Friday Fire: Who Wins It All? Who Is Player Of The Year?

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Look no further. Jessie, Pat and Co. have everything it takes

OK, so you have my pick even though I gotta tell you I would probably pick GTown every year…but hey man hey right?

Who wins it all?

Psycho-T who? Man, Michael Beasley is the best basketball player to come out of school in years. Tyler Hansbrough has all kinds of talent on his squad. Seriously, but what’s the difference between he and Mark Madsen? Does he really deserve POY even though he would be shut down by any team with a physical interior defense?

Michael Beasley would get his regardless of who KState plays against.

Who wins Player of the Year?

Nascar Has To Market To The Black Community To Gain Our Viewership

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The question was raised how NASCAR could gain the eyes and dollars of Blacks. Click the pic to access my commentary under From the Pros.

NBA On TNT Notes: Phoenix and Shaq Just Might Work Out

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Magic Johnson on how the Phoenix Suns are adjusting with Shaquille O’Neal
: “In the beginning, there was a ‘feeling-out’ process. Steve Nash didn’t know how to play with (Shaquille O’Neal) and Shaq didn’t know how to play with Steve Nash. What you are starting to see now is the team has adjusted to Shaq being down-low also being a great man to start the fast break on defense…I think in the beginning Phoenix was trying to slow it down and force feed Shaq, that’s not their game. Now they are letting the game come to Shaq in a natural manner and it’s working right now.”

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