Friday Fire: Where’s the Furor Over Pat Buchanan?!?

Code words are for the rich snitches bitch who went out and switched…’cause damn right that’s what he gets…

When you have White folk referencing 400 years ago then you know you’re foul.

Chris Mathews tried to hold it down but couldn’t call Pat out for what he is because he saw his Pop…eh…or maybe his crazy uncle?

Pat, No Brothas Allowed?

Why is this man still on TV?

Who does he represent?

Do our kids really need to know who this cat is?

Is this a case of racist old assness?

Pat..You betta listen to ya corner and Watch for the Hook.

48 Responses to “Friday Fire: Where’s the Furor Over Pat Buchanan?!?”

  1. Miranda says:

    LOL @ Chris Matthews saying “its gonna be the Kentucky Derby all over again”….LOL

    I’m just bracing for the day when one of these fools just flat out calls Obama the n-word on some national show.

  2. DavidMac says:

    Pat Buchanan is a good guy who represents true conservatiism. Sometimes he goes out their with his comments, but for the most part he is 100% correct and on target with what he is saying.

    I love it though, any criticism of Obama or anything that does praise his majesty is deemed racist. LOL

  3. Okori says:

    hey look… it’s Shaska. Hi Shaska!

    Anyway….. to answer the questions.

    Why is this man still on TV? Because he’s old, bitter, and occasionally capable of the borderline racism that the conservative movement cloaks itself in.

    Who does he represent? Old white conservatives…. and Shaska.

    Do our kids really need to know who this cat is? Not really. I mean, if memory serves, he was a Nixon speechwriter so there is that.

    Is this a case of racist old assness? Yup it most definitely is.

  4. Mizzo says:

    Mirando I needed that laugh. You know it’s gonna happen. Especially on a show like this.

  5. CEvidence says:

    You know I wasn’t going to comment on this but there’s something that was said that is really getting on my fucking nerves. Flat out.

    When is this “he only got there cause he was/is black” shit going to end and why can’t people see how fucking offensive it is?!?!?!?

    It’s not just Barack, but damnit everytime I walk into work I can feel people who look at me in that same way. It’s bull. I’m one of 4 African Americans in my department…of about 60-70 people. And everyday I know some of the partimes look at me like “how did HE get a full time position.” I can feel that shit in their eyes and you know what hearing Pat almost lit a fire under me.

    Why? Because there’s a good chance it will never stop. Gerarldine went on this whole rant about how she shouldnt be called a racist and that she said the same thing about herself as a woman for VP candidate. Well Geraldine then YOU must have not been qualified enough, but that doesn’t mean all women are not!!! She said the same exact thing about Jessie Jackson, so it’s not a stretch to believe she would say the same exact thing about ANY African American who has stepped into the national spotlight. I bet you she thinks the same thing about Condy Rice and Colin Powell.

    But I digress, I’ve worked HARD for mine. As I’m sure that Barack has. And when people understand just how degrading it is to be put in a lil unqualified box, then maybe this “he/she only got there because….” shit can end….

  6. DavidMac says:

    Barack Obama is only where he is because he is black, Clinton is where she is because she is a woman, Ferrarro is where she is because she is a woman.

    Its not racist or sexist to point that out.

    What qualifications does Obama hold that makes him a good candidate for POTUS, what qualifications does Hilary have. They are both Jr. Senators who have never worked in the executive branch and have little foreign policy experiance.

    So please tell me what qualifications do they have besides being minorities, CEvidence.

    Also by the way, can anyone tell me what in the hell is so great about Obama again?

    What change is he going to bring?
    Why and how does he bring hope?
    What in the hell is his hope going to do for the nation and politics in D.C.?

    One of you Obama supporters please enlighten me, because I find most of you all, especially blacks, only are voting for the guy because he is black. Which is the benefit he has over John Edwards, who is the exact same candidate as Obama, except he actually has formulated policy.

  7. MODI says:

    Pat Buchanan has been racist and anti-semitic for a very long time. This is no secret.

    Exactly CEvidence. As for the “Lucky Black Man Delusion” that even DMac is afflicted with any objective look at political landscape,or political history, or remedial analysis of statewide elections will provide any fair-minded person with the answer. However, some people will believe what they want to believe, what their ideology restricts them too, or are deluded because for the first time in their life, their skin privilege did not benefit them that day. It is bullshit.

  8. MODI says:

    Oh, and you just new that after Obama secured the nominee, “The Lucky Black Man Delusion” would move from luckier than white women to luckier than white men. Incredible

  9. CEvidence says:

    First and foremost —

    He went from the State Legislature to the Senate to the position he is in now. Basically the same track that EVERYONE else has gone on in one way or another. I would like to see him have had a military background as well, but he doesn’t. Even still the “qualifications” of MANY presidential candidates can be called into question no matter WHO you are looking at. So don’t even start that converstation with me.

    But tell me DMac when does it end? What does a minority have to do in order to not get tagged in that way? What?

    I’ll tell you. There is NOTHING that they can do to not get tagged in that subconciously (sp) racial/sexist way. Next time, if there is a next time, we will be having the SAME discussion. Flat out. Until the end of time. This goes beyond Barack and Hiliary…way bigger than them.

    I honestly couldnt give a damn about this election and I’ve been turned off from it for a while. But still, I’m so sick and tired of the he only got there or she only got there quotes. When are we going to start giving people credit for what they HAVE done and been through instead of cutting them off at the knees?!?!?

    So tell me DMac, what does a minority have to do in order to get the respect and “earn” their position, education, job, title or whatever?

  10. Pat Buchanan’s an old, racist coot who hides it by saying he’s only repping the opinions of poor, uneducated white people. The same poor white people who openly told camera crews that they thought Barack Obama was a Muslim and that’s why they didn’t vote for him (Wednesday’s Daily Show had the clips of this, along with Jon Stewart faux-drinking in response.)

    The bar will always keep moving so it’s too high — doubly so for Obama, but it keeps moving for Clinton in the whole “is she tough enough?” crap that reeks of sexism. The media does this for Democratic candidates. With Edwards, they kept pillorying him for speaking out against poverty while being rich, as if there’s no way you could do that.

    When George W. Bush ran in 2000, it started with “how experienced is he,” but it became “oh, better a guy I can have a beer with than that know it all Gore.” Oh, if only we could have seen into the future.

    Mizzo, I came across another Hardball vid: it doesn’t have to do with Obama per se, but still instructive about this mindset Obama’s facing and the lack of history in this campaign environment:

  11. CEvidence says:

    Just to make sure everyone understands what I am saying:

    Once again, this is NOT just about Barack Obama or Hiliary. I am asking flat out: What do minorities have to do in order to get the recognition and credit for our hard work that we deserve?

    If this was Colin Powell running for president, people would still be saying the SAME EXACT THING. He’s only here cause he is black. BS!!! Look at that man’s resume and you can’t tell me he hasn’t been through some shit for this country. Hell he has more REAL military experience than our current president, and is on par with McCain.

    What are you going to do when your child reaches college and has to sit through a presentation on why majority of the minorities in the institution are there only because they are a minority?

  12. sankofa says:

    MODI there is some projection going on there from the Fararos and Clintons, and some of the other unqualified people who get in and by because of THEIR skin.

    DavidMac…Obama has as much qualification as Bonzo’s side kick from California in the 1980’s and that crack head who’s been pretending to be somebody since 2000.

    If you want political policies, it depends on what suckers like you want to hear. If you want REAL policies, non of these actors will provide any because it will mean dispersing the illusion that the Corporation is not crumbling all around you.

    As a conservative, DMac, I assume you are up on world trends and the strength of the dollar, right?

    If you follow the right source, NO BODY on the outside is enamoured by the American dollar. Everynody is looking to China. China who is this Corporations biggest debt holder.

    But suckers like the Conservatives and liberals are cuaght up in this hollyweird production, while the rich/poor gap widens, violent tensions and actually violence increases here and over seas.

    What’s the solution? I may have an idea or two but the White Supremacy system will continue to fiddle amongst the flames, inciting the ignorant to debate “race” and such, while the more things change in America Inc., the more they stay the same.

    Folly tricks is a bitch!

  13. DavidMac says:

    He went from state legistlature to us senate, never completed the full US Senate term and is front running for the Dem. nomination and POTUS. Who has that happended for in history of US Politics.

    The closest guy to run for US Presidency with as little experiance as Obama and on a major ticket is John Edwards, did you see how he did last year? He lost to Kerry. So that leaves you to one difference, skin color.

    Obama being black has definantly helped him and propelled him to the spotlight, it also helps in buffering him from criticism because if you do critique him, that means you are a racist, as evidenced from the comments in this thread.

    When does what end, what disadvantage has Obama been in because of his race? He was elected to his local position because he was black and hung around black extremist like Rev. Wright. He was put on the national level, only because he was black, Kerry and Obama both admit this. Seems his skin color has only been helping him, so tell me what do you mean, when does it end for minorities?

    The only reason race and sex is being brought up is because democrats politic based off of identity politics. If Obama was conservative, like Richard Steele or Swann, people wouldn’t be talking about his race they would be coming at him because of his positions or if they did talk about his race it would be blacks saying “he aint one of us, he aint really black” or “He aint nothing but a Uncle Tom”.

    I don’t think people would say anything about Hilary or Obama, but neither of them are qualified on the standard most presidents are held to. If Colin Powell ran for POTUS, he wouldn’t be using race as his main selling point like Obama. He would be going out there and campaiging on his actual experiance, which neither Clinton nor Obama have.

    To answer what does a minority have to do to get respect, simple earn it, like everyone else. What is the saying, respect isn’t given, it is earned, right?

    I still have a question though and I’m waiting for an answer.

    Also by the way, can anyone tell me what in the hell is so great about Obama again besides being black?
    What change is he going to bring?
    Why and how does he bring hope?
    What in the hell is his hope going to do for the nation and politics in D.C.?

  14. DMac – Republicans politic off identity politics too. It’s how godly you can be and kiss up to the Christian right that will earn you a nomination. McCain has flip-flopped and kissed the asses of Dobson and the ilk in order to get right after 2000.

  15. DavidMac says:

    Lets see sanofoka,

    Regan had executive branch experiance as the head of one of the largest states in the nation, which has one of the largest economies in the world. He headed that state for 2 terms.

    George Bush, headed Texas, for two consecutive terms, working bipartisonly and leading to criminal justice system reform and lower taxes.

    Both of these guys had two years of executive branch experiance in large states, seems like they are more prepared for the office than a Jr. Senator with 3 years on the national level and 0 experiance in the executive branch and as an executive.


    As for the dollar, yes it is weak, it is adjusting and nothing is wrong with that. You are wrong in thinking that the world is going to the Chinease market though, they are turning to the Euro.

    As for the gap between the rich and poor, statistics do not show that.

    The US is not getting more violent, but I can’t speak for the world and that really means nothing to me.
    So come again with some facts sanofka.

  16. DavidMac says:

    Signal to Noise – Religion isn’t identity politics and everyone does that, even your boy Obama, who has flip-floped on using religion as a tool to get voters.

    OT: As for McCain he isn’t getting any votes from conservatives except the blue-blood Republicans, aka RINOs. His speech yesterday further pushes him away from the base.

  17. McCain will get the conservative votes. If anything unites Christian conservatives, it’s the hate of a Democrat, any Democrat.

    Um, see where George W. Bush’s eight years of executive experience in Texas led us. Others wouldn’t look so kindly on it. Experience doesn’t cancel out poor judgment — and right now, it looks like McCain’s decades of experience aren’t telling us anything other than he’d exercise the same poor judgment as Bush.

  18. Co Co says:

    The way this country is headed it woudln’t hurt to have someone who isn’t a part of the “norm”. If we keep electing the same people with the same “qualifications” we’re going to get the same results. This country needs a change and hell if Lil Bush can get on the job training then Obama can too.

  19. DavidMac says:

    No, McCain will not get the Christian vote like Bush, because he is no different than Hilary Clinton. I understand why you might not be able to understand this, but its true.

    I have no problem with Bush’s going to war, my only disappointment was the execution of that War by Rumsfield. If Bush would have followed Rice’s suggestion of a surge in 2006 things probably would be even better in Iraq than they are now.

    As for poor judgement, I’ll side with Bush’s judgement over a man who makes friends with a racist anti-American preacher and terrorist like William Ayers.

    As for McCain, as much as I dislike him, please tell me apart from the war, how are they anything alike? (I’ll give you a hint, they aren’t)

    Since you responded S2N, maybe you can answer some questions for me.

    Can anyone tell me what in the hell is so great about Obama again besides being black?
    What change is he going to bring?
    Why and how does he bring hope?
    What in the hell is his hope going to do for the nation and politics in D.C.?

  20. DavidMac says:


    you say the country is headed in the wrong direction, what is Obama going to do to help it?

    Unemployment has fallen, half a million jobs were created, the “mortgage crisis” was only for stupid people and house flippers, so economically what is the problem that you see, if you see a economic problem? If you do, what do you think raising taxes is going to do for the economy that is being run by shoppers?

  21. Co Co says:

    David, you can ask these questions of any candidate and I mean any of them. They all say the right things and promise the right things and a lot of times none of their promises come to fruition.
    I assume you are using statisitics for your claims about unemployment and such. Well you know that Cable commercial where the guy is like 90% of statistics can be made to say whatever you want them to 50% of the time. I know its kind of in jest, but I kinda feel like that….
    Seriously though, people in this country want change. We need it. If you’re happy with our economy and paying $4 for gas then more power to you, but I want someone, anyone who will try to make things better,

  22. DavidMac says:

    I agree people want change, they always want change, the problem with that is that you most likely have a 50-50 split in which direction the country wants to go in.

    I happy with the economy, its not in bad shape and the dollar is just correcting itself in the global market. Do I like the gas prices being high, hell no, but that fault lies on the democratic party plain and simple.

    With that being said I understand you might want change, can you tell me what it is about Obama that makes you think he can do it better than Hilary Clinton (assuming right here that you are a Dem)? Why do you get Hope from him? What change can he bring except that of another skin color in the presidency?

  23. Co Co says:

    Even if you assume I’m a democrat you shouldn’t assume I’d vote for Obama over Hilary considering I’m a woman. My loyalty might just be to her. Now is it anymore wrong for women to support Hilary because she’s a woman than it is for black people to support Obama because he’s black? I never hear that issue really raised.
    Either way, politics is dirty all of it and honestly I’m for any democrat getting in the office right now. I honestly don’t have allegiances to either party, but I know I’m not impressed with the last 8 years and I don’t want anyone in the office who shares too many of the same views as the current president. You keep asking what change Obama can bring besides his skin color. The question of what change can he or she bring should be asked of every candidate. At the end of the day we won’t know how they’ll affect the world until they get elected. Obama is a fresh face as opposed to these old curmudgeons that we currently have.

  24. DavidMac says:

    Yeah CoCo, it would be equally bogus to vote for Hilary simply because she is a woman as voting for Obama because he is black. In my view.

    I think you hear a lot of conservative people bring up how well she does with women to show that point.

    As for my Obama question, ok, just o make sure I’m correct. You are voting for Obama because he looks like someone who has never been in the office before?

  25. Co Co says:

    Anyway, I gotta get outta here, I’ll respond to any future comments later David.

  26. Little A's Dad says:

    Let’s be clear, the qualifications to run for president include age, birth and criminal record criteria. Obama meets all of these qualifications. He is therfore unarguably qualified to run for president.

    Like many I’m sure, sometimes I wish the qualifications included certain intellectual, character and decency tests so that we all could have avoided the eight years of the Bush administration, but that’s not how the system is currently set up.

    I do find it comical, however, that someone would question the “qualifications” of Obama’s experience and yet be so quick to defend Buchanan taking offense to critique of WV voter qualifications.

  27. Co Co says:

    I never said I was voting for Obama. I didn’t mean fresh faced to be literal. I meant in the sense that he’s younger and has different ideals than the usual suspects. He offers a different perspective than we’ve been getting from the usual suspects. The fact that he’s not deeply embedded in D.C. politics works in his favor in my opinion. You look at his inexperience as a weakness, I don’t. You have to start somewhere and young people really understand that. I mean, who knew Phil Jackson or Greg Pop would turn out to be such phenomenal coaches. I know coaching is not on par with the presidency, but I’m just saying that to put it in simpler terms. Sometimes you just need a chance.

  28. Temple3 says:

    What do minorities have to do in order to get the recognition and credit for our hard work that we deserve?

    Step 1: Stop thinking of yourselves as “minorities.” There is no reason to frame yourself as such since politics and economics are not restricted to the boundaries of the US. This is an international game and in an international sense, I can only assume that when you use the term “minority,” you mean it in a ‘racial’ sense and you are referring to “whites.”

    Step 2: Learn your history – and how it intersects with that of the entire world. Once you’ve done that, it will be patently obvious that folks have a vested interest in ensuring that you receive no credit for things you do.

    Step 3: Get over yourself and your “group.” No one owes you or your group any credit for anything. Who do you think you are? You get the credit that you claim – and you own what you can keep. Stop living vicariously through your enemies and learn to fight and win.

    Step 4: Teach the next generation

    Step 5: Repeat till death

    Step 6: DIE!!!

  29. CEvidence says:

    “Respect isn’t given, it’s earned.”

    LOL — if that is what you are going to tell your children after they bust their ass to get what they deserve then fine. When someone accuses them of getting where they are because of their race that wont be an adequate answer. But that’s still not going to be enough to the majority population who tend to think they got where they are because of their race. Trust that sentiment isn’t going to change ONE OUNCE as the years pass.

  30. DavidMac says:

    @ Little A’s Dad

    Everyone meets the criteria to be president, or will meet the criteria provided they live long enough, were born here, and don’t run afoul of the law.

    That doesn’t mean they are qualified though.

    As for questioning Obama’s qualifications , why is it comical to question his readiness for office yet defend Pat B. explain please?

    @Co Co

    Whenever you get back,

    I agree being out of the establishment is a good thing, Bush 43 was as well, but looking at how Obama votes and his views, what is different about them than John Edwards or Michael Dukakis? He is the same politically as those two the only difference is he is black.

    I don’t have a problem with a fresh faced or old guy with new ideas, but if that is what you are looking for, what new ideas does Obama really bring?

  31. DavidMac says:


    Prove how Obama isn’t where he is because he is black. Obama himself admitted that he only got national prominance because of his skin color, so tell me how is it wrong to admit that fact. Race helped Obama, period.

    If you want to get people to stop holding race against you, support the abolishment of Affirmitive Action. It places that fear in everyone’s mind, justified and unjustified, and it hasn’t helped the people it was targeted to help.

  32. sankofa says:

    When you address Reagan’s and Bush’s “experience” as being in their respective position for 2 terms each, you will openly impress the ignorant. As most credible people know, neither men think or have thoughts of their own, nor did they come up with policies with out urgings from wealthy lobbyist that never benefited the country in general. The most you could say for each was they became comfortable so they became adept at speaking as if they know shit, but for actual real original thinking, no sir.
    That be the case the Jr. Senator would not be at a disadvantage, because the
    head figurehead would also have consultants and aids to guide them “expertly” through the minefield of international and national politics.
    George Bush has given the order to execute more people than any other governor, in the his-story of America Inc., in a state just as violent as any. If that makes him a reformer, he is right up there with his poker buddies in China. I can’t argue with lower taxes…lower federal taxes, local taxes can effectively be used to build local economy. However, who benefits from lowered taxes? Big business? The wealthy? How would that benefit the majority that voted him in?
    Please use sources that you and I can at least agree on. Some one who writes for the wall street journal or information from the department of justice is just as biased to me and would elicit the same response if I came at you with some socialist medium.
    And Yes, the Euro is strong now, but you sleep on China at your perl.
    In addition, hear me now believe me later, I don’t trust Barack Obama. I think he is no different from the rest. However, when people who get in to political office, get in due to status, gender and ethnicity, turn around and use an anti-African reasons to exclude him, only tells me that the evil destroying the souls of America Inc,- ethnic hatred- will continue to be used by people who maybe just don’t have the intellectual capacity, or the game plan to knock off this inexperience Jr. senator.
    Finally, I totally agree with Temple, how you see and speak of yourself will be how others see and speak of you. It can be positive or negative, and calling yourself minority is not positive.

  33. DavidMac says:


    Unless you are a mind reader, you’ll have to do better than the tired liberal line of “somone is pulling their strings” at least with me you will.

    So what the Bush 43 broke the record of executed criminals. They probably deserved to die.

    Lower taxes helps everyone, big business, small business, wealthy and middle class. Is this a group that would vote for him? Yes and No, this is a collection of the largest groups in America, so you have a great deal that would vote for him and a great deal that wouldn’t depending on their political ideology.

    If you don’t like my sources, I can’t do anything about that, I only present credible sites. Show me some sources that support your stance.

    I don’t think anyone is sleeping on China, its just that their economic system does not have a solid base and can easily fail, and fail quickly at that.

    As for your view of Obama, I see where your angle now and it is interesting .

  34. CEvidence says:

    Dmac —

    Did you not read when I said that this is bigger than Obama? I’m not talking about him in this situation, what I am talking about is that basic excuse used against minorites period. I know that he does not have the wrap sheet of some politicans around. I know that and have said that before to other friends who speak on this situation. Now I don’t agree that it should certainlly rule him out, but anyway…

    End Affirmative Action…hmmmmm….I’ve thought about that side of the argument, and done my research on it as well. And honestly I don’t fully agree with that. I don’t see us really working without. Why? Because in states like Florida, Texas and California, that no longer use race based ideals in college admissions; the acceptance and retention rates of minorites have fallen off dramatically over the years. And that bothers me. It really does, because if that trend is kept up, does that mean the gap between the haves and have nots grows even further apart? Living in a country where AA isn’t needed is perfectly fine…but I don’t think we’ve gotten there yet. And honestly I don’t think we ever will.

  35. michelle says:

    Pat is an ASSSSSS!

  36. DavidMac says:

    CEvidence, what do you mean race based ideals in college admissions?

  37. Miranda says:

    Chris Matthews took that poor innocent to school……what a clinic…..that guy is probably still swollen from that one.

  38. Cevidence says:

    DMac —

    I meant schools in those states are not longer using Affirmative Action when admitting freshmen students.

  39. Temple3 says:


    I can’t tell from your post if your comment ““Respect isn’t given, it’s earned.” was directed to me. I just want to be clear.

    If it was, please re-read what I wrote.

    If you understand the nature of your enemy (and they are enemies – not merely fellow citizens), and you re-read what I wrote, you’d know I won’t be any stupid shit like that to my children. My children will not under any circumstances be conditioned to seek respect from other people — especially their enemies.

    I said: “You get the credit that you claim – and you own what you can keep.” This has absolutely nothing to do with seeking, needing or being validated by the respect of others. My position reflects a victorious consciousness – one born of a crystal clear understanding of who I am and who “WE” have been. The other reflects a plantation consciousness. I don’t do plantation.

    I suspect you were probably speaking to someone else. If not, once again, please take the time to re-read the original post. I think you’ll find that it will satisfactorily answer your question and provide a viable, replicable roadmap for you to use with family, friends and loved ones. There is no substitute for excellence and knowledge of self…all else is delusion – including the “respect” of other men who deem you inferior based on their own misunderstandings of themselves – and by extension, their misunderstanding of the historical and collective “you.”

  40. CEvidence says:

    LOL…Temple3 I was talking to DMac…that “respect isn’t given is earned” ideal is a joke to me. Maybe that is how it SHOULD be, but when someone can write off all the hard work I or other minorities have done with a simple comment like “He only got here because he’s black” or a “She only got here because she is a woman” — respect in those terms is a joke.

  41. Mizzo says:

    Listen people. If DMac is Black then he knows what we are speaking of. Stop paying homage to his disruptive ass.

  42. DavidMac says:

    Mizzo, you can’t comment on anything I said so you cower and try to dismiss me. I expect better from you.


    After the banning of AA in public programs college rates for blacks have risen. (Thomas Sowell)
    What about the notion that affirmative action has helped blacks rise out of poverty? The black poverty rate was cut in half before affirmative action — and has barely changed since then.

    What about the notion that blacks would not be able to get into colleges and universities without affirmative action? After group preferences and quotas were banned in California’s state universities, the number of black students in the University of California system has risen.

    “Minority students are systematically mismatched with institutions” due to racial preferences, where they underperform relative to the student body. Had they gone to an institution without the help of affirmative action, to a less selective school, they would have received better grades and graduated at higher rates.

    Food for thought.

  43. Miranda says:

    Oh dear Lord………….is he really quoting Thomas Sowell??

  44. DavidMac says:

    Yeah, Thomas Sowell is a wise man, who made something out of his life, even though he came from a poor family. I guess you don’t believe things like that can happen so you have to discredit him, right Miranda?

  45. Temple3 says:


    Thomas Sowell isn’t wrong about everything. In fact, he’s the one who argues that the elements of what is called “Black Culture” that are dysfunctional actually spring from our forced proximity to “whites” – specifically Irish and Scottish rural types with little sophistication, education or civilization. It’s an interesting thesis – one that took him three decades to put forth – but it’s been argued by folks Blacker than he for at least two centuries.

    A good walk through a library (with the purpose of reading early European travel narratives in Africa) will demonstrate that Africans did not arrive with many of the cultural practices which are now closely associated with Blacks by “racialists” and “white supremacists.” Quite the contrary. Ahh, but the Scottish and Irish did – especially those who would inhabit penal colonies like Georgia.

    Sowell is not always wrong – but he often lacks the courage to speak truth to power since they pay his bills.

  46. Mizzo says:

    Your stance on pretty much everything is the disparate of mine so I choose to stay out of it. You are all about the bait.

    It’s not the dissent that annoys me. Don’t get it twisted.

    I ain’t never scared. You should know that by now.

  47. Cevidence says:

    I’m with Mizzo on this one. I’m done with it.

    I’ve done my own research as well while I was in, and after graduation that will show the EXACT OPPOSITE when it comes to AA. But whatever…I know what I’ve lived and seen with my own two eyes.

  48. DavidMac says:

    Living is not scientific proof and what you have experienced is not a good indicator of what is happening. If you have done the research please post it, I would like to see it.