Chris Webber to Announce Retirement Wednesday

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One of just six players (Bird, Wilt, Billy Cunningham, KG and Elgin Baylor) in the history of the NBA to average 20, 9 and 4. All but he and Garnett are in the Hall of Fame.

One of the most talented power forwards of all time has decided to hang up his kicks. I just got word from my peoples on this so, I’ll have more later. I think it was apropos his career came full circle and he’s going out as a Warrior. Although I’ve interviewed him personally in the past, my only regret is I didn’t get to interview him in a locker room setting. Yeah it’s selfish, but so what. Appreciate what he has given the game over the course of his career instead of what the media tells you. Even though it was a huge moment in sports history, one must not judge the timeout as the defining moment of his very stellar and IMO Hall of Fame career. Chris Webber is a winner–period. He will be referenced long after all of us are gone because of the Fab Five…for they changed the game.

Much love Chris. Thanks for the memories dawg. See you in July.

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  1. Okori says:

    Well try this one instead, and here is where I will agree with you: Christian Laettner had a good college career, and set some incredible tournament records. But is not fair to say that he was the best player in ACC history, or the best collegian of the 1990’s. That honor in the former falls to David Thompson, and in the latter probably goes to someone like Shaq or Duncan.

  2. mizzo says:

    I’d argue Ralph Sampson in that regard. Yes Laettner had a decent career, but no where near how he’s celebrated. Six straight Final Fours by Coach K is sick, but a foul call here or there and that number might sink to far less. I’m not crying conspiracy, trust me but damn…the hype is ridiculous. When folks look back on college basketball 50 years from now, Laettner’s face is not the one they should see.

  3. Tim says:

    I root for UNC so it pains me to admit a Duke player could be “great” in any way (Grant Hill excluded)…………….. but because i always try to remain objective, i must point out the obvious: Laettner had a “heckova” (George W. Bush, anyone?) four years at Duke. 4 final fours, 2 championships and he is the all-timer 3-point percentage leader at duke (we ALL know duke lives and dies by the three) with 48.5%…. all-time… respect is due for that man on the collegiate level.

    There should be a college hall of fame. Laettner belongs there and is a perfect example of why an all-inclusive college+pro+pop warner HOF is more of a hastle than its worth. Not sure why there isn’t a separate one but someone with real money should make that happen so these issues will be no more.

    Mizz — let me borrow a few K… and i’ll make this happen…… i’ll even get a TSF HOF in one of the side halls….

  4. mizzo says:

    Yeah I can do that if you can find my accountant.

    Laetnner belongs in the College Hall of Fame. I’ll give you all that.

  5. Tim says:


    (not related to the “cheese” from The Wire, mind you… damn, METH, damn!)

  6. Tim says:

    Laetnner is a factor of the double-standard of sports hype… and we’ve seen it more as minorities dominated the pro sports leagues. If a white player does something great, the majorities of the world get HYPED like crazy…. and then you have your laettner/god/chuck norris comparisons.

  7. Tim says:

    Another great college player but one who falls victim to the majority overhype………… See: Hansborough, Tyler

  8. thebrotherreport says:

    This just clarifies the point that there should be separate HOFs for College and Pro ball. See: NFL

  9. Okori says:

    exactly. just the point I was trying to make. Anyone who starts on a Final Four team his entire collegiate career is a Collegiate HOF.

    Damn you eloquent bastards. 🙂

  10. Tim says:

    agreement all around. this sickens me! ha.

  11. thebrotherreport says:

    Is C-Webb an NBA HOFer?

  12. Tim says:

    His raw numbers put him in — 15 years, averaging 20 points, 4 assists and 9.8 rebounds. Postseason and injuries throughout (heard Legler say it was almost 3 whole seasons Webber missed due to injury) keep doubters alive. In the end, he’s in.

  13. Tim says:

    What happens when someone puts together pennies and creates the NCAA hoops HOF (by itself, no pro or amateur allowed)…… where do the Carmello Anthony’s, Kevin Durant’s and the soon-to-be-NBA-bound freshman phenoms go? Do they get any recognition? I’m thinking that’d be one of the harder parts about it. We’re talking about ranking kids who could’ve played just through eligibility (finite number) so a lot of the selection is subjective…… and damn if bias won’t come into play depending on geographic location and era of competition……. just thinking with my fingertips here…….

  14. thebrotherreport says:

    Anthony is in – only the third freshman to win Most Outstanding Player of the Tourney.

    Durant is in – I believe the only freshman to win National Player of the Year and the Naismith.

    They are in if for no more than historical points of reference.

  15. Okori says:

    he’s in TBR. Closer than you’d think but he’s in.

    well i think those guys would get in, but it’d be a much harder road than the guys who were at least juniors.

    I also maintain that 99.9 percent of kids coming out of HS could use at least 3 years of major-college ball. Here’s why: Different styles of play, the chance to develop good habits as opposed to bad habits, and the resurrection of the NCAA

  16. Tim says:

    TBR — agreed… i guess those are two of the most successful examples… jameer nelson won the naismith but fell short in the elite 8 his senior year… does he go? (i guess i’m looking for that allllllmost but not really kid who would be on the fence)

    Okori — I don’t necessarily agree the kids would get a better development on the college level than the pro. Whose assistant coaches and facilities will be better for the kid coming out of high school — pros or collegiate. Even when you take Kentucky, Duke, UNC into the equation, with their top-tiered facilities, those budding stars should have the right to go into paid NBA internships, where they have access to the finest of what the sport has to offer — and even better (in the legal sense) the cash is ON the table!

    I’m self-interested, though… these one-and-done tourneys are fantastic for the NCAA tourney…

  17. thebrotherreport says:

    Jameer Nelson has won more postseason awards for one season than ANY player in NCAA history.

    When you go down the list of talented players that have won postseason awards and to have him sweep them all…that’s impressive.

  18. Tim says:

    indeed………. that’s crazy. keep me tuned in when someone finally creates those separate HOFs…

  19. Okori says:

    and Jameer had a solid career for his 3 years, and then blew up as a senior.

    Tim: I’d argue that for 90 to 95 percent of the college kids coming out it’s… the NCAA. More focused coaching on just them, an increased focus on fundamentals, and the chance to be taught. Plus the longer you can be taught the more you can develop good muscle memory.

    At the NBA level you’re expected to be a finished product more or less. And I would establish a committee with mental health professionals, NBA Scouts, and Strength and Conditioning Coaches, to determine the 4 or 6 highschoolers every year who could get a waiver.

  20. thebrotherreport says:

    Jameer was a good freshman, he was a little reigned in because it was Marvin O’Connor’s team but he got his.

  21. origin says:

    Okori should these Euro kids who turn pro at age 15 also go to college here in the states to work on their game. Its funny but I don’t even know if any of these foreign kids even finish highschool before going pro.

    I mean many of these euro players need to work on their ball handling skills and ability to create their own shot. Also lets not forget on learning to play with their back to the basket and play defense.

  22. michelle says:

    Howdy mates!

    Just got home from doing a double and I have just one thing to say before I take a nap.

    C-Webb deserves to be in the HOF. He better get in. Injuries or not he carried the Kings. They added pieces and got better each year but without him they are and were nothing. That’s in the wild wild west. The Lakers domination was crazy. They had the perfect mix of young and old talent along with a championship coach. Remember when they beat Tim Duccan’s Spurs by like 30pts a game in the playoffs? Yep just as I thought you don’t remember. Ok, Ok that was more than 1 thing but I would also like to add that head to head when C-Webb was healthy, he had classic battles with Duncan, Garnett and Dirk don’t get it twisted they played each other one on one. They usually cancelled each other out. Again, I’m speaking about his healthy years. I’ve got many battles on tape. It’s a shame the Kings didn’t win that year they would have stomped the Nets. Again,they didn’t have that mix. Just because you don’t win a title doesn’t mean your not a winner. I’m going to miss those sweet passes. I think he’s goint to be on TNT tonight with Kenny, Ernie and Charles. Ok that’s it I’m going to bed. I’ll be back up at 10p to do another double. Good night mates!! I know I sound all over the place I’m tired.

  23. Okori says:

    RE TBR: That’s something the NBA would have to work out with FIBA. It’s not a thing the NCAA has any particular jurisdiction over. However if Euros come over to play in the NCAA’s they are subject to the same rules as their american counterparts.

  24. Okori says:

    When I credited TBR I meant Origin. sorry.