A Star and Stripes

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Candace Parker LA Sparks
Candace is a bad girl

In the midst of these 2008 NBA Playoffs, a major shift in the professional basketball paradigm happened yesterday. Its equivalent to the type of force that moves mountains. Candace Parker, “CP3” in her own right, signed an undisclosed deal with Gatorade, and Adidas.

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NBA On TNT Notes: Barkley on Dallas,”Once someone says you’re soft…everyone is going to test it.”

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Get back Stack!

Smith on the Dallas Mavericks being intimidated by their opponent the last two playoffs: “Last year, the Dallas Mavericks were intimidated to a degree by the Golden State Warriors. And it wasn’t just the fact that (Golden State) was better than (Dallas), but they felt they could be physical with them and they could intimidate them. So now it’s the first round against New Orleans and they are going to do what Golden State (did).”

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TBR’s First Annual 2008 NFL Mock Draft (Pick 29-31)

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Today we wrap up our First Annual NFL Mock Draft and I must say I’ve had a blast. I’m sure the first round won’t pan out like this; with Miami signing #1 pick OT Jake Long yesterday I’m already in the hole. How about the Vikings giving up a first rounder to the Chiefs and meeting the $30 million in guaranteed money for DE Jared Allen. I’m far from a draft expert and from what I seen and heard so are a lot of others. I just wanted to add something to the site and since everyone and their mother does a mock draft, why not us.

We’ll wrap it up today with San Francisco, Green Bay and the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants, so let get things going.

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Why ESPN Why?

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ESPN chose to do this to Miguel Tejada under what guise? Was it about PEDs and getting rid of all remnants of steroids even though many White players are who took PEDs are still in the league?, getting him deported, bringing to light how the Dominican Republic siphons players into MLB, embarrassing him, getting him thrown in jail, pandering to a sick and twisted demography, showing their true colors, ratings or making a name for themselves and winning an award?

Anything else I forget?

This was just foul! I’m disgusted!

And then the getaway sentiment was giving a token appearance of caring about how he grew up in poverty?

What was your aim here E:60?

NBA Playoffs Last Night: Chris Paul, LeBron James and Dwight Howard Are Playing Ball–In Diapers–Against Each Other On Another Planet

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(Photo: Chuck Cook/Times Picayune)
At the buzzer….again

New Orleans 127, Dallas 103

Hornets lead series 2-0

Yes he is. The legend is in fact…fact. Chris Paul became the first player in NBA history to have two games of 30 points, 10 assists and 3 steals and also the first player to do the aforementioned in his first two playoff games.

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Will Kelvin Sampson Bounce Back?

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Who is Kelvin Sampson?

This is my farewell to college basketball 2008. I’ll remember the domination of Memphis, the outstanding freshman class (Beasley, Love, Mayo, Gordon), and the unforgettable championship game for years to come but this is what’s really going to stick with me.

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