TSF Reader Piece: As a Rule, By Okori Wadsworth

Hopefully this will be the first of many reader pieces addressing personal subjects of relevance. TSF reader Okori Wadsworth, who has been supportive of TSF almost since it’s inception over a year ago, wanted to post a short piece on fan loyalty. This is the first part of two.

What are you thoughts on the topic?

Be Peace


Okori’s state of bliss

As a rule (and this is one of the reasons I come here) TSF uses sports as a vehicle to discuss and address broader social issues. Unfortunately, those of you who come here for the aforementioned this post is not going to be about that. Instead I am going to bring up why we became a fan, and the simple enjoyments of what it means to be a fan. Every fan should have this contract with their favorite team. In Part II, I will outline the player’s covenant to the fan. At the conclusion of this, you will notice what ISN’T in here as well as what is.

I, the undersigned fan, vow to do the following for my favorite team in my favorite sport:

I will watch every single game I am able to, whether it is home or road (even if said road game is in the other time zone against the worst team in the league.) When you make the playoffs, even as an eighth seed by virtue of winning a tiebreaker on the very last day of the regular season, I will treat your every single game as though it is the eventual coronation of an undefeated postseason.

I will own every jersey I can of yours, including the third jersey worn on St. Patrick’s Day. When my team exceeds expectations, I will gather at the airport to greet you on a job well done, and thank you for giving me a wonderful season.

Ride or die
When my favorite player retires I will weep openly, wear his or her jersey to work, and wait until their day comes to have said jersey retired when the ceremony will make a presidential funeral look like a poorly-produced episode of This Is Your Life.

I, the undersigned fan, vow to live up to this covenant no matter what.

34 Responses to “TSF Reader Piece: As a Rule, By Okori Wadsworth”

  1. Mizzo says:

    Man you need to know how to post a link bruh ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Okori says:

    first time with ye old blogging technology. be happy i figured out this much.

    and by the by: after you’re finished reading this article (cuz I know you will end up reading it now ๐Ÿ™‚ ) go out ad seek out the Tsuruta-Misawa match I reference in there. And you will see what Tsuruta did, and why, when it was at his best, All Japan was an epic drama for the sport I love.

  3. thebrotherreport says:

    Jumbo Tsuruta, former AWA Champ.

  4. Okori says:

    Jumbo Tsuruta…. professor at the University of Portland.

    and, TBR, July 13th in South Philly. Chikara. Go.

  5. thebrotherreport says:

    Thanks for the info gonna def look into it. I believe he beat Nick Bockwinkel for the belt. I used to be so big into the Magazines. Especially The Wrestler because it always had a bloody cover.

  6. Okori says:

    a lot of cats beat Bockwinkel (who might be getting his own MOW post).

  7. thebrotherreport says:

    Gotta throw your site onto my favorites.

    Gotta trivia question for you? Who was Andre the Giant’s “Mystery Partner” when Big John Studd cut his hair?

    That was how they hyped it up the week before the match, it was on t.v. One of the great disappointments in wrestling history.

  8. Okori says:

    I believe it was SD Jones. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. thebrotherreport says:

    YUP!!! When did Special Delivery reach mystery partner status?

    We all thought in the hood that it was gonna be Superfly Snuka.

    Man they fooled us big time ๐Ÿ™

  10. Okori says:

    dude the WWF did that as a booking crutch. They wanted a guy who the heels could dismantle cuz they were setting up the Andre hair-cutting thing.

    And, by the way, Snuka probably wouldn’t have been at that time. He might have been persona non grata for the alleged murder of the girlfriend thing.

  11. thebrotherreport says:

    Yeah, today I see the setup but as a kid I wasn’t trying to hear it.

  12. Okori says:

    no one was. but it had to be done just that way.

  13. thebrotherreport says:

    True. My pop used to tell me how he would run into alot of those guys down in South Philly they all hung out at this one bar.

  14. Okori says:

    probably true.

    incidentally (to get off of the old 1980’s WWF talk) here’s a trivia question for you (feel free to use google to look this up): who was named the wrestler of the decade by the Wrestling Observer Magazine?

  15. Okori says:

    i meant to say above for the 1990’s.

  16. thebrotherreport says:

    For the ’80’s I would say Flair.
    For the ’90’s I would say Sting.

  17. Okori says:

    for the 80’s you’d be right.

    For the 90’s…. not even close. Like….. your chances of dating Scarlett Johanssen close.

  18. thebrotherreport says:

    Ok lemme think some more

  19. Okori says:

    Hint: not WWF or WCW.

  20. thebrotherreport says:

    Sabu or Mick Foley?

    How good was TAZ in your opinion?

  21. Okori says:

    Taz was good depending on the opponent. if it was a guy he respected… it was really good. but when he was lazy he was AWFUL. Taz= Derrick Coleman.

    and next hint: not in any of the big 3. and remember… no one knew anything about Sabu in 1990, and his work was not so epic by the mid-to-late ’90’s that it could have made up for it.

  22. thebrotherreport says:

    I’m stumped.

  23. Okori says:

    I’ll give you a hint. he was referenced earlier in this thread. 1 of a heavenly quartet.

  24. thebrotherreport says:


  25. thebrotherreport says:

    No Antonio Inoki

  26. Okori says:

    I’ll put you out of your misery TBR. It’s Mitsuharu Misawa. 1\4th of the All Japan heavyweights of the mid ’90’s called the “4 Corners of Heaven.” Those four being: Mitsuharu Misawa, Kenta Kobashi, Akira Taue, and Toshiaki Kawada.

    Second Tiger Mask.

  27. thebrotherreport says:

    Thanks I would’ve never guessed

  28. Okori says:

    no problem. most people do not know that until you tell them.

  29. thebrotherreport says:

    YOU! My friend are a true wrestling junkie

  30. Okori says:

    yup. why do you think I named the blog the majesty of wrestling?

    i watch a lot of it because i enjoy it, and also because it relaxes me from my actual job.

  31. thebrotherreport says:

    Nothing wrong with that.

  32. Okori says:

    I imagine, that if Mizz wanted to do it, we could do a thing where I answered people’s trivia questions every friday.

  33. ????did you cut the rat tail off