TBR’s First Annual 2008 NFL Mock Draft

The 2008 NFL Draft is once again approaching and for the second time in three years, there isn’t a consensus #1 pick. This year the Miami Dolphins hold the first choice after finishing the 2007 campaign with a 1-15 mark. The ‘Fins are in need of help just about everywhere starting at quarterback. With the future of defensive end Jason Taylor up in the air, incoming GM Bill Parcells has his work cut out for him.

For the next 12 days leading up to the Draft, yours truly will pick the first round according to team needs and potential. The Miami Dolphins are on the clock…


What do the Dolphins need?

  • Quarterback
  • Defensive end
  • Help in the Secondary
  • Wide Receiver
  • Offensive Tackle

What will they do?

The Miami Dolphins will not draft Matt Ryan with the first pick. I could see the Dolphins taking Michigan OT Jake Long and grabbing a signal caller in the second round. But there are too many question marks on defense for this team. My gut feeling is that Bill Parcells is going to go defense here with a defensive end that can play some linebacker a’la Demarcus Ware. With Zack Thomas gone and Jason Taylor greasing the skids for his departure, the Dolphins defense needs a shot in the arm.

The Pick: The Dolphins will draft Virginia’s Chris Long, son of former Oakland Raider Howie Long. The Dolphins run a 3-4 scheme which is what Long played while at Virginia. If Taylor and the front office can work something out the Dolphins’ pass rush gets better in a hurry.


What do the Rams need?

  • Defensive End
  • Offensive Tackle
  • Wide Receiver

What will they do?

The St. Louis Rams are a team that is getting old in too many places too fast. Because of this they are faced with the dilema of where is youth most needed with their first round pick. The smart pick here would be Ohio State’s Vernon Gholston who would be an immediate impact player at DE/LB, but there are too many issues on the offensive line that cannot be ignored. Quarterback Marc Bulger is as brittle as they come and the rapidly aging Orlando Pace isn’t the rock at left tackle that he once was.

The Pick: The health issues of Bulger and Pace have to be addressed — the Rams will go with offensive tackle Jake Long out of Michigan, he will be able to spell Pace and help keep Bulger upright. Expect the Rams to address their defense with the 33rd pick.


What do the Falcons need?

  • Quarterback
  • Offensive Tackle
  • Linebacker
  • Cornerback
  • Safety

What will they do?

No team in the draft will be watched more than the Atlanta Falcons who are looking to put the 2007 season behind them. With that being said the best pick here would be Darren McFadden from Arkansas, McFadden is a home run hitter that can open things up for the Falcon offense. But with the free agent acquisition of back San Diego’s Michael Turner in the opening days of free agency that will not happen. McFadden is not a second fiddle back and Turner is tired of being one. Their decision here will be between QB Matt Ryan, DE Vernon Gholston and DT Glenn Dorsey. I believe that the Falcons are going to draft a player that will play right away which eliminates Matt Ryan. There have been issues regarding Glenn Dorsey’s knee and back –the Falcons run a 3-4 which makes Dorsey a two gap tackle and I don’t think the Falcons want to risk this pick on someone that may have trouble holding up in the future.

The Pick: Vernon Gholston may be one of the 5 best athletes in the draft. He can play in a 3-4 if needed or a 4-3. His freakish athleticism (4.6 40 yd dash and 42 inch vertical leap) make him one of the desirables on defense in the draft. The Falcons are underway with their rebuilding and I think that Gholston will be one of the building blocks.

4. Oakland Raiders logo

What do the Raiders need?

  • Defensive Tackle
  • Wide Receiver
  • Offensive Tackle
  • Running Back

What will they do?

In his first full season as a starter Raiders’ QB Jamarcus Russell will have more of a supporting cast than Tennessee’s Vince Young, who is in his third season — second as a starter. The choice here is easy; Darren McFadden will give the Raiders a multi-faceted threat out of the backfield, I like Justin Fargas and from what I saw from him last season, he can be a possible starter in the NFL, but the ability and potential of Darren McFadden cannot be overlooked.

The Pick: The only way I see the Raiders not taking Darren McFadden is if Glenn Dorsey somehow falls to them, thus filling a need at defensive tackle. Other than that, the Raiders will add another building block on their road back to respectability.

The Kansas City Chiefs are on the clock…

4 Responses to “TBR’s First Annual 2008 NFL Mock Draft”

  1. origin says:

    Please Al Davis Please Draft Mcfadden………….please…….I can’t watch another young black QB who was drafted high never to have any help offensively.

    Lord where is Dennis Green??? He is the only one who will surround a black QB with talent.

  2. mizzo says:

    That’s why his ass is out of the league unfortunately O.

  3. Miranda says:

    Why is the national media trying to push Matt Ryan down the Falcons throats?? (like I don’t know why) He’s not worth first round money I don’t care if it is widely believed he’s the best QB in the draft (which is so debatable). I’ve never seen such a blatant attempt to MAKE the face of the Falcons be what THEY want it to be. I even read some lunacy by some nut that “Matt Ryan would get the Falcons fans excited again”…..only if we’re shooting opium in our temples at the time he’s drafted could that ever be true. You don’t crash a Ferrari and get excited when the insurance company replaces it with a Taurus.

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