being the first Black quarterback to win MVP at the Rose Bowl when he was at Washington. He was the best quarterback in his class and still he had to go to Canada because no one would draft him because he was Black and he wouldn’t switch to defense. Thank you Warren for standing your ground.

If Moon would have played those six years in the NFL, Favre would have broken some of Moon’s records but would have fell almost eleven thousand yards short of Moon’s projected yards record.

He also has the second highest passing game in history with 527 (Van Brocklin 554).

Favre’s stats: 257 games. 253 starts. 5,377 completions. 8,758 attempts. 61.4%. 61,655 yards. 442 passing touchdowns. 288 interceptions. He started every game since September 93. Which is amazing for the quarterback position.

He got the hell out when Randy Moss resigned with New England didn’t he?

Brett has a ring.

Warren does not.

In Green Bay’s Super Bowl XXXI win, Reggie White had two sacks and of course we all know about the returns of MVP Desmond Howard.

Can you name anyone on Moon’s defenses besides Chris Dishman? How about the receivers or running backs?

Moon’s best shot was done in by Frank Reich and Buffalo’s miraculous comeback on January 3, 1993. There’s a good bet Warren would have had some sort of team success in those six years he missed.

Would we be discussing Brett Favre’s greatness at length if Warren played his entire career in the NFL?

Warren Moon should be mentioned among the all time greats at quarterback. To think, there really was a question whether or not he would be inducted into the HOF.

Marino, Elway, Montana–and now Favre…


I just get sick and tired of Whites criticizing Blacks honoring our own regardless of the flaws in their character on or off the field. We all have flaws. I haven’t watched any of this, but I bet Brett’s prescription pill addiction was mentioned as little as possible. A Black athlete better not sneeze funny because it ultimately affects his Hall of Fame consideration.

Fact: Barry Bonds was hated long before the steroids discussion.

Fact: Michael Vick was hated long before dogs died.

Why is the question I want answered.

When will this media scrutiny stop painting the legacies of those who accomplish the most?

TSF is here to highlight and help discuss this bs in lieu of anyone else in the mainstream stepping up.

It’s a shame I can’t truly appreciate what Brett has done for sports because of a media sick with hypocrisy.

God bless you Brett. I wish a happy and loving life for you and your family. Thanks for all the memories. You played with great heart that I hope children coming up will seek to emulate.

Brett Favre ain’t dead…Get off his nuts like he is and let the man go fish with Warren Sapp.

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