Chicago Not Drafting Derrick Rose Would Be a Thorn To the Game

Posted in Chicago Bulls, Derrick Rose, NBA Draft on May 23rd, 2008 by Jerold Wells Jr.

Calipari’s best player ever?

Sometimes when you win you wish you hadn’t. Sometimes the prize isn’t worth the pressure. Sometimes winning puts you in a situation where choices must be made. Sometimes winning comes with responsibility.

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Friday Fire Repost: How Do You Want Your Sports Reporting? Mistaken or Blurrrrred?

Posted in Buzz Bissinger, Friday Fire on May 23rd, 2008 by Michael Tillery

I’m sure some athletes feel this is their life

Posted this previously in the context of athletes writing their own blogs to offset inaccurate and overly cynical journalism. All is not lost for I gotta give props to folks who are doing the right thing. With all the outcry going on with blogs lately, I thought the time was relevant to repost the question.

Should athletes take a stand to make sure their legacies are accurately reported? Are they entitled to such? Should we the public hold editors more accountable for the work of their reporters? Is it all about money? Should athletes surround themselves with more conscious folk so their PR is stable? Is sports merely entertainment or athletics packaged professionally? Are you happy with the way sports is reported? What would you change? Is it personal to you or could you care less? Do athletes get too much attention? Should they care about the fans? Why so? Are they entitled to personal time even when in public? Is cynical and snarky reporting necessary? What purpose does it serve? Should bloggers be held accountable for their words? Why or why not?

Trust me, I could go on and on…

Spoke with Buzz Bissinger for around an hour yesterday. The interview will be posted Monday morning. It’s a doooozie, but you know how we do at TSF, so what do you really expect?

**The interview will be posted Tuesday because of the holiday. Holidays creep up on us in this business. My bad**