Friday Fire: Who Is 2008 NBA MVP?

I know, I know the season isn’t over and a lot lay in the balance, but hey man hey somebody gotta be first right? This discussion is devoid of stats because they really don’t matter here. It’s all about who is the most valuable to their respective team this season.

Here’s my picks along with some more Lil Stevie Fingertips bashin’.

Will this be the year?

MVP: Kobe Bryant

It’s not about the scoring average…or any other stats for that matter…because you know he’s going to get his. It’s very possible the West is overrated, and we’ll definitely see come June, but it remains fact that Kobe Bryant has carried this team the entire season. I’m still hot over all that Steve Nash slobbering, but if dude can win two without sniffing a ring (wins in the regular season does not mean you are a champion or are most valuable), then Kobe should have five by now. The NBA media will have history to pay if KB24 leaves the Lig without an MVP. He’s the most talented basketball player ever to play in the NBA. He’s done it with a roster in constant changeover and with Bynum in the lineup. There’s really no argument here. Stop playing and give the man what should have been his for at least 4 years now.

2nd: Chris Paul

The Hornets ride or die with CP3 as their leader

Not yet young fella. You had a great season and have demonstrated an amazing ability to lead–especially in money time. More Nash bashing in 2 seconds…I don’t see an Amare Stoudemire, or a Shawn Marion on the Hornets. Do you? The media handed Steve Nash two trophies not even a quarter of the way into the season…hmmm. So why isn’t Chris Paul being shown any love even though he plays defense and will put up 35 and 18 on any given night? The Hornets have put themselves in the upper echelon of a conference rockin’ all kinds of elite at the top. His competitive spirit is a testament of his upbringing. Think hard about that Nash comparison. It definitely holds weight.

3rd: LeBron James

Hypothetically, I’m the one Bron Bron is mean muggin’. I asked the Vogue question. Uh..Where’s Big Ben?

LeBron, no one has put up your numbers since uh…..Kobe? You’ve single handedly changed the league with your ridiculous ability to get to the rim and boof it on everyone. You are growing up before the eyes of the universe and I just can’t imagine how good you actually will end up being. Any other year I’d give this award to you without question, but dude you were just born the wrong time. You are Barkley, Malone, Stockton, GP, Dream and Pat Ewing to Kobe’s Michael. That’s just the way it is. It would be abominable for you to win while Kobe is still doing his thing on this level. Average a triple double for a season like you are capable of and the award is yours. Stop bullshittin’.

4th: Kevin Garnett

KG would rather have the ring

My pre-season pick was Kevin Garnett. In hindsight I have to say he has Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and a ridiculously underrated Rajon Rondo. I blew that one and I’ll own up to it to anyone who wants to give it to me.

KG is one of the most dynamic athletes of our generation. His combination of skill, will and personality is unparalleled. The Mighty Mos of the NBA. He’s smooth when he wants to be, but he’ll bang it on your head if you get him heated. He might not tell you he’s the best, but he’s definitely in the discussion. He’s the ultimate team player.

That all being said, KG has too much talent around him to cop this. He is the only player besides Nash to win MVP without getting to the NBA Finals. I really think he could care less as long as he’s gangsta leanin’ with wifey passenger seat ridin’ fine, grippin’ the wheel with June confetti supreme shine on his relaxed and smilin’ mind. I love KG as a player and I wish my boy Webb was healthy enough to challenge him properly so we could really see the best he has to offer.

I have to get this off my chest because I don’t want to be one of these pack writers climbing all over history’s back undeservedly.

Steve Nash has been a monster for four years, but why did he get the shot to scatter history? Dude wait your turn. You shouldn’t have been in line. His MVP awards will be forgotten and that’s kinda foul. He was more MVP awards than Bryant, James, Iverson and Webber combined (yeah I put Webber in there because his Sac team set the standard for all this runnin’ and gunnin’ that has become popular in the league). He actually won two straight! Looking back now, does it make sense that he did? He wasn’t even the best or most valuable player on his team.OK I’m done, but don’t cross me because I got a lot more where that comes from.

The 2007-2008 regular season is one of the best of all time. Where’s all the NBA hatin’? The KG and Prince Pauls and even the Thabo Sefaloshas and Reggie Evans have stepped up and shown the world why the NBA has the best athletes any league has to offer.

Kobe Bryant is the best athlete on the planet. Cement his NBA legacy by awarding him for all his hard work despite his faults and media collective, envious judgment.

Really should Mike’s son not get to play with the trinkets?

66 Responses to “Friday Fire: Who Is 2008 NBA MVP?”

  1. mizzo says:

    I must say you have thrown out stats I wouldn’t even think of.

    I gotta give you that.

    I ask you then, who is the most talented basketball player of all time?

    If you could mold the perfect player who would that player resemble?

    If you read my piece on the evolution of the slasher you would understand where I’m coming from.

    AGAIN….I never said Kobe Bryant was better than Mike. What I said was he is the preeminent player of his generation…just like Mike…just like Doc.

  2. mizzo says:

    Where was all this shit when STEVE NASH AND DIRK were jacking trophies from LeBron and Shaq????

    Someone please answer me that question…


  3. Temple3 says:

    Kobe – most talented of all timezzz Mizzo??!?

    Word? He’s in the conversation, but is he ‘the one.’

    Can Kareem Abdul-Jabbar get a little love for skillz, knowledge of the game, endurance, durability, and the ability to do absolutely EVERYTHING on the court? And, with that said, he might even be the guy…but you could root around within that franchise and probably not miss by much.

    Honestly, I don’t what your criteria are – but I’m all ears. And, of course, your boy makes some serious points about MJ.

  4. StoneCold says:

    “If you read my piece on the evolution of the slasher you would understand where I’m coming from.”

    Kobe has “NEVER”..and I mean, “NEVER” been the “Slasher” & freak of nature athlete that MJ circa 1984-93 was, so please..don’t even go there..

    I don’t recall kobe being on record & being clocked at CONSISTENTLY having a 4.2 in the 40 yard dash, as MJ did in his prime…Kobe’s best 40 time is on record at 4.5..

    I don’t recall kobe being on record as CONSISTENTLY having a 44-46 inch vertical leap, as he MJ did & had in his prime..Kobe’s “BEST” to this date, is on record as 38 inches..

    So please, U can kill that “Evolution of the slasher” business..

    Besides, look at “EVERY” game kobe has gone for 50+ points, he AVERAGES about 7 to 10 3 pointers & 16 free thows. The change in the defensive rules, as I’ve stated before, has GREATLY aided him in getting to the charity stripe. You’ll “NEVER” see him score big like that WITHOUT the aid of a HIGH VOLUME of BOTH. He relies on it because:

    A) he’s ALWAYS “LACKED” the physical ability to CONSISTENTLY attack the rim for better % shots. That’s why U see him hoisting a ton a 3 ptrs to score a lot of points. He HEAVILY relies on it. The 3 pointer is what allows him to score “Like Mike” & to even be in this conversation from a scoring standpoint. MJ didn’t need a TON of 3’s to go off like that. That’s the BIGGEST difference between them.. And:

    B) Can’t CONSISTENTLY knock down the “Mid Range” jumpers, as indicated by his #76 ranking in the league in Mid Range Jumpers “MADE”. (See NBA Hot Zones as a reference)

    Again, his jump shooting ability has for his CAREER, been ANEMIC! And that’s puttin’ it MILDLY!! Check his shooting %’s throughout his career! No Great shooter CONSISTENTLY posts the paltry shooting %’s he has for his career!

    Kobe has modeled his game after MJ circa 1996-98, the MJ that had lost a CONSIDERABLE amount of explosiveness off the dribble & didn’t jump a high, but was “STILL” better than ALL OF THEM & those WEREN’T even his “Prime” years!

    Hell, that MJ is BETTER than anyone in the league RIGHT NOW!!

    “I ask you then, who is the most talented basketball player of all time?”

    That’s debatable, because there are others JUST as worthy of that honor because their body of work, WARRANTS that consideration. It takes a SUPERIOR talent to garner those SUPERIOR marks & to manifest into a SUPERIOR body of work & I can VEHEMENTLY say, it sure as hell aint kobe…

    “AGAIN….I never said Kobe Bryant was better than Mike. What I said was he is the preeminent player of his generation”

    No, that’s “NOT” what U said…U said & I quote:

    “He’s (that being kobe) the most talented basketball player to ever play in the NBA..”

    That’s saying he’s BETTER than anyone who came before him & after him & that’s absurd, if for nothing else, it’s not substantiated by ANYTHING factual, as it is for all the other LEGENDS who have a LEGITIMATE claim to that title..

  5. StoneCold says:

    I don’t even have to compare him to MJ to prove how absurd the notion of him being the “Most Talented Ever” is because that in itself is a joke & a BAD one at that..

    Comparing kobe to MJ is like comparing a tom-cat to a Lion. Just because kobe does a good job of pattering his game after the “Older” MJ circa ’96-’98, “DOESN’T” mean he’s his equal or better, “ESPECIALLY” since his production from this “mimicking” isn’t “NEARLY” as comparable as the person he’s copying.

    At “BEST”, kobe is a bootleg version of the Older MJ from ’96-’98, but again, those “AREN’T” MJ’s Prime years.

    For the record, I think Kobe “IS” a phenomenal talent & his style of play is fun to watch. But being fun to watch does not = greatness, especially when it’s NOT substantiated by his body of work..

    But let’s take a look at how the alleged “Most Talented Ever” stacks up vs one of his CURRENT peers..that being Lebron James..let us look:

    Performances vs Conferences

    LeBron vs the West

    29.8ppg 7.9reb 7.1ast 2.0stl 1.1blk 48.4%fg 33.1%3pt 68.0%ft 3.6 T.O.’s

    Kobe vs the West

    29.3ppg 6.1reb 5.5ast 2.1stl .6blk 48.3%fg 33.1%3pt 81.6%ft 3.6 T.O.’s

    Looks about even to me..where’s his superiority?

    LeBron vs the East

    31.9ppg 8.1reb 7.6ast 2.0st 1.0blk 49.9%fg 31.1%3pt 74.8%ft 3.2 T.O.’s

    Kobe vs the East

    26.4ppg 5.5reb 5.3ast 1.7stl .5blk 43.6%fg 36.4%3pt 88.5%ft 3.1 T.O.’s

    Advantage: Lebron —– NAIL IN THE COFFIN

    Pre All-Star Break

    LeBron: 30.3ppg 7.8reb 7.3ast 2.1stl 1.1blk 48.4%fg 30.5%3pt 70.9%ft 3.4 T.O.’s

    Kobe: 28.0ppg 6.1reb 5.3ast 1.9stl .5blk 45.7%fg 35.2%3pt 85.7%ft 3.4 T.O.’s

    Again, where’s his alleged superiority? Why is it that ALL of the player’s that are allegedly inferior to him, seem to CONSISTENTLY post SUPERIOR overall production than him? How does that work?

    Post All-Star Break

    LeBron: 33.6ppg 8.8reb 7.8ast 1.55stl .82blk 49.8%fg 36.2%3pt 74.8%ft 3.4 T.O.’s

    Kobe: 28.5ppg 6.0reb 5.3ast 2.5stl .5blk 48.4%fg 30.0%3pt 83.2%ft 3.5 T.O.’s

    Again, what’s the deal? Noticing a trend?

    In Wins

    LeBron: 32.1ppg 8.8reb 7.9ast 2.25stl 1.11blk 48.9%fg 32.8%3pt 72.0%ft 3.3 T.O.’s

    Kobe: 28.0ppg 5.9reb 5.4ast 2.2stl .5blk 46.4%fg 37.6%3pt 86.2%ft 3.3 T.O.’s

    Notice the FG%’s in all of these comparisons…

    In Losses

    LeBron: 28.9ppg 6.7reb 6.6ast 1.5stl .9blk 48.4%fg 30.1%3pt 68.8%ft 3.4 T.O.’s

    Kobe: 28.3ppg 6.4reb 5.1ast 1.4stl .6blk 41.6%fg 28.1%3pt 81.1%ft 3.7 T.O.’s

    Slight advantage for Lebron..I know I sound like a broken record but again, look at the FG% of both players..

    This is a DIRECT result of having LESS CONSISTENCY than LeBron. LeBron has FEWER “OFF” nights, which means he is MORE VALUABLE & RELIABLE to his team.

  6. eQ says:

    LoL stonecold you are a nightmare with those stats. A blogger would have to spend the better of his life hunting down rebuttals… doesn’t seem worth it because in the end your right.

    As for mizzo, what is your take on an LAL vs BOS final?
    What ever your pick for mvp, how do you think LBJ would change the atmosphere in a LAL/BOS finals if he could replace Kobe on the Lakers. (who would win)

  7. mizzo says:

    Yeah he was. My statement about Kobe was strictly because of his NBA lineage. Those stats are correct, but when it’s all said and done, how do you think Kobe will be revered historically? Kobe and LeBron are far ahead of their peers but Kobe was that cat until LeBron burst on the scene. 81 is 81.

    That’s the final I have eQ.

    Kobe has three rings. LBJ–besides San Antonio of course–has yet to play a team as good as the Kings were during that reign. He’s not as battle tested because he’s still a kid in the league but as time goes on he will dominate and I see a couple triple double seasons for Bron Bron. He’s not Kobe yet.

  8. StoneCold says:

    “but as time goes on he (LeBron) will dominate”

    He’s dominating now..

    Look at his 3rd season as a Pro vs MJ’s:

    MJ: 37ppg 5apg 6rpg 85% FT 49% FG% 2.8spg 1.7bpg
    LBJ: 31ppg 6apg 7rpg 78% FT 48% FG% 1.6spg .8bpg

    Not to mention, MJ had a 29.8 PER that year vs a 28.1 for Lebron. That’s UNHEARD of for a Perimeter player!

    Due to factors like shooting %’s, it’s almost impossible for a guard or small forward to post a high mark above 25.

    MJ’s CAREER PER 28.1..making him the ONLY perimeter player to have one that high. Kobe’s BEST PER for a season, TO DATE, is ONLY 27.4.

    “He’s not Kobe yet.”

    One could make a STRONG argument that he’s BETTER..Not to mention, in head to head meetings the last 5 times, Lebron is 5-0 & has posted BETTER OVERALL production across the board..

    Look at Lebron V Kobe, just this season alone:

    Kobe Bryant LeBron James

    PPG: 28.2 (2nd) PPG: 30.9 (1st)
    APG: 5.2 (21st) APG: 7.5 (7th)
    RPG: 6.2 (44th) RPG: 8.1 (30th)
    SPG: 2.0 (7th) SPG: 1.9 (9th)
    FG %: .452 FG %: .485

    C’mon man..once again I pose the question. If kobe’s so superior to lebron, WHY IS IT “NEVER” REFLECTED IN THE FACETS OF THE GAME THAT’LL “SHOW” HIS SUPERIORITY?

    And U claim kobe’s the MVP? C’mon man..stop playin’ yo..

  9. DavidMac says:

    God Damn.

    Mizzo, will you respond?

  10. StoneCold says:

    I don’t know why that last post posted their averages & crunched them together like that, so here they are again:

    Look at Lebron V Kobe just this season alone:

    PPG: Lebron 30.9 (1st) > kobe 28.2 (2nd)
    APG: Lebron 7.5 (7th) > kobe 5.2 (21st)
    RPG: Lebron 8.1 (30th) > 6.2 (44th)
    SPG: Lebron 1.9 (9th) kobe.452%

    Keep in mind, Lebron has BESTED kobe’s BEST season shooting the ball (46%) 3 TIMES already…

  11. StoneCold says:

    Ughhhhh!!! Let’s try this one more time..

    Look at Lebron V Kobe just this season alone:

    PPG: Lebron 30.9 (1st) > kobe 28.2 (2nd)
    APG: Lebron 7.5 (7th) > kobe 5.2 (21st)
    RPG: Lebron 8.1 (30th) > 6.2 (44th)
    SPG: Lebron 1.9 (9th) kobe .452 FG%

    Keep in mind, Lebron has BESTED kobe’s BEST season of shooting the ball (46%) 3 TIMES already…

  12. StoneCold says:

    Damn, I don’t know “WHY” I can’t get this to say:

    SPG: Lebron 1.9 (9th) kobe .452 FG%

    Hopefully, this comes out right this time..

  13. StoneCold says:

    I give up..I can’t get it to compare their steals per game avg’s correctly..there’s a glitch in the system or something..

  14. ahente47 says:

    chris paul deserves MVP award more than KB24. don’t get yourselves too sympathetic to KB24, yes he’s good but he has more help from his teamates. he has bynum and odom in the regular season and now with pau gasol, i thnk that’s a lot of firepower in the team. with chris paul, he lifted his team from scratch and now in the second round and a win from san antonio (with bruce bowen on his face). yes he aslo has chandler and west but remember paul’s role in the team, he makes his teamates’ improve. i think that’s what MVP means. kobe does not make his teamates rise rather scores on his own.

  15. StoneCold says:

    “chris paul deserves MVP award”

    No argument from me. I agree 100%. For the record, let me state AGAIN, I DO think kobe is a Great Guard. I’d also like to congratulate him on winning the MVP this year, since this appears to be the case this year.

    My whole argument was he’s NOT what people make him out to be when they start in with the whole mania of “He’s the Greatest Ever” or “He’s the most talented or skilled ever” argument, because it’s not SUBSTANTIATED by ANYTHING Factual.

    I also don’t agree that he’s BETTER than some of the people his fans keep trying to say he is, because when the FACTS are introduced, the crickets commence & the same old argument or charges are brought forward by his fans: “You’re a hater..b*tch, f*g, wh*re, etc..” LOL!!

    It’s almost as if they forget they’ve chosen to engage in a debate & they’ve violated Rule #1 when it comes to debating: NEVER USE YOUR OPINIONS AS FACT, IF U CAN’T VALIDATE ‘EM..

    Somehow,they confuse “Questioning” kobe’s body of work, with “Criticizing” it. They automatically take the position of you must be “Against” him, if U don’t agree with their beliefs regarding his game & somehow judging him by what he’s CONSISTENTLY done as player is “Wrong”.

    If U leave it to them to tell it, us fans of the GAME itself, should just accept their “Opinions” as proof enough & ignore the FACTS, despite the FACT that they stand a STARK 180 degrees opposite of their fanboy opinions..

    This is what U tend to wind up dealing with when U engage kobe fans..