So…This is a Joke?

9 Responses to “So…This is a Joke?”

  1. Miranda says:

    Yes, this is just a joke…….see this was Miss Liz simply being humorous, why are you overreacting?? Its just a little fun-fun with ole Baracky….yep, that’s all.

    Where you expecting a reaction more like these?

  2. origin says:

    Yeap one big joke at good ole boy fox news. What till he wins the election…………boy you might see the clan doing interviews on fox news.

    And I ain’t talking about x-clan or wu-tang clan either.

  3. Miranda says:

    Fox News might give the KKK their own hour-long show…in primetime.

  4. HarveyDent says:

    Just remember that we as a people are 90% of the way there…whateva

    Screw those two talking heads for saying that and boo to Obama for not coming out stronger against this crap.

  5. eric daniels says:

    I’m back and ready to kick ass folks !!!! she means that shit !!! I think they are mad because they can’t make Obama into the raging black lunatic.

  6. delinda says:

    What a BITCH! Are you kidding me right now? “Someone is talking about knocking off Osama…er, Obama-actually, both would feel good.” Who is this woman? And call me an idiot, but isnt making a ‘death threat’ against a senator illegal? My blood is boiling right now….thanks for allowing me to jump start my day without any coffee.

  7. delinda says:

    And Miranda-thanks for those links, it really puts all this shit into perspective.

  8. delinda says:

    Liz Trotter…now she’s trying to sell us an BS apology…

  9. delinda says:

    Trotta…sorry, misspelled beotchs name.