Kobe and the Lakers Will Win In Six!

I boof on you! Don’t even think Timmay is getting though this one

First things first..just shot this from Ron Ron’s people…

NBA Star Ron Artest Interviews the NBA’s 2007-08 MVP Player of the Year, Kobe Bryant, for Fox’s “Best Damn Sports Show, Period”

Interview will first air on the FSN, Friday, May 23, 2008, 11:00pm Local Time

Los Angeles, May 2008: Sacramento Kings Forward, NBA star Ron Artest, interviews the NBA’s 2007-08 MVP Player of the Year, LA Laker’s Superstar Kobe Bryant, on FSN’s “Best Damn Sports Show, Period.” The interview will first air on FSN, Friday, May 23 at 11:00pm local time.

Artest and Bryant discuss the game of basketball, Bryant’s 2007-08 MVP Player of the Year Award, Bryant’s Nike commercial and whether he really did jump over the speeding Aston Martin, speak on fatherhood and compare notes on common interests their children have, and more. The interview was conducted earlier this week at the Laker’s practice facility on Monday, May 19 and shows the talented basketball stars conversing in a light-hearted, upbeat, humorous tone.

About Ron Artest: Artest has been playing professional basketball in the NBA since 1999 and his talents have brought him many accolades. He was selected to the 2005-06 NBA’s All-Defensive Team, was voted by the media as 2003-04 NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year, and was the only man with 271 steals in his first two seasons in the NBA, breaking Michael Jordan’s record. Artest was born and raised in Queensbridge, and grew up in New York’s largest public housing complex. Artest has not forgotten his roots and goes back to Queensbridge on a regular basis to sponsor various basketball tournaments, provides scholarships for students, and regularly visits youth at community centers in low income areas. Artest recently formed a foundation, Xcel University, which will give educational scholarships to children. He also donates to and sponsors events for Wheelchair Charities, Inc.


Now you know this is where Kobe wants to be right?

To be the best, you gotta beat the best.

Kobe is no hype. He’s the real. No commercials..all raw.

The Spurs veteran professionalism and Hornets youth did them in…nothing more. Don’t hate.

The Lakes have been the only team in these playoffs that truly has the workings of a champion. While everyone has battled the Game 7, Los Angeles has smoothed along and professionally put in work. It seems everyone in the entire franchise is stepping up–yeah down to Jack’s stunna shades.

This is Kobe’s dream scape come to life. He will get this. He will not lose. He will not walk out of the tunnel like LeBron with his head low and his spirit crushed. There’s just no way.

Pop has been outcoaching everyone, but not this time.

Please Pop no flops.

Phil is so lucky. He had god and now god’s son is enabling him to move Red’s cigar case one step to the left.

Do you see the sense of urgency in every Los Angeles eye? Pupils for basketballs…

This is where Lamar does it. He averages 17, 7 and 7 for the series.

Gasol’s on the Spanish fly and would like nothing more than to give San Antone a nice…deep soul cry.

Fish does it for his work ethic and loves the love of his lovely daughter.

Bruce Bowen don’t even try it.

Pop has no KB24 matchup.

Parker or Ginobli..who is the key?

Is this it for Michael Finley?

How many times will Duncan do the Joey Crawford whine but still 25 and 15 shine?

Can’t wait to hear the sound of Kobe’s kicks after a dunk off of a lost and flailing switch.

Stern gets closer to his wish of a Lakers/Celtics NBA windfall fix, Lakers in Six!

Happy Birthday StarChild! Dig Holly’s Swagger Jack piece here.

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  1. Lakers Blog says:

    I can’t even put into words how amazing tonight’s come back was. I can’t believe they were able to win this game… amazing!

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