NBA Playoffs Last Night: DeShawn Stevenson Strikes Back

(AP Photo/Nick Wass)
Had 5 threes.

Washington Wizards 108, Cleveland Cavaliers 72

Cleveland leads series 2-1.

Cleveland had one 8 straight playoff games versus Washington.

Last night was just incredible and because of it DC will forever be official.

Rode down with Anthony Gilbert and on the way home early this morning, he hyped his mothers pound cake like it was the best thing ever. I don’t even like cake like that but reluctantly agreed to try it. He even told me Magic loved and gushed over it (his mom had previously done some work for the business mogul). Yo…when I bit into this cake…wow. I had visions of Washington, DC sugar plumbs. Straight goodness. This amazing cake (yeah I’m hyped) reminded me of the night in every possible way–even the women. I’ve never seen so much talented gorgeousness with eyes of fine wine and joyous, but tempered shine of every shade imaginable in one place.

That story had to be told for the night wouldn’t have been complete without it because the Wizards gave out their own form of otherworldly pound cake to the Cavs and blew them out of the Verizon Center by 36, just four days after losing by 30 in Game 2.

Even with Gilbert Arenas going out with a knee bruise on h (Eddie Jordan said he would be fine), the Wizards were relentless in their domination of the Cavs.

The crowd was way into the game–even more so because the White Out was in full effect–which pushed the already absurd intensity to incredible levels. I’ve never heard a crowd chant defense on the first possession of the game–playoff or not.

I took a pic with Colin Powell on the floor and to see him rockin’ the white tee was definitely peace.Nick Young rocked a high top fade. DeShawn and Aundray Blatche sported mohawks and Tough Juice had his nickname scratched into his cut. They were ready. It almost seems flattering to Lebron in my opinion–not to him personally. Washington is basically doing all of this to negate his impact.

Washington doubled LeBron at every instance, fans booed him and chanted overrated the entire game. At one point on the foul line, he smiled almost to engage the crowd. At the post game press conference, I asked him about to explain the frame because it wasn’t a normal game moment to almost appear affected, especially in the playoffs:

“I’ve played in more hostile environments than this crowd. LBJ smiled as he spoke with confidence. “I’ve been in the Eastern Conference Finals in Detroit. That’s a lot more hostile so I smiled when the crowd said “overrated”. No big deal. I have fun with the fans. It’s no big deal. It’s no big deal….”

LeBron began to tap the podium and look around with this smile that wanted to say something but didn’t. The packed media room began to laugh at his expression. At such a young age, he’s polished, ya gotta give him that.

It should be mentioned that on the next possession after a steal, LBJ threw one down after taking off from what seemed Baltimore.

The kid is good and is adding a charm to the game it drastically needs.

He still got his but not the 40 or so everyone assumed he would get. He scored 22 on 10-19 shooting, but had a team high 4 turnovers and only dished out 3 assists which were also a team high.

That’s not gonna cut it on the road. Cleveland shot an abysmal 39% from the field and the only other player in double figures was Devin Brown with 10 and he needed 8 shots to get there.

As crazy as it seems, Soulja Boy had a definite impact on DeShawn Stevenson and on the game as well. Most arenas play his hit to amp the crowd but to see this cat actually Crank Dat on the score board and get the Wizards hyped was unforgettable.

Stevenson hit two consecutive threes to immortalize the moment.

He scored a team high 19 and hit 5 of 7 from beyond the three point line.

“We got to get him here,” Stevenson said. “We won with him. Me and Gil are superstitious, so we have to get him back.”

Gilbert, who played only 10 minutes, was the only starter to not score in double figures but Roger Mason Jr. picked up the slack and had 18. Butler had 17, Jamison 15 and Haywood 14.

The Wizards shot 52%.Arenas missed almost the entire season and maybe the team learned to play better as a unit in his absence.

All that won’t mean anything if the Wizards don’t finish what they started Sunday and lock this thing up at 2-2.

Can they do it?


On a side note AG and I wanted to give a shout out to Tony Reali (we showed him the video of Kenny Smith jumping the car on TSF because he hadn’t seen it) of Pardon the Interruption, Steven A. Smith, Chris Broussard and Kevin Blackistone. Thanks for the support and encouragement.


Didn’t see the other games last night so I can’t give an accurate recap of the results of the other games.

Toronto gets a win at home 108-94 behind a balanced attack–T.J. Ford scored 21 for the Raptors.

Hedo Turkoglu had 26. Dwight Howard had 19 and 12.

Orlando leads series 2-1.

Houston also gets a win in Rafer Alston’s return 94-92. They outscored the Jazz 24-16 in the fourth quarter.

Tracey McGrady had 27, 7 dimes and 5 boards.

Alson had 20.

Derron Williams had 28 and 12 assists.

Carlos Boozer had 15 and 13 boards.

Utah leads series 2-1.

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  1. DavidMac says:

    Mizzo, I think you owe T-Mac an apology. See how much better they were when they had Alston back? He just needed a little help.

  2. Mizzo says:

    I just expect more out of players who are labeled superstars for a period of years. I’ll stick to my guns in that regard.

  3. Mizzo, using my mother’s cake to describe the evening is genius. I’m partial to my mom, however you painted a very good picture. At least now you understand why I go to more Wizards games throughout the season than any other team.

    See you at the Wachovia Center!

  4. thebrotherreport says:

    Yo, I love pound cake and since my mom now lives in S.C. I don’t get it like I used to. AG can you look out for a brutha!?!?!?

  5. Mizzo says:

    Yo man…that’s my pound cake! Don’t make me go Debo on my own fam…

  6. Just email me and I can get my mom to make the pound cake loaf. And yes you don’t have to take Magic and Mizzo’s word for it. You can have your very own. LOL!

  7. thebrotherreport says:


    I got mind control over Mizzo, he might take some of my cake, but when he walk away, I be eatin agin.

  8. michelle says:

    Nice eyes and ears Miz. Yo Anthony g. Can I get a piece of that pound cake?

  9. I got you Michelle, that’s not a problem.