Chicago Not Drafting Derrick Rose Would Be a Thorn To the Game

Calipari’s best player ever?

Sometimes when you win you wish you hadn’t. Sometimes the prize isn’t worth the pressure. Sometimes winning puts you in a situation where choices must be made. Sometimes winning comes with responsibility.

The number one pick in the NBA Draft is the closest to a sure thing of all the major sports. More times than not when the balls bounce your way and you receive the number one pick your future is set, wins are secured and the franchise’s hope is safe and sound.

The Chicago Bulls have a chance to give their franchise that type of sanctuary. A rookie will be the catalyst for a basketball revival in Chicago, Illinois. The glory days appear to be on the horizon. A city seems set for a revival.

Basketball in Chicago is sacred. The ballplayers that emerge from her womb are known nation wide. As you travel the myriad roads basketball can take you, certain players jog your memory. You remember their savvy and their swagger. You remember playing with guys from Detroit, New York, Philly or Chicago. More than the person you remember their heritage and their pedigree. You remember their city.

That’s the beauty of Chicago. Her reputation precedes her. The players that have gained fame and fortune by way of her training are legendary. Thomas, Dantley, Hardaway, Walker, Wade. The list goes on and on.

To give birth to and develop greatness is a wonderful thing; to display it and prosper as a result of that same seed is rare and remarkable feat. Lebron James is Ohio’s own. You get the feeling his situation in Cleveland is more than basketball. It’s a relationship, they are connected. A man, his sport, his team and his city.

Consider for a second a reincarnation of that relationship. Consider Derrick Rose, basketball, the Bulls and Chicago. Think about the possibilities of having a dynamic point guard with the ability to dominate in stretches. Imagine having a star that the city would not only accept but flock to with support. The more you consider the possibilities the harder it is to understand how Chicago can pass up this opportunity.

Sometimes it’s about basketball. As a GM, owner, or coach you have to make the decision that will pay the greatest dividends on the court. Other times the situation calls for so much more. This is one of those situations.

The Chicago Bulls need to make Derrick Rose the number one pick in the 2008 NBA Draft. Shortly thereafter they need to hire a coach that will guide and develop his amazing talents. (Avery Johnson!!!!!)

The validity of this pick will be debated, analyzed and no doubt even discredited in the coming months. You can argue the soundness of this pick but you cannot argue the impact of a native son on his city. Chicago needs Derrick Rose and that my friends is bigger than basketball.

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  1. I have often heard from the professional athletes that it is difficult to play in your hometown. That it is more trouble than good. The trouble is not in playing the game, rather in dealing with having to live in a higher tax bracket in your hometown.

  2. Okori says:

    and…. he might not actually be the best player for the team. Beasley might be because they have NO inside scoring right now. Thomas and Noah are energy guys, Nocioni is a dirtbag in th finest european tradition.

    If you get Rose then you have to trade hinrich.

  3. Temple3 says:


    Quick Point of Information: Adrian Dantley is from DC. He went to DeMatha.

    I’d add Mark Aguirre and Terry Cummings and Nick Anderson and Marcus Liberty and Kendall Gill and Steve Bardo and Lowell Hamilton and Mo Cheeks and Juwan Howard and Michael Finley and Antoine Walker and Cazzie Russeell and Tim Hardaway and Doc Rivers on and on and on.

  4. Temple3 says:

    I see you included Hardaway – so scratch that one…by you can’t leave out Terry Cummings or Aguirre because those cats were pure DePaul and pure Chicago back in the day. Bomb squads that always seem to lose in the 1st or 2nd round.

  5. Temple3 says:

    That would be a tremendous amount of pressure on Rose. It would be great for Chicago if he became a Bull and they won – but I’d much rather see him go somewhere else. For him, I don’t see much upside to becoming a Chicago Bull. If he was my son, I would desperately want him to go to Miami. I am struggling to think of a local superstar who led a team to single or multiple championships.

    Perhaps the best example of that might be Hakeem Olajuwon and Drexler in Houston. Big differences though. When Hakeem arrived in Houston, he was not the big dog pulling the sled – Ralph Sampson was. When Drexler arrived, he’d already established himself with another team and benefited from Olajuwon’s ascendance.

    When these things don’t work out (Marbury in New York), situations deteriorate quickly. Pete Maravich worked out fine in New Orleans – but Pistol was not going to be vilified by the press the way Rose may be. It was a different era – before ESPN before the infinite scrutiny of the AP before 24 hour channels. If Rose pulled this off, he’d have to go to the head of the class.

    Excellence in the league is difficult to achieve or sustain. Championships are even more elusive. To be an excellent, championship player in the city of your birth is to complete the trifecta. I wish him well wherever he goes. I think he has the goods – but I’d rather see him in Miami with D-Wade – representing South Chicago AND South Beach!!

  6. Mizzo says:

    My bad on the author tag. Jerold Wells Jr. wrote this. It’s been fixed. To me this is a Vince Young to Houston question. If Chicago doesn’t pull this trigger they might doom their franchise.

  7. Mizzo says:

    Beasley is a monster. There’s no denying it, but the city will burn down if they don’t draft Rose. These ops are hard to come buy.

    He’s just gotta change his number 😉

  8. Temple3 says:

    Vince Young – that’s a good one. I wonder how he would have fared in Houston. The Titans, as you can clearly see, have a much stronger franchise, a better team, an infinitely better coach, a stronger running game, a better defense, better special teams, and a tradition of winning.

    Vince does some magical things on the field, but the Texans appear to change direction every few years. All we know for sure about the Texans in that they love Green Bay Packer running backs and that Mario Williams was a better pick than Reggie Bush (so far).

    The Texans were probably never booed as hard as when Vince ran in the game winning TD against them. That had to hurt.

  9. Temple3 says:

    One other thing…

    I’m not so sure about the depth of the love affair between Chicago and the Bulls. In other words, I know the city was firmly behind the team when Jordan was there – but the Bulls have been AWFUL for many more years than they’ve been DECENT. The Jordan years were an anomaly.

    Chicagoans love the Bears and the Cubs. They tolerate everyone else. Ozzie Guillen could tell that his White Sox may not even be tolerated in the city. They’re certainly not respected.

    Chicagoans love high school basketball…and they loved DePaul when Ray Meyer was there. High school basketball is as big in Chicago as it is in New York — or as big as high school in Pennsylvania, Texas and Florida.

    I don’t know that it goes much farther than that. Losing Rose to the Heat would piss people off to no end – but what are they gonna do about it? They’re not running Reinsdorf out — they let him run Jordan, Pippen and Jackson out of town. No Brand, no Curry, no Chandler, no Wallace. What are they doing – exactly? Not much. Reinsdorf knows he doesn’t need to build a champion if he gets Rose because the Rook alone will fill the seats. Derrick Rose could become a sacrificial lamb in Chicago.

    The fans may not know it – and Rose may not know it — but Reinsdorf does.

  10. Jerold Wells Jr. says:

    My bad on Dantley mistakenly thought he was Chi – town as well. No disrespect to Cummings, Howard or Finley or any of the many others I ommited, I figured putting a few in would make the point.

    Again I think this pick is about more than basketball. The basketball savvy pick is definately to take Beasley and plug him in as a back to the basket score. Beasley isn’t exactly a sure thing though. Most comparisons have him as a Derrick Coleman type and while I missed DC’s prime, it’s safe to say he didn’t exactly live up to expectations. Rose however is drawing Chris Paul/Deron Williams comparisons. If this is a “he reminds me of” contest then Rose has the edge there also.

    Consider though that there are other options. The team has a huge amount of perimeter talent and nice young rebounder/defender/energy guys that would make nice trade pieces.

  11. Mizzo says:

    This piece exemplifies why you pick Rose and stick with him until he decides to hang em up.

    All the cautionary tales about the hometown hero staying home and catching mad wreck IMO are immaterial. When you get a shot like this you have to take it and live with the results. There’s no getting around it.

    Has there ever been a point guard with his skill set? I mean the history of the league–the jumper will come–but you can’t teach his athleticism in a league where athletes are falling from the ceiling by the minute..and then the second.

  12. Temple3 says:

    The Cavs didn’t stick with Harper until he decided to hang ’em up. He was a great player before he went to Chicago to play with Jordan – but his legacy was cemented after winning those rings. The Cavs were constructed in such a way that Harper would never take all the blame for them failing to win the championship. Lucky for him they had a Black GM and Black coach who could easily be called stupid or some other less kind word. Lucky for him he had Daugherty and Nance who were never all that physical. Lucky for him that Ehlo and Price were never strong enough defensively to thwart Chicago’s attack.

    When Rose goes to Chicago, regardless of whom they bring in, the fate of the team will be deemed to flow from his performance. It won’t be about anyone else but Derrick Rose. Harper never played under that kind of pressure in Cleveland – even as a “hometown” boy (and Dayton ain’t Cleveland).

    Year four dawned and before Clevelanders were fully awake, Gordon Gund declared the nicest athlete Syd Young ever met morally unfit for the Cavaliers.

    This is exactly what I’m talking about. The Cavaliers decided not to go all out for a championship by paying the cost to keep the team intact. What did they do? Character assassination to kill the goose that laid the Golden Egg. This is what sports teams do to Native Sons and always with the complicity of the local media. This is exactly what could happen to Derrick Rose in about 2012 or so after the Bulls make a little playoff run for the 2nd or 3rd year with limited success. Some minor indiscretion (could be anything at all – you name it) will become the raison d’etre for breaking the team apart — and Rose will get shipped either to the NBA equivalent of Siberia (Elton Brand to Clippers) or to a team that allows Reinsdorf to cut his salary costs (Curry to New York).

    I don’t give a fuck about the Bulls or their fans. I’d hate to see another young man fed to the lions in his own city simply because he doesn’t understand this game.

    LeBron James is a local product in Cleveland. They could get over the hump – but that team will have to do what they’ve already demonstrated they are unwilling to do – put another STAR on the court next to LeBron. Joe Smith isn’t Carlos Boozer. Ben Wallace isn’t who he used to be. The team has no guards to speak of. And yet – the local boy packs the house to the rafters, fuels a merchandising explosion, and garners more television revenue than a thief in Baghdad. Do you really think Cleveland needs to win? Of course not.

    And what’s going to happen when this contract expires? LeBron is going to leave Cleveland precisely because the owners will say he is too expensive. They may even add that he didn’t deliver the goods – while declining to mention what he was surrounded with. No, LeBron will head East to a different franchise where he may (or may not) be provided with a supporting cast sufficient to get over the top. The Cleveland Cavaliers as they are presently constituted will not win the NBA championship. They will remain a beautiful cash cow.

    That’s what Reinsdorf and the Bulls are planning with Derrick Rose. That may seem to be in the best interest of Derrick Rose – but I doubt it. I believe he’d be better off going to Miami – learning the game from Wade and the disciples of Pat Riley…getting away from all that shit that’s going down in Chi (Antoine Walker – Eddy Curry – Mendenhall – who’s next???).

    If he was mine – it wouldn’t happen…not in a million years.

  13. Temple3 says:

    I should say that LeBron is a “relatively” local product in Cleveland. Columbus is spitting distance.

    Also, for the record, I think that Cleveland’s rationale for ditching Harper was a subterfuge. It was a very small thing that allowed ownership to avoid resigning some very special players. Harper was a superstar in Cleveland and was greatly served by getting out.

  14. Lakers Blog says:

    Live Blog of Lakers-Spurs Game 2 at

  15. Mizzo says:

    Don’t post a link unless you comment on the post. That’s foul.

  16. Temple3 says:

    Mizzo – sup, fella!!

    Lakers are looking good right about now. And that’s without Gasol wearing his man pants.

  17. origin says:

    Good comments brotha Temple. As you explained Reinsdord is about money not winning. And that mentality flows from top to bottom. Thats why brand, Chandler, Curry, crawford, Rose, Artest and Brad Miller were traded. And most of them were traded for nothing.

    However many long time season tickets and skyboxes were sold Jordans last year. That is the reason that the bulls have had the stadium sell out even when jordan was gone and the the was bad.

    As far as my city loving the bulls. They are loved but not on the same level as the Cubs and Bears. Now Chicago will always be a football town because of the bears. But the cubs are more loved for the location then anything. The cubs are on the north side in a nice neighboorhood. So the yuppies can go there and drink in the bars and hang out. Now even though the sox are more successful they are on the south side in a ruff area. no bars for the yuppies to go and hang out at.

    So trust me if you take the cubs and the sox and flipped the locations the sox would be the most favorite baseball team in chicago.

    I have always told Mizzo and thebrotherreport that chicago is just a midwest version of philly. We have cheap owners just like philly.The only thing is we aren’t crying about the last time we won a ring is because of Jordan. He won rings even though his owner had no intent to win.

    The only reason he resigned Jordan, phil and rodman those last 2 years is because we would have burned that city down.

    Hinrich like that fool Rex Grossman (No lie folks still don’t blame this dude for his poor play) is a team favorite. I don’t know what it is. Its sad and crazy. But a home town kidd like Rose is the only thing that can give Hinrich a one way ticket out the city.

    But this is reinsdorf……… it might be rose. THe history with riensdorf has been if he invests alot of money in one team (his sox) then he is more likely to invest less money in his other team (the bulls). Rose would make this team a instant contender for the low low. Surround him with crap and go to the playoffs.

    Remember Reinsdorf is the same guy (along with Krause) who said players (jordan and pippen) don’t win championships teams DO!!!

    So Reinsdorf how many Championships have the Bulls won since MJ left………LOL!!!

    And I will continue to say how crazy it is for people to say that the knick have been the most poorly ran team in the NBA over the last 10 years. Please the knicks haven’t won anything in 30 years.

    But the bulls have yet have and have ony been to the playoffs 3 times in 9 years. After winning 6 ships in 8 years. No my friends the bulls are the worst ran team over the last 10 years.

  18. origin says:

    So I will pry for Rose when he is drafted by the bulls. Just like I pry for Mcnabb.

    And I will say the same thing………”brotha just don’t get hurt and playout the rest of you contract. So when you are cut/traded/free agent. You can be healthy and go to a real team that wants to win.”

  19. Mizzo says:

    Thanks O…good shit.