We’ve Forgotten Our Negro League Past Part 2: Interview With Senior Writer Justice B. Hill of MLB.com

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Could you imagine looking out from the plate and trying to find a hole in this outfield? Arguably three of the best of all time

In Part II, Justice and I get into some issues that need to be addressed as well as the Willie Mays/Hank Aaron who is better debate. I’m spreading this interview out in hopes that baseball might seep into our collective psyche. Justice brings up some very important points as to why the game isn’t being played in the Black community and how we can address this dilemma. If at all it’s that important…

Part III will be posted next Monday.

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TBR’s First Annual 2008 NFL Mock Draft

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The 2008 NFL Draft is once again approaching and for the second time in three years, there isn’t a consensus #1 pick. This year the Miami Dolphins hold the first choice after finishing the 2007 campaign with a 1-15 mark. The ‘Fins are in need of help just about everywhere starting at quarterback. With the future of defensive end Jason Taylor up in the air, incoming GM Bill Parcells has his work cut out for him.

For the next 12 days leading up to the Draft, yours truly will pick the first round according to team needs and potential. The Miami Dolphins are on the clock…

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Lets Be Finishers!

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Vince Carter is definitely a finisher

What does it take to finish? In life there are a million and two starters. Those who can draw up plans, give motivational speeches, and rally the troops come a dime a dozen. There are significantly less people who can finish. People who can persevere and see the project through completion are more valuable than the idea or even the project itself.

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Ron Glover Speaks Out On LeBron, Al Sharpton and the NFL and Black Athletes Taking a Stand

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Click on the above logo to access Ron’s conversation with Ed Berliner. In the headings click on The Ticket and scroll down and also check under the NFL heading. Ron does his thing TSF style.