The End For The 76’ers

(Photo: Tom Mihalek/AP)
Just wasn’t your time. Nothing to hang your head over fellas

Yeah I said it would go 7, but it’s over for my boys. They had a great year and the city should be proud of what is a new beginning. Click on the pic to dig it on SLAM.

4 Responses to “The End For The 76’ers”

  1. Lakers Blog says:

    They made a good run. With the right moves in the offseason they will be a dangerous bunch next year.

  2. TheLastPoet says:

    I’ve said what I’m about to say elsewhere, but whoever is ultimately responsible for trading AI fucked up. Whether it was the coaches, management, the sportswriters, or AI himself (clearly, it wasn’t the fans in Philly), this Sixers team would have been so much better with the original AI at the helm.

    The “new” AI (Iguodala) was not ready for the long arms of Tayshaun Prince, and this Philly team could have used an unstoppable scorer and blood-and-guts guy like Alley-I.

    To be fair, Iverson would have had to do what Kobe did in LA this year in order to make it work, i.e., trust his teammates more, and let the young cats make a few mistakes while they continue to develop. Had he been able to do that, and had Philly been able to work a trade that kept AI but netted them some Reggie Evans-type ruggedness down low, then this Sixers team would have really taken off…

    Shid, if you look at their respective teams, it seems clear that AI is still a better fit in Philly than he ever will be in Denver, where a young Carmelo Anthony is an alpha dog who is still at that point in his career where he is playing for money and individual accolades rather than chips. Iguodala, on the other hand, is a highly skilled, but complimentary player.

    No doubt Andre Miller brought leadership and unselfish point guard play to the Sixers, but this “mature” Allen Iverson we’re all seeing now couldv’e brought the same things – and so much more!

    Bottom line: he fucked up (and I bet he knows it!), and now both Denver and Philly have gone fishing…

  3. TheLastPoet says:

    By the way, that’s coming from a cat (me) who’s been a fan of Mr Iverson ever since they let him out of prison, just so ya know…

  4. Mizzo says:

    You don’t have to explain yaself here brotha man. We know how you do.

    Here’s the piece I wrote that lets you know Bubba Chuck damn sure misses his Philly so.