Friday Fire: What Will Barack Obama Have To Do To Get Elected?

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Run by The Commission for not Cousins in a Jungle but Brothers on a Quest
Is this a dream or someone’s nightmare?

There seems to be a serious and madly determined campaign to smear Barack Obama at all costs. You would think America had enough of Republican politics after the last 8 years.

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NBA On TNT Notes: Boston Messes Up Texas

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(Photo:Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)bostongarnett.jpg

Barkley on the Dallas Mavericks needing a playing identity: “I think the Mavs just haven’t figured out how to play, they only have one way to play. They have to figure out a way to become the Phoenix Suns, they need to outscore people…They are not going to have a good half-court team, they’ve got to run and gun and let Jason Kidd make (Brandon) Bass and (Erick) Dampier better. It’s no secret, they have to speed up the game, they can only play one way.”

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The NBA: Where Reseeding Can’t Happen

Posted in Blogroll, NBA on March 21st, 2008 by Co Co

For a small fee, I can do other tricks as well

The NBA will not look at reseeding the playoffs to include the best 16 teams regardless of which conference they’re in. I know it seems like the logical thing to do considering a 48 win team might be in the draft lottery, but trust me it isn’t going to happen. You know why? Money.

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