California Dreaming


It never rains in Southern California, however when it does…it pours.

There are two sides to every story. With that said, ESPN broke a story of corruption on Sunday morning, via the half-hour show Outside the Lines. The focus is on OJ Mayo, the celebrated hoops hero from West Virginia. In a nutshell, he allegedly accepted money, perks, and gifts since his high school days, in agreement to sign with a well known sports agency. The way crime works, is that the criminal seeks something or someone to exert their expertise upon, essentially preying on others. If what ESPN reported is true, then it is important that we remember how student athletes are just as much “targets” as their professional counterparts.00813959_portraitblog.jpgWill OJ join the ranks of the NBA with pulp, and some extra baggage? The main issue that could be dealt with, to curtail these types of accusations would be to flirt with the idea of paying student athletes. I know first hand that a full athletic scholarship doesn’t equal a pinch of the Booster, TV, Bowl, and Championship revenue made by colleges and universities. If student athletes were paid, then people like Papa G (Sam Gilbert), would be rendered powerless, by the sometimes questionable system that is the NCAA. This ordeal may loom like an elephant in the USC trophy case, and only time will tell the other side of this story. And last but not least…any team that decides to hold the Mayo on draft night, will miss out on a very special person. Peace, AXG

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  1. sankofa says:

    “The only exception to this rule is The NY Daily News who believes that EVERYONE is scum. At least they are consistent”

    LOL! damn! I hear you man.

  2. We all know that the mainstream media is slanted against the so-called minorities. It is especially evident in this OJ Mayo story. Great point MODI, about how a 4 month investigation costs ESPN money, and in the midst of the NHL and NBA Playoffs, the sports world focus is on the Outside the Lines report.

    That is why when I wrote the article above, I decided to take a higher route and not bring Mayo down, rather I choose to shed light on how he was in fact targeted if what ESPN reported is true. Just because the mainstream media says so, doesn’t always mean it is TRUTH.

    We should question things, and by all means feel free to question things I’ve written and said. That is why I always report with my integrity first.

    Bring it!

  3. Mizzo says:

    Real rap right there. That’s my boy!

  4. DavidMac says:

    In my view the ESPN stories on Mayo haven’t been mean spirited are biased against Mayo. He is not some innocent person who didn’t know any better who was taken advantaged of. Its simple he wanted money he went to the highest bidder no problem with that its the truth. I like the angle you are taking Anthony, but that is no different than the angle most talk radio people and journalist take when this stuff comes out. Every year you have a discussion on whether student-athletes need to be paid for their services, so you are not breaking any new ground.

    As for targeting minorites, I still don’t see where all that is coming from. If the people who got caught didn’t have dumb friends there would be no problem. As for OJ yes he was flossin his against the rules wealth. The dumb ass even called a reporter on a cell phone registered through T-mobile to the agent he was signed with, denying he had connection with the guy. OJ hasn’t been bright and he is getting his school in trouble, so what.

    For all the people who want to say it is about race, tell me where is the racial aspect of the coverage and how the story broke? I want to know because I can’t see it.

  5. sankofa says:

    None that is as blind as those who refuse to see!

  6. DavidMac says:

    Thats what I thought, there is really nothing racist about the coverage, some are just mad that a black kid was caught accepting money and there haven’t been any white kids caught recently. If this is the case, it is not the news coverage that is racist, it is you and your attitudes that are racist.

  7. CEvidence says:

    There is a racial aspect to this story and the way it was covered as with others.

    As you said earlier, the chances that most major college athletes are taking “things” is high. So why is it only Bush and Mayo that were “investigated?” This gives the perception that others such as Love and Hansbrough (even though he is staying in school) are so moral and intelligent that they would NEVER take anything. When’s the last time we heard of a white college athlete getting into some type of trouble like this? Like I said in a discussion a few weeks back, Colt Brennan’s as is a felon on probabtion, how many black athletes would have gotten the opportunity to play after getting caught up in that situation…..NONE!!!

    The discrepancy of reporting is all over. Another example. Take the story of Hansbrough and the other UNC player (Frasor or something like that) jumping off of the fraternity house balcony into a pool. How safe is that for anyone to be doing, let alone athletes. But how was it reported? As a joke, anchors laughing about it like the whole thing was a joke. How would that have been talked about if it was Michael Beasley? Hell, next thing you know he would have had “character issues” because of the whole ordeal.

    Listen to the words, mannerisms and debates that are given when talking about players of different races in the same situation. I can give you many more examples of just how biased reporting has become.

  8. DavidMac says:

    You say the way it was covered, how was it covered that was racist? Give examples.

    I already said why Bush and Mayo were caught, Bush didn’t pay the guy who was giving him money in college. Mayo was going around flossing all the stuff he was being given instead of laying low. That is why they are busted. As for Love and Hansbrough, they like most guys who are getting favors are just laying low and not rocking the boat.

    As for you Colt Brennan example, many black athletes get the chance to play, hell a lot of them get the shit covered up. I know that Oklahoma’s QB last season was kicked off the team for having a fake job at a car lot. In SC the QB was kicked off the team this year for stealing computers. Those guys were all white. Lawrence Phillips, black, beat women constantly and was seriously breaking the law but that was swept under the rug for him so that he could play football. So I don’t see your point.

    Hansborught and Fasor jumping off of the Frat house is the equvialent of OJ Mayo taking money from agents? Lets see one is against the rules and the other isn’t. Doesn’t seem like a double standard at all to me, try again when you have comparable situations.

    I’ve listend to the words and how the story was broke, at no time did I hear anyone talk down of OJ like he was some kind of crook are thug.

    I think you are inserting your own bias into reporting.

  9. CEvidence says:

    No DMac — you are not understanding.

    First, I didn’t say that Tyler and Bobby jumping off of the balcony was as bad as taking money. What I said was the way the stories were reported on show flat out bais. Why? Because if that was Michael Beasley jumping off a fraternity or dorm balcony, do you think that sports anchors would have sat around a laughed at it? Or called him too much of a rish taker and he would have to be smarter? Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them were to suggest that those actions would hurt his draft stock. The same way that it was said on national tv, that Darren McFadden being in a National African American Fraternity displays him having “character issues.” How bais is that?

    Second — The story about OJ and Bush are not racist. Again, I did not say that. The presentation behind them are. For example. Along with Bush on that USC team was a star QB in Matt Lienhart. He was supposed to be the great protoypical (sp) OB and translate into an all pro NFL player. So far it is easy to say that his NFL career is just as much of a “bust” as Bushs. But anyway — where was the major investigation into him? He was a star player, Heisman winner and 2 time candidate. Is he just so moral and upright that he would never take anything? Matter fact, where’s the investigation into Duke’s recruiting tactics. I’ve heard NUMEROUS times that things are on the up and up there, but never once have I seen a “major investigation” by anyone. Why? Is it because they would have to take down Coach K? What’s stopping some major media outlet from breaking that story?

    Again, the stories themselves are not racist. But the fact that media moguls go out of their way to have investigation after investigation of black athletes while leaving the white players alone is silly to me. And obvious. You want another example? Here you go.

    Game of Shadows. We all know the evidence was out there against Barry Bonds. Of course it was. SO, how come no one is willing to write a Game of Shadows 2 on Roger Clemens. Is the evidence out there? YES! Along with much worse stuff. Would that book be profitable…HELL YES!!! But still we have nothing. Why aren’t those same writers quick to expose the “greatest pitcher in the game?” No it’s not all based on race, but I believe that does play a part.

    Third — If there are black players who have spent 7 days in jail for sexual assualt, then been assigned probabtion for felony burglary and tresspassing. Then they shouldnt be allowed to play either. But tell me this, when people talk about Lawrence Phillips in the media, are those accusations brought up? Yes. But when Colt Brennan’s name appears is his rap sheet brought up? No. Flat out no. I bet you he wasn’t even listed as a player with “character issues” for this year’s draft. Yeah he may have not had a high draft value. But the fact that he was still allowed to play after those serious actions is sickening to me.

    Media genarlizations and bias abound because it sells money. Chad Johnson is a team cancer for being willing to sit out the whole year over his dispute. But the Bears better pay Brian Urlacher his money or he will threaten to retire. How different are these stories. Not really different at all. Both players went to the meida with their unrest, but only one is a team cancer and the other is so valuable that he should get paid. FYI – the cancer is the player who has lead the NFL in recieving yards since 2003 and is the only reciever with 5 concequtive years of 1,000 yards and at least 7 TD catches. But anyway..yeah the bias in the reporting on these stories is just my imagination….

    I will say it ONE LAST TIME, the acts and reporting on these stories are not racist. If those players got caught doing what they are doing…then fine. CROWN EM!!!! But don’t go out of your way to expose and condemn black players, when that same effort you put into those stories would probably expose the same number of high profile white players. Put the same effort out there.

  10. sankofa says:

    There is a story of the Rwanda massacre years ago. When the French neo-colonialists had put their tails between their legs and were fleeing the chaos. There was one female, who felt she should be included in the all Anglo-Saxon truck load of people boogie out of the country. After all she was not of the rabbles, she did give her body to a French man, and she was treated “different” than they.

    Ultimately for her troubles and from trying to hang on to the back of the truck pleading for a hand up… she got a boot stomp on her fingers, and as she fell screaming to the ground all she heard was “you’re not one of us bitch” .

    At that moment reality hit her with the force of a descending machete in the hands of a blood thirsty mob. She could not run from her reality of being African in a post colonial world, no matter her illusion and delusion.

  11. Co Co says:

    Woo, good stuff guys! I just have to say I have a hard time condeming OJ because if I were still a teenager and someone was trying to give me free stuff just because I was good at basketball I’d be all over it. Honestly, we cannot expect teenagers who come from basically nothing to turn down money. I made some bad decisions when I was a teenager so I cannot wag my finger at teenagers today who make a bad decision or two. Plus, when OJ started taking money he had no plans of going to college anyway. The NCAA and NBA with their age requirements got USC into this mess. OJ doesn’t care if they lose scholarships behind his misdeeds. Why should he? We are a forgiving society and no one is going to care about this when he puts on an NBA jersey. He knows that.

  12. DavidMac says:

    1) I’m not missing the point at all. How do you take to events that aren’t comparable and try to compare them to make a point. The fact is this, Hansborough jumped off a frat house into a pool, no big deal was made of it. Michael Beasley did not do anything to the equivalent so you don’t know how the media would cover it. So you build up a non-existant situation and try to use that as proof that the media targets blacks, sorry that isn’t working for me. About McFadden, so what that some idiot used being in a black frat as having character issues, who cares he made himself look like an idiot. The only evidence I heard trumpeted about him having character issues nationally on a consistant basis was the high number of kids he had. Again though, this really does not even factor into how OJ Mayo was portrayed so what is the point of even bringing it up.

    2) So you are admitting you just want to see “them” get Leinart so that it would be equal speculation on white student-athletes. You don’t care if it is easy to be found like it was for OJ and Reggie, they should go after him just to even the situation out race wise. I think that is racist thinking, you show no want to find a problem, your aim and focus is just on getting one of “them” in retaliation for getting one of “yours”, I find thinking like that small minded. You criticize the media for going after the guys who are ratted out by their associate for taking money/gifts or guys who flaunt their rule breaking loot and act like they are doing this to target black players instead of realizing that they went after them because it was already out there and easier to verify. If you want to say they are lazy, that is one thing, but racist it isnt. Its not ESPN, Yahoo, or any other news agencies fault Reggie and OJ couldn’t keep a lid on their racket and got publicly exposed, their exposurel has nothing to do with them being black but picking the wrong company or being absent minded.

    Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons both are getting publicly demonized and both of their legacies have been damaged, Roger, more than Barry, because of all the adultery allegations and the potention molestion or pedophile angle he has for messing with a 15 year old girl. There probably will be a book out on him later. So what is your point, both of them are getting pubicly denigrated.

    3) First Colt Brennan didn’t spend time in jail for sexual assault, he spend time in jail for tresspassing and burglery. Second this is known by everyone, there were repeated stories last year on ESPN and in papers talking about him being a felon and turning his life around. I have heard the same story from a great number of athletes in college who went on to join the NFL. As far as bringing up character issues, who cares, and how do you know no team that let him slide did not draft him because of character issues? You don’t that is right, you are just pulling “facts” up out of the air to support your terrible argument that wants to see white guys get what is coming to them. I see now.

    Chad Johnson is a team cancer this year because he is taking the teams focus off of getting better and putting it on satisfying him. Has Brian Urlacher acted out in the media as Chad has ? Last time I check no one said Lance Briggs was a cancer when he was doing hard negociating with the Bears, so again you really do not have a consistant basis for your views. You see what you want to see. You want to see that the media is built up against blacks, so you ignore all other evidence that points to the contrary, which justs shows you how hatred can taint you.

    4) Last thing, no one is going out of their way to get the black folks, I don’t see where you are coming from. No one had to dig hard and deep to get OJ Mayo, he left his dirt out in the open and they got him. Stop trying to make it something more than what it is. Its a damn shame when you can’t accept the truth because you think there is a secret racist agenda behind everything.

  13. DavidMac says:

    sankofa, are you a Rwandan? Hell were you born in Africa? Have you lived a majority of your adult life in Africa?

  14. sankofa says:

    The sound you are hearing is the loud crashing sound of reality being smashed against the walls of ignorance in DavidMac’s mind. You have gone far beyond the point of “me thinks you protest too much” straight to the realm of “what the fuck are you on?”

    You keep asking for evidence, you get directed to different examples; you twist and turn enough to ignore the answers to your question and get back into slinging wack shit! Dude, cock roaches don’t have the fortitude you do. I commend you for your stamina, what you believe in, you believe in strongly.

    This reminds me of the people I deal with in my line of work; they like you done swallowed the blue pill.

  15. sankofa says:

    Don’t be reduced to asking of my origin, it means you can easily be taken off your train of thoughts. See above post.

  16. DavidMac says:

    Sankofa, do you believe that you are the fictional character Morpheus?

    The fact is I’ve yet to see an example of how OJ MAYO has been treated wrongly because of his skin color. People pull out all of these strenuous connections to other events and situations which themselves aren’t racist and try to put that in a post about OJ MAYO.

    Until there is proof about OJ only being investigated because he is black, why spread that notion out there.

  17. Okori says:

    ‘Kofa keep your head up man. your intelligience and studious approach is needed ’round these parts.

  18. origin says:

    Well said Sankofa, CoCo, Mizzo, Cevidence and AG.

    Yo Cevidence check out thsess links I sent brotha Modi about this former Utah State player.

    I wonder if this guy would have looked like Mayo or Bush would the media have covered his past criminal record…………YOU BET!!!

    Heck if he looked like Mayo and Bush he probably would have never gotten the chance played ball in college.

  19. DavidMac says:

    origin, you are full of it. There are so many people, especially black Americans, that play for colleges and universities after setbacks in their life that is is ridiculous to even try to act like if David Pak was black he wouldn’t be able to play college ball. That is so intellectually dishonest, I really shouldn’t have to point it out, but knowing the people on this board they’ll all agree with you.

  20. MODI says:

    “Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons both are getting publicly demonized and both of their legacies have been damaged, Roger, more than Barry, because of all the adultery allegations and the potention molestion or pedophile angle he has for messing with a 15 year old girl. There probably will be a book out on him later. So what is your point, both of them are getting pubicly denigrated.”

    With the exception of the NY Daily News, the media has been very kind to clemens. And i will state this again. I was THE MEDIA ITSELF (Game of Shadows; Excerpt on SI; ESPN; etc.) that came after Bonds. GOS authors spent TWO YEARS investigating him. yet they IGNORED Clemens, until he was outed by 1) The Mitchell Report; 2) His own terrible mishandling on every conceivable turn; 3) Congressional hearing; and then 4) the NY Daily News.

    The media was FORCED to cover Clemens like it was once FORCED to cover McGwire — after not investigating him for 10 years despite federal stings (operation Equine) and bulging muscles.

    When you are going to make a claim about media treatment, you must start with who they PROACTIVELY go after.

    If Congress and Mitchell did not out everybody’s white heroes, then Bonds would still essentially be the lone gunman today…

  21. DavidMac says:

    The media in Alabama covers Clemens negatively, national news covers him negatively. In my view they all cover Bonds and Clemens the same now.

    You are right, they did go after Bonds, but then again I believe Bonds was the only one from the BALCO trial and congressional testimony that was about to break one of the big records in American sports, so it made sense to target him. I’m sure if the roles were switched between him and Giambi the same thing would happen and nothing would change.

    As for Clemens, correct me if I’m wrong but I do not believe he was directly involved with the BALCO situation was he, which is where the GoS guys got a great deal of their facts from.

    Like it has been discussed before, the reason they go after Bonds is because the guy is a surly, arrogant, asshole who treated the media like shit. If he was nicer and was more genial with the media they probably wouldn’t be coming after him like they are doing now. Which leads to my contention that they targeted Bonds because of who he is, not the color of his skin.

  22. MODI says:

    You state: “I’m sure if the roles were switched between him and Giambi the same thing would happen and nothing would change.”

    Firstly, it is well documented that the Bonds treatment dates back to at least 15 years from the media… but to your statement:

    Why are you sure of this? Based on what information? What precedence? Are you familiar with Operation Equine and Mark mcGwire in 1991. That’s right — 1991. No media for 14 years? Why no stories? Why does no one even know about Operation Equine today despite it dwarfing BALCO. Why nothing as he ran for a historic 70 HRs? Why won’t any media outlet ever refer to this landmark 2005 article on McGwire and operation equine?

    When the Jason Grimsley report came out implicating Clemens and Pettite (since allegedly called false — but there is conflicting info from David Segui), why did NO MEDIA OUTLET investigate it? Why did no one in media continue to bring up the allegations in their articles… Why did he continue to get stellar media?

    Why has every single HGH bust (Ankiel; Glaus; Pettite) come from only the NY Daily News, yet all these people received kid gloves from national media?

    Every possible example of a white hero getting busted is evidence that contradicts your statement. So if every possible precedence contradicts your statement, then why do you make it?

  23. DavidMac says:

    No it doesn’t MODI, thats just your worldview coming out. All the white guys you cry about, came out said they made a mistake and went about their business, except Clemens.

    As for McGwire, there was no rule that banned steroids at the time so how was he breaking a rule and cheating?

    Also for every white one there are black ones who get a pass as well, Gary Matthews Jr. being one.

    The reason Barry is targeted is because the media hates him as a person so they really stuck it to him, this didn’t happen to Ankiel, Pettite, Glaus, Matthews Jr, Sheffield, and etc. because they are more likeable figures.

  24. MODI says:

    Gary matthews is insignificant… as is Brady Anderson, Bret Boone, or Lenny Dykstra… (though less so)… there is no reason to investigate further because nobody gives a shit about them…

    Clemens is considered the pitching version quality of Bonds, McGwire is a HOFer who went for 7O Hrs and 6 SI covers that year, Pettite is very important because of his relationship to Clemens… Ankiel while normally insignificant was THE feel-good story last year

    There is no “worldview” — just facts you stated: “I’m sure if the roles were switched between him and Giambi the same thing would happen and nothing would change.” …and I offered you a litany of COMPARABLE facts.

    Even still you actually agreed with me in the end, perhaps without realizing it. you just seemed to attribute the Bonds treatment more to personality than race. Of course it is both which are inextricably intertwined. but that is another issue. i’m glad that we agree on something.

  25. DavidMac says:

    Like I said when the facts get in the way, you change them to fit your worldview.

    You gave me some incidents and compared them to a man people hated, Bonds, and tried to pass it off as being racist, ignoring the similar events such as Pettitte , Ankiel, Matthews Jr., Sheffield, and etc. Where you have black and white athletes use of supplements getting ignored.

    As for offering me something comparable to Bonds and Giambi switching places how. First nothing you can offer is comparable because there is not another person who is going to be able to break the career HR record anytime soon, so you can say look they didn’t do Barry like that. Second the examples you did give, when I countered with examples which are the exact same except with blacks you disregard it.

    As for Bonds, how is personality intertwined with race? Your personality is no more intertwined with your race than it is with your eye color or whether you are right handed or left handed. That is a foolish statement to try to pass off.

  26. sankofa says:

    MODI and TSF family I just had an aha moment. Close your eyes, pretend your’e not on the starting five. Pretend you just clicked onto ESPN and have scrolled down to the comments section. Now go back over DavidMac’s last few responses and “explaination” of his feelings about thiswhole shamfull saga.

    Really, really be there… uncanny isn’t it? LOL! look over in the distance (Alabama), it’s a parrot, it’s a Lemming it’s a… pamming(?)

    Okay that was realy bad, but DavidMac has proven to be without the singular ability that seperates sensible sports fan from the herd. This one ability is curiosity. Curiosity is fundamental to all sentient beings, and seperates them from a bag of hammers.

    He parrots the mainstream media’s lies to the T, without any serious curiosity to urge him to seek out alternative views.

    If you follow this guys responses you’ll realize after awhile, he’ll just vomit up the same stuff over and over and hopes the splash back hits your nice clean arguments.

    Back off MODI, even your well known patience will not be able to save you if you persist. This guy is like the Terminator, bullits, bombs, reason will not faze him as he doggedly heads for his target. That is to preserve the standard caste system designed by his heroes… anythig to the right of…well anything.

  27. Mizzo says:

    I’m just going to say this and that’s it DMac…

    How would you like to have a father as talented as Mantle…who becomes first 40/40 man even though they’d assumed Mantle would be the first…and just hearing stories of your father’s alcoholism. Your DAD never gets the respect of the media. You grow up in the club house when your father is in town and live Mays and McCovey …you don’t see him as much even though you have this talent because obviously he’s on the road. You hit bomb after colossal and memorable bomb and look over to the stands and see a ghost of your DAD. Someone walks by you with the stench of alcohol and you think of your DAD. You want to surpass his talent out of anger, fear, frustration and sadness. You open the paper to see what your DAD did the night before but the horrible stories smack you in the face over and over and over and over and over. You see the smirks and bullshit ass quirks of the “writer/reporter/dumbass/racist/jealous” cat.

    They love and laugh around the lockers of the Van Slykes and the Jeff Kents even though they both are vastly inferior in talent…but smiles abound…

    How would this affect you? As you grow into a fine ball player, you are asked the same dumb ass questions your father was asked over and over and over and over and over (pre steroids).

    What would keep you from being the asshole everyone says you are?

    Why can’t just one reporter ask him about the smell of the grass or his exchange with a diamond eyed child who put a tear in his eye?

    This is say 15 years of the same questions over a 162 game season. Could you imagine?

    Can you relate as a fan who just sees Bonds’ sound bites and not those of the “messenger”?

    I can go on if you want…

  28. Miranda says:

    Do you hear the banjos?

  29. sankofa says:

    LOL! Banjos and spoons!

  30. Miranda says:

    Ok…..just making sure!!! LOL

  31. CEvidence says:

    DMac —

    Again, you are mis interpreting my words. So this is the last time I’ll respond to you on this topic seriously.

    I had typed out a whole response to you. But just erased it. No point in even arguing with you. I respect your opinion, don’t agree with it, but I’ll try to respect it.

    But clearly, I dont “make up facts” to support my argument. I work in and have worked in media outlets and have seen plenty of the practices I have pointed out. I know exactly what I hear and have heard multiple times. And if you don’t think the bias is there in a lot of situations, then fine, suit yourself, believe what you want.

  32. MODI says:

    Sankofa, i will heed your words and eliminate most of my response because you are right, DMac has no desire to seek truth. I will just address one small point which may have been an honest misunderstanding on his part.

    “As for Bonds, how is personality intertwined with race? Your personality is no more intertwined with your race than it is with your eye color or whether you are right handed or left handed. That is a foolish statement to try to pass off.”

    I was referring to the media’s REACTION to Barry Bonds. Which is to say that “the black jerk” often gets far worse coverage than “the white jerk”. I have no interest in detailing this basic fact for you right now, but only to clear up the miscommunication.