Hillary Just Get Out! There’s No Benevolence In Assassination Comment

First Hillary’s words so there’s no confusion or the common excuse of her words being used out of context:

Then Keith Olberman goes off for ten plus minutes:

For anyone to say the words assassination in a race led by a Black man is both unacceptable, inexcusable and just plain bullshit. “My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. You know I just, I don’t understand it.”

WTF!?! Why those words? What are you trying to say?

I’m thoroughly impressed Barack has made it this far, but this campaign is bringing out the hate coded snakes like it’s uh…1968. Are you implying that Barack is gonna get shot, so I’ll just stick around until he does? In doing so, you bring up 1968…the worse year in America’s political history? Hillary and her camp are proving they are in fact are waiting for something tragic to happen to Barack or why the hell would she still be in the race. She cannot win the election via delegate count, so just take it like a woman and get the hell out of the race Hillary! You have no more business here and only choose to wreck the entire “democratic” process as it’s purported to be to the point a Republican will be given the election by default? After all we’ve gone through the past eight years!?!?.

This country is really that STUPID?

Do you want to pay 15.00 for a gallon of gas? That’s what they are predicting.

Hillary you’ve been done a for a while now. It’s not about how this affects her campaign people. To say that is naive and totally disrespectful of ANYONE that has been assassinated in this country.

You know damn well what you meant when you said assassination!

Who–Blacks in particular–wants to hear that shit?

There was no need for the presumed implication (in the choice of words you used) or saying the word assassination in any context for that matter. The words just didn’t fit. What is that all about?

Olberman also brings up the many pandering bitchassness moves you’ve employed this entire campaign and it’s a long ass list: Bob Johnson and Geraldine Ferraro to Jeremiah Wright, not slamming the racist assholes in West Virginia (and anyone else in the country that needs to fall back because of racism for that matter) and your own damn husband talking out the side of his neck.

Why are you still here?

Can someone give an answer in the best interest of the entire nation?

Isn’t enough just enough?

Hillary has since apologized to the Kennedy family, but not to Barack Obama?

What? Does anyone else find that incredible?

What are you trying to prove?

The people of this nation have spoken so there’s nothing left in this 2008 election for you to accomplish.

You’ve lost, so just do the simple and logical thing and ease back into the “private sector” with Bill Pimpin.

I initially thought Olberman’s rant was somewhat lacking. I thought he was skating around the point, but you decide…

Don’t trip…Olberman says Malcolm X later.

Also, will this still be a story Tuesday because of the holiday?

Fat chance.

All of us in the media know Friday is the getaway day used to hide stories that normally would exacerbate something or other detrimental to someone’s nasty ass self interested agenda.

Whites who do not understand the inarguable depth of her words (in the familiar I’m-being-sarcastic-name of shock and awe) must understand that Barack, because of the magnitude of this election, has positioned himself to go down in history as one of the preeminent Black leaders ever.

All the honorable rest are dead.

Do you fucking understand that? Go look in the mirror and splash the coldest water on your nullifying face and then get back to me.

Snap out of it!

There are some who most likely forgot that Bobby Kennedy was killed. There’s an explanation for this. The legacy of Whites in politics past, present and future is not in a vacuum but in a continuum forevermore.

Say the Kings, Evers or Malcolm’s family (to name a few) continued forward with their patriarch’s livelihood intact. What would this country be? I guarantee Blacks would be in a better position financially as well as mentally. Their lives would have spawned so much creative balance beginning in their own home. Their smile sunshine every morning would have touched the world and inspired millions. Would the political landscape have been modified to resemble something it presently isn’t? I would think so because you would have had an incredibly astute check and balance that could not be denied.

Instead we collectively have to flinch almost in a constant paranoid state like Olberman ironically does at the 1:39 mark.


Do Whites have to live with the specter of their own actually dying because of a damn election?

Hell no and for Blacks to have to go through this motherfucking bullshit is motherfucking crazy!

Buchanan, for one (I only bring up his name because he’s inexplicably allowed to espouse his coded racist oldassness consistently for all to see), is almost begging for this story to die over the weekend.

Who does he speak for?

He speaks for someone or his old ass nose hairs would not disgustingly pollute the air waves.

Tuesday is the day.

We shall see America. Watch your tongue. Watch it. This is a warning.

12 Responses to “Hillary Just Get Out! There’s No Benevolence In Assassination Comment”

  1. Entitlement. The Clintons still feel like they own the Democratic party and it owes them, thus it is excusable if they use every form of party machinery to their advantage.

    There is also the not incorrect charge that there has been some blatantly sexist coverage towards Hillary Clinton (please see Chris Matthews, much of Fox News’ commentators, etc.). I met a lot of Hillary voters who were pissed off that white men on cable TV would brazenly talk about a woman in words just ever so short of going “bitch, bitch, emasculating bitch.”

    It certainly doesn’t excuse or allow me to condone any of her campaign tactics that are straight out of the Karl Rove playbook. You just don’t bring up assassination in the context of campaigning.

    Why is she still in? She believes she can work the party’s rules to take the nomination, no matter the math — but if the superdelegates start shifting after June 3rd, that will likely change the reality on the ground for her staff.

  2. Mizzo says:

    Yes that is all obvious S2N, but at what cost? I’m not going to get into the potential of her words because this is not the g’damn forum to.

    I really couldn’t care less about what the pundits say about sexism because Barack has stayed away from that type of bullshit for obvious reasons.

    That entitlement you allude to is the reason why I personally sing. That entitlement could potentially lead to a check America cannot effin cash.

  3. T Thorsen says:


    Do a video scrub of controller of Clinton BEFORE she mentions RFK assassination and AFTER. Her body language shifts completely into SHAME/GUILT mode, completely showing intent and knowledge for what she said. It is so dramatic, it isn’t funny.

    Try it: just drag time controller back and forth on the Clinton video


  4. sankofa says:

    Outraged at what she said, I’ll give you all that. Outraged that she said it? Come on people! The “right of white”, the legacy of privalage has always been claimed by Anglo-Saxons from the wealthiest to the homeless, some you just got to dig deep to find it, a few have done their own digging and have dealt with it.

    I partially blame the shock at Hill billy’s ranting on US! Because we gave her pimp husband a fake ghetto pass and while he and she feels they can piss on us…remember, the “right of white!”

    America Inc. is just filled with paranoia and hate!

  5. Miranda says:

    Well see….the FIRST time Hillary gave the RFK rationale was back in March, but unfortunately for her, no one paid her any attention, so her little plan to scare folks into voting for her so that they could “save Obama from himself” didn’t work. The media didn’t give it much play. So she tries it again….but this time its too obvious…and she does it on a Friday – the Friday that kicks off the holiday weekend…when half the press is off. So just in case it “goes badly” (which it did)…the backlash isn’t as bad if say, she had said this on Wed. She played a card – the “this nigga will get shot” card…..and she gets a couple of days to feign remorse, offer a non-apology, and by Tue it won’t be so bad…but the thought that “this nigga will get shot” is now the central story and not Hillary is a beyotch. It is classic Clinton strategy.

  6. Miranda says:


    See………meant what was said, said what was meant.

  7. Rashad says:

    And lost in all of this is that she brought this up the same week Ted Kennedy was diagnosed with a form of brain cancer. Very classy

  8. GrandNubian says:


    I don’t know if this is true or not but i wouldn’t doubt it for one sec.

  9. eric daniels says:

    I quess Black Men can’t win in this country, Obama marries a strong Black Woman is a parent to two little black girls and his white mother is his greatest influence intellectually and he has not parlayed his race into any advatage and now Ferraro is saying he has played the race and sex card. I quess Geraldine is still pissed at the Black Guy who screwed her in college and didn’t return the phone call afterwards.

    Maybe Hillary Clinton and her campaign should accept responiblity for ASSuming she was the “chosen one” and didn’t have to work to secure her nomination and got outworked by Obama and his team. That is called getting played and instead of accepting responsiblity for their terrible showing they blame Obama associates for using race and sex. The Clintons should have muzzled Ferraro, Steinem, and Robert Johnson for their stupid polarizing comments (that’s the reason they lost the black vote in the first place)and ran on her ideas and she would have been the nominee by a landslide.

    Well I have news for Ferraro, the Feminists black and white and White Ethnics voters who will either 1. stay home 2. vote for McCain

    1. Roe v. Wade/equall pay (overturned)
    2. Health Care (not in a GOP adminstration)
    3. Immigration reform (to satisfy big biz)
    4. Iraq (another Vietnam)
    5. World War III (invade Iran and all hell breaks loose)

    You can say all you want about the GOP, but they stay united and will have the holy trifecta they have craved for 50 years. In a year they were supposed to lose VERY badly in the general election and congressional campaign the Dems have self- immploded by their hidden racist intraparty agendas for the whole world to see, well like I said they will get everything they wanted in Mc Cain nominating 2-3 justices and they will achieve so impossible the trifecta in the next four years.

    1. They have made race largely symbolic with no legal meat to fight injustice or redress

    2 They ended the war on poverty and rolled back “The New Deal” and “Great Society” and now it’s the PIC and other controlled measures

    3. They will if Mc Cain gets elected to nominate 2-3 judges and have control over the courts for the next 50 years, and will finally end Roe v. Wade and will make the Women’s movement largely symbolic.

    Ball in the Dems court!!


  10. Hasani says:

    “I quess Black Men can’t win in this country,”

    Eric, what the hell are you blubbering about? Obama is about to become THE democratic nominee for president of the United States of America! Black men “can’t win” in this country? Are you remotely sufficiently self aware to know how stupid that sounds?

  11. eric daniels says:

    READ THE WHOLE POST DUMBASS!!! Obama has jumped through hurdles that most Politicans would not have to do in a million years and it is a response to Ferraro, HRC supporters and OTHERS who demand that Sen. Obama denouce anything that offends white america’s sesnsibilites about Black American Male behavior. But since you are either 1. too senstive 2. or didn’t bother to read the entire post, I will ASSume you are a blind Obama supporter or a conservative who doesn’t like a black guy challenging your “American Values”. And since you didn’t I will ASSume you are stupid.