Friday Fire: Why Does Kobe Bryant Catch So Much SHHHHH?

One of the most compelling athletes of all time

I wanted to start a discussion on the best player in the game. Why does he catch so much wreck? Is it all about Colorado? Shaq? Phil? Is the criticism warranted?

Why can’t we appreciate the legend as it’s created? Why is he just now winning a MVP award? How much better is he than the league? Will the Lakers win a championship this year? Is he better than Mike? Is he better than LeBron? Where do you rank him all time?

How will the future judge him? How talented is he? Is he a machine? Is he dedicated to the game? Who runs the Lakers? Do you like his game? Is he a jaded superstar? Is he personal enough? Does he care about the fans? Is he driven enough to not just become a member of the pantheon but the pantheon himself?

Of all the players in history and you could only pick one, who would you choose your children to emulate (game not person)? Do you think he’s cognizant of his place in NBA history?

Should he tell people to kiss his Black ass?

When do you see him slowing down?

Do you think he’s learned from his mistakes on and off the court?

Does his personal life matter to you?

Is his personal life any of our business?

What does he owe the game and LeBron James?

How many MVP’s will he win? Does he deserve all the accolades as they come? Why were people calling Steve Nash the best player in a league with Kobe Bryant still in it? What does 81 really mean? What is your opinion of Kobe Bryant?

Leave the media out of it and think for yourself…

Why does Kobe Bryant catch so much shit?

68 Responses to “Friday Fire: Why Does Kobe Bryant Catch So Much SHHHHH?”

  1. StoneCold says:


    Damn, SC, the things you say about Kobe are just…well, cold…LOL!”

    I’m just being honest. I honestly enjoy watching the brotha play, but It gets OLD hearing fans say one thing about his game & how it’s so superior to anyone currently playing & that has ever played, but it’s “NEVER” validated by “ANY” of his body of work.

    It’s ALL their OPINION & NOTHING more & when asked to explain, the crickets commence & followed suit by a bunch of if’s & coulda-shoulda-wouldas & a WHOLE lotta excuses..

    And what REALLY irritates me about alot of his fans, is their tendency to try & discredit other players accomplishments or abilities, without actually KNOWING what they’ve actually DONE, just to level the playing field to include kobe in the mix.

    If kobe fans are gonna say he’s a “Legend” or the “Best” or “Greatest Ever”, don’t’cha think as a fan of the game, we SHOLUD INDEED hold him to these INCREDIBLY HIGH standards & precedent, that have been set by Past Greats to see where he ranks & if he TRULY deserves to be mentioned in that select company of players, rather than just automatically putting him there because he happens to be the player they like most?

    And to man, U say & I quote:

    “I will not write with the pack inaccuracy. I can only document what I see to offset the legend.”

    That’s EXACTLY what I’ve done since I’ve joined this board.

    How’s it inaccurate on ANY poster’s part when we post what the man has CONSISTENTLY done on the floor, throughout his career?

    To do ANYTHING other than that, is INDEED reporting INACCURATE information & further feeds the perception & not the REALITY of the situation..

  2. Mizzo says:

    I’m mainly speaking about the asshole stuff. I have to deal with my peers saying this about Barry Bonds as well. I’ve met each man and they were cool with me…so that’s how I’ll write.

  3. GrandNubian says:


    “’m mainly speaking about the asshole stuff. I have to deal with my peers saying this about Barry Bonds as well. I’ve met each man and they were cool with me…so that’s how I’ll write.”

    That’s why i love your blog, bruh….and that’s why i keep coming back here.

  4. Mizzo says:

    Thanks brothaman. That means a lot.

  5. TheLastPoet says:

    Stonecold, aka the black John Hollinger (just assuming you’re black – with the lower case “b” – based on some of your posts, please correct me if I’m wrong):

    I ask you an HONEST question with a GENUINE interest in your considerate ANSWER – I ask YOU to play NICE and to DESIST with this CAPITALIZATION bullshit- and you come at ME all HARD BOILED and ornery.


    Don’t you know that ARBITRARILY capitalizing WORDS is a sign of SUBSTANDARD written expression? Your stats are well-RESEARCHED and extremely relevant, but can’t you MAKE your points without COMING off like a 3rd GRADER?

    You got to GIVE respect in order to EARN it, home BOY.

    Besides ALL THAT, THIS shit is HARD to READ! Don’t you AGREE?

    Can’t DEAL with you until you learn to WRITE with a bit more SUBTLETY.

  6. StoneCold says:

    “Stonecold, aka the black John Hollinger”

    LOL!! That’s funny..And you’re right, I am “B”lack..with a CAPITAL “B” i might add..

    “Can’t DEAL with you until you learn to WRITE with a bit more SUBTLETY.”

    You’re offended by capital letters?

    If that’s what’s at the core of your apparent problem with me, then there’s nothing else to say. If U say U can’t deal with that, then don’t…

    I suspect there’s something else that’s really at the heart of your reservations, but I can’t & won’t try & to figure that out.

    Something that trivial really isn’t worth my time..

    U have the right to “NOT” respond or participate in the discussion on this thread, as I or anyone else does. I didn’t ask U to respond to any of my post, & vice versa. I was merely stating my sentiments on the matter…

  7. TheLastPoet says:

    Stonecold, thanks.

    I say what I mean and I mean what I say, always; and so there is no need for you to “suspect” anything about me.

    And nothing I say is “trivial.”

    All I was asking for was a little civility, which capitalized words and snarky attitudes about “Kobe fans” do not convey.

    As HarveyDent and so many others have repeatedly said to newcomers, we don’t lambast and belittle people who take the time to write comments. Unless your name is Dave the Jolly Nigger (and even with him, I’m the only person who gets a kick out of calling him names; the rest of my TSF brethren make a consistent effort to try to penetrate his remarkably dense skull, for reasons that only they know – talking to you, Modi! -and that I won’t even begin to try to understand), then we try to foster a sense of community here. Flamethrowing is unnecessary. Just speak your piece, and then “be peace,” as Mizzo likes to say.

    Show respect, get respect. It’s that simple.

  8. StoneCold says:

    “All I was asking for was a little civility”

    I’m uncivil for capitalizing a few words?

    You’re joking right? That’s absurd! I’m not EVEN gonna entertain that nonsense…Please….

    “Show respect, get respect. It’s that simple.”

    Unless what I’ve said regarding kobe homers applies to yourself, where have I disrespected U?

    This ENTIRE argument is bogus..

  9. DavidMac says:

    Dust the haters off StoneCole, when he can’t get you on the facts your state, he’ll try to get you on something insignificant.

    I’m glad you are here.

  10. StoneCold says:

    And who are U to tell me, how I should relay “MY” sentiments?

    If I choose to capitalize a particular word to stress the emphasis that word entails, regarding how it relates to the subject matter at hand, then that’s what I’ll do.

    I don’t try to tell U or anyone else what writing style to employ when posting, so what makes U think U reserve that right to try & impose that on me?

    If this is “YOUR” site & wish me to leave as a result, then so be it.

    But if you’re just another one of these posters who got in his feelings seeing someone post “THEIR” sentiments (like EVERYONE ELSE does on this board) & can’t take that those sentiments might be in contrast with those of his own, and he may not be able to REFUTE them, then man whatever..

  11. StoneCold says:

    @ DavicMac

    Can U believe this guy? LOL!!

    I’ve been uncivil to him for capitalizing a few words..Is he forreal?!?! LOL!!

    If that aint the biggest joke I’ve seen on a forum such as this. I haven’t been uncivil to him. He’s just unnerved that somebody DARED to post sentiments about kobe that DOESN’T accomodate those of his own & worse, he can’t refute what I’m saying because he KNOWS what I’ve posted is true..

    I’ve seen his type before.

    The whole “capital letters” & “you’ve been uncivil to me” rhetoric, is just a cheap ploy to lash out for posting sentiments not necessarily in favor of kobe, as he would have it..

  12. TheLastPoet says:

    Look everybody, the Jolly Nigger found a widdle buddy to pway wit! Awww dats so cuuuute!

    Listen, Stoney, don’t let that fool David get you into any more trouble.

    You’ve seen my “type” before?

    Trust me, cornbread, you’ve never “seen” anything like this. But then you proceed to put words in my mouth, making assumptions about my opinion of Kobe Bryant that I neither said nor implied? But I’m the one engaged in “cheap ploys?”

    Check the tape, stat boy; all I did was ask you a simple question, and you flew off the handle as if you were not only talking to me, but simultaneously trying to remove that stick which must be permanently jammed up your pretentious behind – and which happened to be the same way you were responding to everyone else who replied to your comments. Again, look at your own posts, doofus. You’re probably the kind of guy who smells his own farts and goes, “Wow LOL!! was THAT forreal? LOL! what a HOMER!! LOL! that’s the biggest JOKE! LOL! That’s 2.2 farts per minute and I’m farting for 57% THIS year! LOL!”

    Now look at how other people were replying to you, and ask yourself, was all the snark and ill temper necessary? Did anybody give it back to you? No? That’s because – myself excepted – nobody rolls like that around here. And that’s all I was trying to tell you.

    I tried to be nice to your stupid ass, but instead you take up with someone like Dave who gets no respect in these parts. Look man, clearly I’m wasting time with you, because you obviously cannot read, which is an unfortunate trait that you share with your new best friend Dave, and so I’ll leave the two of you to wallow in dum-dum land.

    Welcome to TSF.

    By the way, you can have the last word. Once you’ve opened your mouth and proven yourself an idiot, I could care less about anything else you say or do. So have at it, nimrod. I shall reply to you or your precious stats no more.

  13. StoneCold says:

    If I wallow in such stupidity, prove ANY of what I’ve said wrong then…

    That’s what’s REALLY eating at U & U know it…

    “I shall reply to you or your precious stats no more.”

    Well, as I’ve said before: “U have the right to “NOT” respond or participate in the discussion on this thread, as I or anyone else does. I didn’t ask U to respond to any of my post, & vice versa. I was merely stating my sentiments on the matter…”

    You’re not hurting my feelings with your childish insults & not talkin’ to me..

    Do what U do..

  14. Travis Smith says:

    I believe that Kobe Bryant is the best to ever play the game, because he takes so much from everybody but brushes it off and never loses a touch. Kobe bryant will never get credit for being the best basketball player ever but he does from me. Just watchin him makes me want to go outside and play ball. Nobody can stop kobe, u can’t even contain him u can only hope he misses.

  15. Mizzo says:

    Kobe is not the best to ever play. I’ve spoken to many players, legends, front office folk and they all say Mike would murder the league with all its lax defense rules. Kobe told me himself he wishes the league would become more physical.

  16. karla says:

    wow really?
    its AMAZING how many haters kobe has.
    i loveee kobe and people will always talk shxt.
    -kobe started passing the ball more because people said he was a ballhog.
    -when kobe takes “too many” shots he’s called a ballhog.
    honestly kobe is never gonna please everyone and im pretty sure he doesnt care what any of these stupid people thinkk.
    dont get me wrong lbj is an amazing player but him and kobe cant be compared.
    they are two diferent players that play different positions.
    its like if you say…”whos better iverson or shaq?”
    you cant compare.
    i love kobe no matter what he does or no matter what mistakes he made in the past.
    thats none of our business.
    lakers are taking it all the way this year& i hope and pray that kobe gets the mvp because he truely deserves it.

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