The Cardinal and the Blue Jay: An Excerpt of The Son Of Melancholy Jazz

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It’s been 20 years since my Mom passed. For anyone out there who has lost a parent, you know it doesn’t get any easier. I go through my own personal Ides of March every year, but as time passes, I’m able to reflect and recollect on the memories that have shaped my present existence. This is why I implore us all to have a sense of urgency, because when life is gone, it’s gone.

On March 13, 1988–Mom’s birthday, I had to work at 12 midnight and woke from a nap around 8. My sister and I were sitting on my bed laughing hysterically at something or other before Mom called around 8:30. I was in a giddy mood considering I’d tried to reach her earlier and wish her Happy Birthday to no avail. I fell asleep worrying, so when I finally heard her voice, I was noticeably relieved.

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Throwback Thursday: Hank Gathers

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As college basketball teams across the country participate in their respective conference tournaments it serves as a reminder that March Madness is among us.

Before the Madness, yours truly takes a moment to reflect on the memory of Hank Gathers as it reminds us of how precious life is. Read more »

Rap Is a Whole Lot Better With a Lost Cauze

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Supastition and Andre the Giant do their thing, but Reef is filthy on this.

Go to Nah Right for other clips of DJ Eclipse’s Halftime Show on WYNU.