NBA On TNT Notes: The Boston Celtics Stop The Houston Rockets’ 22 Game Winning Streak

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(AP Photo/Bob Levey)
Boston got up for last night, Houston didn’t

Barkley on the historical significance of the Houston Rockets’ 22-game winning streak: “I’ve been in the NBA since 1984. The Rockets streak is the second best thing I’ve ever seen. When the Bulls won 70 games (I thought) there’s no NBA team that can win 70 games. But to win 20 games, and (the Rockets) have won 22 games, this is remarkable and I’m going to enjoy it.”

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Terrelle Pryor Commits To Ohio State

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You mean I have to dislike this kid now?

Something I wrote after the Penn State loss.

Terrelle Pryor, the nation’s top-ranked high school quarterback according to the ESPN 150 and the top unsigned senior, announced that he’ll attend Ohio State at the news conference at his high school in Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

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Iverson Returns To Philly Tonight

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C’mon, I had to post this right? 😉

Allen Iverson is making his return to Philly this evening at 7 pm. The Nuggets were smacked in the face last night by Detroit 136-120 and should be a little heated. Is it me or are NBA teams putting up points like it’s the 80’s this season? Does Denver plan to throw Alex English, Dan Issel and Ernest Maurice Vandeweghe III at the Sixers tonight to make up for the smashin’?

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TBR’s Top All-Time College Basketball Players (Part I)

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Monster at UNLV 

I’m a big fan of lists and all-time rankings, I really didn’t get into college basketball until around 1983 or so. Many of my selections are based upon the fact that I live in the Northeast section of the country so I didn’t see Charles Barkley as much as I did Patrick Ewing. I can only go on what I’ve seen, no footage clips or one game that I happened to see on ESPN Classic. That’s not to say that Barkley wasn’t a great collegiate player, just that it would take away from the list for me to add him on someone else’s word.

So here is my list of top collegiate players, feel free to add your own or debate those on or NOT on my list.

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Sixers Break Out In Transition

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Click on the pic to access my piece on SLAM. I get up with many of the Sixers and also some of the Spurs who were in town Saturday. I also voice my displeasure with Tim Duncan. Check it out. I’ll be covering Allen Iverson’s initial return to Philly which should be posted Thursday morning. I can’t wait to see the crowd reaction. Should be historic along the lines of Charles Barkley’s return. The irony of the whole situation is that the Sixers might make the playoffs while the Nuggets watch. Interesting…

Barack Obama Speaks In Philly and Leaves No Doubt

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Simply an amazing speech. No other words are necessary.

Sean “Diddy” Combs Denies Link To 1994 Tupac Shakur Shooting

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Has risen to the top of his field

A story that has become legend in hoods across America is coming to the mainstream. Up until his death, Tupac Shakur was adamant Diddy was involved in the 1994 Quad Recording Studios shooting and all the subsequent drama eventually culminated in the deaths of Pac and Biggie.

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Owls Swoop Back Into The Dance

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For seven seasons the Temple Men’s Basketball program has resembled that kid, who for whatever reason couldn’t get into the neighborhood house party. Although close enough to hear the music or maybe steal a peek inside the window, there was never enough room on the dance floor to work his way in. For all of he knew, the Big Dance was just a rumor.

Well, Temple coach Fran Dunphy and the rest of the Owls can go out and grab a new pair of shoes because Temple is going back to The Big Dance.

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Okori’s Vow For the Athlete

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How will Vince fair with fans over the course of his career?

In my earlier piece I detailed what I think fans should be required to do for their teams. Originally I was simply going to switch the concept but then I realized that it was quite a bit more difficult to do that, due to various differences between leagues and such. So instead I’ll go with this.

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The Day March Madness Became An Afterthought

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New addition to TSF fam. I hope you enjoy the talented Co Co on the site. ‘Bout time a sista represented 😉

She’ll post a few words about herself tomorrow.

Let’s Get It!


Friday, March 14th started out like any other day for me. I got out of bed after about four hours of sleep which is all my body will allow me to get at any given time. I logged on to the internet, checked my four email accounts and began visiting some of my favorite websites to see what some of my favorite writers were yapping about. After a couple of hours of internet surfing, I decided it was time that I get on with my day. I had a few errands to run before I had to head down to the Highlight Factory b.k.a. Philips Arena where the Hawks were taking on the Los Angeles Clippers.

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Friday Fire: Who Wins It All? Who Is Player Of The Year?

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Look no further. Jessie, Pat and Co. have everything it takes

OK, so you have my pick even though I gotta tell you I would probably pick GTown every year…but hey man hey right?

Who wins it all?

Psycho-T who? Man, Michael Beasley is the best basketball player to come out of school in years. Tyler Hansbrough has all kinds of talent on his squad. Seriously, but what’s the difference between he and Mark Madsen? Does he really deserve POY even though he would be shut down by any team with a physical interior defense?

Michael Beasley would get his regardless of who KState plays against.

Who wins Player of the Year?

Nascar Has To Market To The Black Community To Gain Our Viewership

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The question was raised how NASCAR could gain the eyes and dollars of Blacks. Click the pic to access my commentary under From the Pros.

NBA On TNT Notes: Phoenix and Shaq Just Might Work Out

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Magic Johnson on how the Phoenix Suns are adjusting with Shaquille O’Neal
: “In the beginning, there was a ‘feeling-out’ process. Steve Nash didn’t know how to play with (Shaquille O’Neal) and Shaq didn’t know how to play with Steve Nash. What you are starting to see now is the team has adjusted to Shaq being down-low also being a great man to start the fast break on defense…I think in the beginning Phoenix was trying to slow it down and force feed Shaq, that’s not their game. Now they are letting the game come to Shaq in a natural manner and it’s working right now.”

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The Cardinal and the Blue Jay: An Excerpt of The Son Of Melancholy Jazz

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It’s been 20 years since my Mom passed. For anyone out there who has lost a parent, you know it doesn’t get any easier. I go through my own personal Ides of March every year, but as time passes, I’m able to reflect and recollect on the memories that have shaped my present existence. This is why I implore us all to have a sense of urgency, because when life is gone, it’s gone.

On March 13, 1988–Mom’s birthday, I had to work at 12 midnight and woke from a nap around 8. My sister and I were sitting on my bed laughing hysterically at something or other before Mom called around 8:30. I was in a giddy mood considering I’d tried to reach her earlier and wish her Happy Birthday to no avail. I fell asleep worrying, so when I finally heard her voice, I was noticeably relieved.

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Throwback Thursday: Hank Gathers

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As college basketball teams across the country participate in their respective conference tournaments it serves as a reminder that March Madness is among us.

Before the Madness, yours truly takes a moment to reflect on the memory of Hank Gathers as it reminds us of how precious life is. Read more »