Friday Fire: What Will Barack Obama Have To Do To Get Elected?

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Is this a dream or someone’s nightmare?

There seems to be a serious and madly determined campaign to smear Barack Obama at all costs. You would think America had enough of Republican politics after the last 8 years.

Not so it seems….

Blacks thought Obama’s speech was spectacular and historical, while Whites (on average) were fairly critical of his words, because they feel he didn’t distance himself from Jeremiah Wright. Also, is what Dr. Wright said in his sermons that much different than what you’ve heard in churches–even like right now?

Obama’s camp has run a steady and logical campaign. What’s his next move?

Miss the discussion around here. Please jump in when you can.

11 Responses to “Friday Fire: What Will Barack Obama Have To Do To Get Elected?”

  1. Miranda says:

    I’m still waiting on the full transcripts from every single sermon and/or speech of the religious advisors of the Clinton and McClain campaigns so that I can cherry-pick some sentences out and portray them in whatever light I so desire.

  2. mizzo says:

    For some reason I fell asleep with fox news on. I woke up to three conservatives actually saying that Rev Wright is like 1 out of 10 Black preachers. What churches are they going to?

  3. Gyangstah says:

    Two words…

    Be white.

  4. Tim says:

    Not sure if you saw this, but Stanley Fish (NYTimes) did a post Sunday about “denouncing and renouncing” and had a great point:

    Some years ago when a high ranking official of the Nation of Islam was being interviewed on TV, he was challenged to denounce another prominent member of the Nation who had called Jews “bagel-eating vermin who had escaped from the caves of Europe to pollute the world.” He replied, “I’m not in the denouncing business.” He did not elaborate further, but I understood him to be saying, It is not my job either to defend or repudiate every statement made by someone I know. Neither my integrity nor my life’s work depends on my clearing myself of suspicions provoked by the words of others.

    At least I hope that’s what he was saying, because it is definitely what I want to say.

    Misdirection is key to too many of these shady politicians’ tactics… let’s talk issues, folks! Yanno?

  5. mizzo says:

    Great point. Thanks Tim. You would think the nation would understand and honor the clean campaign Obama has run, but we shall see if the nation is truly ready for change won’t we. I’ve been getting away from my true sense of writing to firmly establish myself with the NBA, but trust that I’m still here. Keep doing what you do as well.

  6. MODI says:

    Miranda, I’m also waiting with you. Yesterday i was surprised to see MSNBC’s Dan Abram’s pick up on the White Preacher Double Standard. I actually can’t stand Abrams beacause he can be an ass. But he tends to be more of an equal opportunity ass…

    Hopefully it will gain traction, but I doubt it… It would be nice to get videotape…

  7. Miranda says:

    Its amazing to me that Rev. Wright is being chastised as some radical separatist, but Pat Robertson who is about as crazy as a loon and the late Jerry Falwell (bet he was shocked where he ended up…”my names not on the list!?!?!?”) were routinely pranced out as the moral voices of the religious right for years…Robertson still is.

  8. Tim says:

    Do we think we are responsible for the words of everyone around us?

    Miranda & Modi — there’s definitely a double-standard on the preacher realm. Yesterday Clinton hopped in and said her two cents about how she would denounce and renounce and delete memories a la “eternal sunshine…” so it seems like it’s the mad, hypocritical republican attack machine + clintonistas and their feeling of entitlement VS all of the persons surrounding Obama who may have dissented at some point…

    Politics would be as entertaining as sports if the outcomes weren’t so life-altering and real, you know?

  9. Miranda says:

    LOL…that last sentence is so true.

  10. Patrick says:

    Barack Obama still has a great chance to take the presidency, but the Republicans and some from the conservative media (FOX NEWS) will attempt to continue to push the Rev Wright issue or even throw Farrakhan’s name in it and try to distract the voters from the real issues affecting this country.

    It is really the ‘battle for the twenty percent’ in the media. It consists of primarily independents, but also conservative Dems/Republicans who don’t have a real allegiance to one particular party (populists).

    However, we know this **** FORTY PERCENT will vote for Obama and FORTY PERCENT will vote against Obama.

    McCain doesn’t want new voters, and his campaign and the Republican machine are geared toward challenging voters’ ballots at the polls on election Day and produce enough negativity to keep the 20 percent home one way or the other..