NBA On TNT Notes: Denver Buys Golden State a Fishing Rod; Barkley: “My MVP is Chris Paul.”

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Check The Commission for an Old School Next Level Smile that Ain’t Hard To Tell

Oh damn…dig the ridiculous Stacy Dashnessss over there as well

(Photo: Ben Margot/AP)
The Answer will always be a Warrior

TNT’s Craig Sager interviewed Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony before the Nuggets faced the Golden State Warriors in a ‘Win or Go Home’ game.

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David Aldridge To Leave Philadelphia Inquirer

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Here’s a clip of DA doing what he does…

David and I had a conversation last night where he congratulated me on the Ed Berliner conversation regarding the LeBron/Gisele Vogue cover because he thought the dialogue was important–even if he didn’t altogether agree with my words. I was mos def flattered–he seemed a little more reflective than usual–but hey I was just glad to be speaking to the man because of all the respect he commands. I honestly felt more comfortable with him around because players genuinely like him and that makes everyone’s job easier. He’s leaving the Inquirer because he’s grown tired of juggling assignments and wants to focus strictly on television. The travel is grueling for a typical beat writer and I couldn’t imagine covering the NBA for TNT as well as reporting on other sports for the Inquirer. Travel had to be indescribable–especially if you have a family.

He’s the most professional reporter I’ve personally come in contact with and I’m in awe of some of the intelligent questions he comes up with on the fly. Crazy, but before the Sixers began to win consistently and there were barely any national press at the games, I sat in DA’s seat in press row. He had the best view and his chair is at the end of the isle…so what else was a brotha to do?

I’m sure you’ll be around DA. Thanks for all the encouragement you’ve shot my and Anthony Gilbert’s way recently. It really meant a lot.