NBA On TNT Playoff Notes: Cleveland Ties Up Boston

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(Photo: John Kuntz / The Plain Dealer)

Paul Pierce was not getting into that pic

Magic Johnson on the Boston Celtics: “I think Atlanta exposed (the Celtics) that they don’t have great athletes, number one. Number two, where is their leadership? One of those guys has to step forward and say, ‘We’re not playing well and here’s why we’re not playing well and let’s correct it.’ Whatever it is, one of The Big Three has to step forward and get on the other guys and make them say, ‘we’ve got to come with a better effort and be ready for games.'”

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Don’t Mess With LeBron James’ Mom Because You Will Get Banged On!

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Hat tip: Ryne from Odenized

When I initially saw this as it happened, I thought it was just some irate Cleveland lady fan reppin’ her squad. When they played it back, I almost fell on the floor because that lady was in fact Bron Bron’s Mom Gloria.

Real rap?

She looked like she wanted to crack one of those C’s as it was going down. Straight classic.

Dig the KG get off my baby…I’m sick of ya’ll trying to hurt my baby forearm. You gotta hand it to KG, he’s so respectful.

Well later on…Happy belated Mother’s Day!

Hat Tip: Gheorghe: The Blog

Damn LeBron…it’s like that? Too bad he didn’t get Pierce huh?

Now you have to win the series and one more so your true legacy will begin.

Hmmm could it be Kobe vs. LeBron?