TBR’s First Annual 2008 NFL Mock Draft (Picks 25-28)

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We are approaching the homestretch of the 2008 NFL Mock Draft. Today we have Seattle, Jacksonville, San Diego and Dallas selecting.

Let’s get rollin’ Seattle is on the clock…

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NBA On TNT Playoff Notes: LeBron Is Just On Another Level

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(Photo: John Kurtz/Cleveland Plain Dealer)

DeShawn is being clowned by Wally now? Damn.

Magic Johnson on NBA official Darell Garretson, who passed away this week: “Darell (Garretson) was one of the top refs to ever referee in the NBA. What I liked about him is he let you talk to him, you got five seconds to explain and then he’ll give you that look to say ‘that’s enough.’ One night, I was playing bad and I said, ‘Darell, you missed a call.’ He turned to me, looked straight at me and said, ‘Magic, I probably missed one, but you’re two for 10 tonight,’ and that said it all.”

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How Will the Country View the Democratic Campain for the Presidency After Today?

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Is it me or could Hilary been seen as a Republican in all of this? She’s going hard on Barack…for what? That’s a look every man knows.

Today is a pivotal day that will go a long way into shaping which Democrat will win the nomination.

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NBA Playoffs Last Night

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So what.

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The Best Dunks of 2008

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Just a little something for your dunking pleasure.

I don’t know about #1 that was too tame for my tastes but Rudy Gay’s dunk gives ya the Gas Face.