TBR’s Top All-Time College Basketball Players (Part II)

Plasticman springs into action.

I hope everyone enjoyed the first half of this list. The second half isn’t too shabby either, we have a couple of sure-fire Hall of Famers in our second installment and maybe even a Blue Devil or two.

Who can stop it?

26. Shaquille O’ Neal (LSU): I always felt like Dale Brown never turned Shaq loose in Baton Rouge. The team of O’Neal, Roberts and Jackson was a major disappointment.

27. Ray Allen (UConn): Always wanted the ball in his hands with the game on the line. You could sense that he was going to hold his own at the next level. Last of the great pure shooters in college.

28. Allan Houston (Tennessee): Was Mr. Everything in Knoxville coached by his father Wade, he was a standout on the college team the scrimmaged the 1992 Dream Team.

Sickly clutch at Cal

29. Jason Kidd (Cal): Upset 2-time National Champion Duke in your freshman year…you better believe he makes this list. A true floor general, Kidd was headed to UNLV before sanctions from the NCAA detoured him to Berkeley.

30. Glenn Robinson (Purdue): In college I was a teammate of Robinson’s high school teammate, he had plenty of games on tape of Robinson. He carried his high school team just as he did the Boilersmakers. I’ll always wonder why he lost the drive to win.

31. Reggie Miller (UCLA): A marksman extraordinaire, Miller could get his shot off from anywhere on the floor.

32. Johnny Dawkins (Duke): The first great player from Cameron that I heard about, he was relentless going to the hole. One of the first floor generals that I can remember in the college game.

33. Juwan Howard (Michigan): If Webber was hip-hop, Howard was the quiet storm. No two front court mates complimented one another better.

The Bluegrass hopper

34. Rex Chapman (Kentucky): Nearly caused an interstate war while being recruited by the Wildcats and Louisville. Had no fear driving to the basket and didn’t mind throwing one down.

35. Jerry Stackhouse (UNC): The do-it-all guard/forward was Dean Smith’s first above the rim threat since His Airness. His reverse dunk against Duke is an all-timer.

36. Anfernee Hardaway (Memphis State) Led a basketball revival in Western Tennessee, Penny’s all around skills made him a triple-double waiting to happen.

37. Armon Gilliam (UNLV): Before Charles Barkley crushed his confidence in the NBA, “The Hammer” was a walking double-double. He and Freddie Banks are the reason I became a Rebels fan.

Sup Cuz? 

38. Jameer Nelson (St. Joseph’s): The most decorated player in NCAA postseason history deserved every single award. Nelson put the Hawks on his shoulders and took them to an undefeated regular season.

39. Sherman Douglas (Syracuse): How could you not root for “The General”? Sherm quarterbacked some of the Orange’s best teams. A sin he never won a championship.

40. Alonzo Mourning (Georgetown): One half of Georgetown’s Twin Towers with Dikembe Mutombo, Mourning was the fiery leader of a Georgetown program that seemed to be in transition.

41. Doug Smith (Missouri): Many people may have forgotten how great a low post player he really was. The one guy I compared to Karl Malone.

42. Keith Lee (Memphis State): Another forgotten player; Lee was a 4-time AP All-American who along with William Bedford, Vincent Askew and Andre Turner were members of Memphis’ last Final Four team.

43. J.R. Rider (UNLV): John Thompson said that he would never schedule a game against UNLV until Larry Johnson and Stacey Augmon were gone. Well, the first chance that he got against the Rebels J.R. Rider torched the Hoyas for 35 points in the first half of a Rebel rout.

44. Harold Miner (USC): He had it all the bald head, the number 23, the ferocious dunks, he even resembled the man. But after averaging 23 ppg. for his collegiate career Miner was the Bizarro to Jordan’s Superman.

45. Marcus Camby (UMass): The defensive anchor on some outstanding UMass teams, along with Michael Williams and Lou Roe, the Minutemen could never break through to the Final Four.

Look he made the list! 

46.Christian Laettner (Duke): Yeah, I could’ve put him higher, way higher on this list – but why should I do that when he was picked ahead of Shaq for the Dream Team, he gets the bulk of the credit for Duke’s back to back titles.(No thanks to Grant Hill) There’s no room for my lips on his butt anyway. Hey, I’m not saying Laettner was a bad player by any stretch, but I am sick of the GWH (Great White Hope) Syndrome that the American media and public suffer from when it comes to athletics.

24 Responses to “TBR’s Top All-Time College Basketball Players (Part II)”

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  2. bobby says:

    what about paul pierce, he was the best kansas player of all time

  3. thebrotherreport says:

    Better than Wilt Chamberlain?!?!?!? Danny Manning?!?!?!?

    Do your homework before you make statements like that.

  4. Okori says:

    seriously Bobby…. that’s trollish work right there.

    Jo Jo White would also like a word with you about that statement.

  5. keith west says:

    Hello I ran across your site while searching for ucla basketball and your post regarding TBR’s Top All-Time College Basketball Players (Part II) caught my attention .. Good info thanks Thursday

  6. thebrotherreport says:

    Hey Keith check out the first list, tell me how you like it – and keep coming back.

  7. Temple3 says:

    Keith Lee CANNOT be #42.

  8. thebrotherreport says:

    I will say this the first list is more accurate than the second in regards to my opinion. I rushed through it somewhat but Lee was awesome, that team was great as much as they were underrated, I was really surprised Villanova beat them in the Final Four.

  9. thebrotherreport says:

    Temple, Check out my first list, let me know what you think.


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  11. peter says:

    “I am sick of the GWH (Great White Hope) Syndrome that the American media and public suffer from when it comes to athletics.”

    Yeah, and we’re sick of the GBH (great black hope) in science, math, literature, politics and just about everything that doesn’t require a 42 inch vertical.

    Incidentally, the angry black man thaaaang is so yesterday . . .

  12. thebrotherreport says:

    Why should I be angry when it’s the truth?

    What are you angry about? And who is we, I was speaking for myself.

  13. Mizzo says:

    Damn…must be a Blue Devil…

  14. KevDog says:

    Dumbass Peter

    Greatest socialpolitical leader of the 20th century-MLK Jr.
    Greatest Lawyer of the 20th Century-Charles Houston
    Greatest American Novel of the 20th Century-Invisible Man
    Far and Away the greatest Musicians the world has ever seen-Black American Jazz Musicians
    Greatest Criminals the world has ever known-White American republican Politicians.

    Dumbass Peter.

  15. KevDog says:

    Dumbass Peter seems to have an inferiority complex. Serial Killer PD better be on the lookout.

  16. peter says:

    Angry black men . . . if you’d study harder instead of wasting all your energy hating whitey for having it better than you you just might find yourself actually succeeding in life.

    Change YOU! Stop trying to change everyone else.

    Unduhstan’ whumsayin’?

  17. peter says:

    By the way, I knew my GBH comment would make KevDog mad. It’s easy to rile up an insecure, angry man.

  18. peter says:

    “We” is “the white folk with all the built in advantages.”

    I speak for ALL of us.

  19. what about paul pierce, he was the best kansas player of all time

  20. thebrotherreport says:

    Are you aware that Wilt Chamberlain attended Kansas?

    Find someone on the list that Pierce can replace.

  21. joe says:

    Lew Alcindor(Kareem) was not even in the top 50, he should have been in the top 5 if not 1.

  22. joe says:

    it’s a shame.

  23. madskillz says:

    whats up with the people and all the racists comments? im white, my wife is black. who gives a fuck about skin color? a great player is a great player. if we were all blind then they would just be names and we would never know the difference. nice list btw.

  24. Ron Glover says:

    @ Joe read the preface of part I, these are the best college players that I have seen. I never saw Lew Alcindor play a collegiate game.