Sunday Swerve: The Cold Soul Edition ‘Cause Cold Soul Is Damn Good

Will somebody ever step up and give us what he gave?

From Dionne to Janet…just look at the faces

Long ago and oh so far away

Get on the skates. Philly track to the soul

You’re getting to be my one desire. Mike sings background

You better not

Work it out

Damn right you do. Or you’re gonna find out real quick

Sad days for me

Who else?

R.l.P. Tony Thompson

Uh….sometimes this is the case

Sure that the lady is just like you

Tell me what’s on your mind

Darlin’ please

Get ready…tonight!

Evelyn is that Chester girl

This is my shit

This was such a bad ass group

Amel is doing her thing though

Georgetown where are you? Remember the whispers…

Goodness Janet

Damnit La..Damnit

Make you feel so good inside…

Please don’t ever

Is it July yet? Damn

And waste a chance that I’d been given

My bad ladies…this is for the fellas

Uh this too

Can’t you understand it?


U and I

I’m Still Waiting…

Vesta was so underrated

Angela was so sexy. I used to play this over and over and over

Yeah what she said

Toni Toni Toni

Tell ’em Dave

These sistas touch my soul with their flow

Man…be there for your woman please

Say it!

Go Philly Go

You send me swaaaaangin

My second favorite track from Aaliyah

At your best shakes me as the best from her. This is as far as I go with the R Miranda

That’s all I ask

When Bobby was that dude

How can I?

Mary was another underrated

If you wanna see me…come and see me

Gotta have Faith

One of the baddest tracks

Anybody remember this?

This beat used to knock in the Ac

Not Aaliyah, but you get the picture

Monday a friend of mine…

Tuesday a part of My Life

But I guess I’ll always have to do this

It’s a fact of life

that this will always knock with the top dropped and the cork popped as we dream magical nonstop

Tell me this doesn’t get you in the mood ladies. Fall into Sade’s vibe

What would Marvin say about this track?

You know who you are when I play this

Cause this is the Life

Reality scares you?

chante, Chante, CHANTE

What happened to this cat?

Everyday and everynight

Please tell me a secret of San Diego blue with just us two

Haven’t seen your face in a year, but is this true?

Do we have one of these yet? Is it going to be somewhere around July 24th?

Whatever you want just…

Please stay babe

Jodeci ruled the 90’s

Is it?

I’m claiming this Elton John classic

Never worth it

You did me wrong

But as long as I live…

La you listening?

In your mix

Black Shampoo

R.I.P Gerald

Mad sampled

He ain’t lyin’ is he?

Yeah Let’s Chill

I fell in love because of this track

Can you?

Who remembers what movie this was in?

Tribute to Marvin

So talented

Marvin was the baddest ever

We were blessed to have you brothaman

2 Responses to “Sunday Swerve: The Cold Soul Edition ‘Cause Cold Soul Is Damn Good”

  1. Miranda says:

    Wow…..that took me back. Speaking of musical genius though……..Its a damn shame that R. Kelly is a sick pedophile. He really is a musical genius, but Kellz is ill, I mean very very ill. He thoroughly repulses me.

  2. eric daniels says:

    There will never be another era like that in Black Music again. Intergration in many ways has diluted the music’s power to move what I call “the people’s music”. It’s about “crossover and maximizing the widest auidence at the expense of career growth. Check out Switch live singing “they’ll never Be” on You Tube

    R.I.P. Bobby Debarge