Doug Collins Is Not Coach Of The Chicago Bulls….Yet

Chicago bound once again?

I was sent this statement in regards to Doug Collins being hired by the Chicago Bullsearlier today:

“I have spoken with Bulls management recently about their head coaching vacancy and will resume conversations after the conclusion of my work for TNT in the Western Conference Finals. There is no agreement in place.”

20 Responses to “Doug Collins Is Not Coach Of The Chicago Bulls….Yet”

  1. I’m not sure that this hiring is so great for the Bulls. I think there are better coaches out there for them. Only time will tell though. Good luck!

  2. jerold wells jr says:

    somebody PLEASE let me know how this is a good hire. looks like another good ol boy network, let’s keep it all in the family type situation to me. and to boot, either beasley or rose has to waste at least two years playing for this guy. i think i’m going to be sick.

  3. eric daniels says:

    This is a good ole boy hire, Collins has never won anything in his entire NBA career and now a second stint as coach of the Bulls. Avery Johnson could make this team a dynasty for a long time.

  4. Okori says:

    i dunno Eric. How did Avery work with young players? I just never thought he was a championship-winning coach.

    I’d prefer a guy like Thibodeaux.

  5. thebrotherreport says:

    I’m still asking myself if Avery Johnson was that bad of a coach? And is Mike Brown that good of a coach?

  6. Okori says:

    Avery Johnson got boatraced by Don Nelson and Byron Scott in collective years. Boatraced= not that good of a coach.

    Mike Brown went to the Finals last year, and the Eastern Conference semis this year. he is, however, a terrible offensive coach. just terrible.

  7. thebrotherreport says:

    Johnson made the Finals 2 seasons ago, he can’t be that bad. I refuse to believe that. I’m just not sold on Brown as a coach.

  8. Okori says:

    and then he followed that up with having a 67-win team lose to an 8-seed where he appeared to have no clue how to deal with Nellie Ball, and then followed that up by losing in the first round again. He might not be a bad coach, but he’s bad for a veteran team. he could be a young team’s good coach cuz he pushes.

    and Brown has gotten more out of less than most people realize.

  9. thebrotherreport says:

    They probably took the Warriors lightly and there is no question that the JAson Kidd trade did them in. You never away youth and depth for an aging star like Kidd who we know isn’t a scorer.

    Is Brown success is hinges on Lebron’s realization that he doesn’t have the pieces and has to do everything but sell popcorn. Not because Brown is some kind of motivator.

  10. Okori says:

    isn’t it a coach’s job to make sure that his teams don’t take anyone lightly, especially in the playoffs? I mean honestly.

    It’s not that I wouldn’t hire Avery Johnson but i’d think about it. those are questions that i would want answers to.

  11. thebrotherreport says:

    If as a player you need to be jacked up by a coach to make you realize what’s at stake you’re not worth your salt as a player.

  12. Okori says:

    if, as a coach, you can’t realize when your team needs to be refocused….

  13. eric daniels says:

    Okori your “Franchise Player” must be consistent nightly in the playoffs, Dirk “Disappearing Man” Notviski” in the playoffs has shown up for one round in a playoff the 2006 Conference Championships he hides more than a R. Kelly “underaged” girl. If Avery can’t get Dirk to do what Chris Paul, Kobe, KG, AND Chauncey does in the playoffs (all franchise players)Carlisle definately can’t get him to step his game. It’s not Avery’s fault that he lacks a killer instinct in the Playoffs and other players know it.

  14. Okori says:

    his name is Nowitzki. At least show him a little respect. Damn.

    And for the record…. a coach’s main job on the floor is to put his players in the best position to do well. Do you honestly think Avery did that the last 2 years?

  15. eric daniels says:

    He got them to the finals, a 67 win season and 54 wins, ask Mavericks management for trading Devin Harris for an over- the hill point guard who still thinks he’s a top five player. And Okori, Dirk is the Franchise and he is never criticized for “not showing up” come playoff time, Dirk “No show up” was the reason they lost the finals in 2006. Your Franchise player has to finish the deal when you are 3 minutes away from a commanding 3-0 lead but what Franchise Player showed up instead?

    D- Wade carried his franchise on his back when the rest of the Heat were gasping for air and by himself in the last 3 minutes of games won 4 in a row scoring 15-20 points each time. That is what a great player does instead Dirk “No Show Up” played like a deer lost in the forrest and the Heat said they seized upon Dirk’s failure to want to take over the game and he looked like a rookie instead of a 7 year player who is the “FRANCHISE”. Avery Johnson can not give a player heart and desire to rip a team’s soul from them but Wade did and they have not recovered from that ASSWHIPPIN !!!

  16. MODI says:

    Collins is a definitely a good ole boy hire. I was going to Wizards games during the Jordan comback years and Collins is simply terrible with young players. I know that it is easy to say that Kwame Brown sucks, but Collins and Jordan completely destroyed the kid’s confidence when he was 18 and 19. They crushed him. Collins is always impatient with young guys and the Bulls have Ty Thomas, Noah, and Beasly or Rose in need of development. Collins was selected because of his Reinsdorf and Paxson ties.

    I thought that Avery would have been a great selection. As far as I’m concerned he is a championship coach whose championship was stolen by the refs. Yes he did get outcoached by Nellieball, but that was a special circumstance, and every coach has been outcoached before. Not only that, but the real credit goes to Stephen Jackson who defended the hell out of Dirk and one of the very few players who can.

    I am not as down on Dirk as Eric and many others though. He was actually the only maverick to play consistently well throughout the entire Hornets series. Josh Howard’s inexplicable shooting slump and JKidd’s inability to keep CP3 in front of him is why the Mavs lost. Also, two years ago, Dirk willed the Mavs past the Spurs in that game 7 epic series. His Game 7 3-point-play to force Game 7 overtime was a clutch play that capped off a clutch series.

    Avery was a much better selection for the Bulls, but he simply didn’t have the networking ties that Collins had. The good ole boy network still exists in the most progressive league.

  17. TheLastPoet says:

    Indeed, Why is Collins going back to the Bulls? He didn’t do much with a young Michael Jordan before. He didn’t do much with an old Michael Jordan after. He and Michael Jordan only succeeded in selling tickets and destroying the spirit of a number 1 draft pick. Listen, I was living in Georgia when Kwame Brown was in high school. I saw him play a few times, and I’m telling you, his athleticism was on par with what we saw later from a young Dwight Howard – and his skill set was better than Howard’s (Kwame played against better competition in high school than did Howard). The Collins-Jordan tagteam killed that kid (and when Gil Arenas came on board the year after their exodus, he sealed the deal by constantly reminding Kwame that he, Gil, a second round pick, was the best player from the 01 draft).

    Listening to Collins for two and a half hours on a TNT broadcast is painful enough, I cannot imagine the woe he will bestow upon the young heads in Chicago now. I remember arguing with some internet dude a while back on Truehoop (back when it was still independent and therefore relevant) about Scott Skiles’ inabilitiy to connect with the young guys on his team at that time (when Chandler was on his way out, he had negative things to say about Skiles and the whole Bulls organization – again, Chandler is a cat I’ve met, people from my circle know people in his circle, and all swear he’s a solid, hardworking young cat). Ty Thomas had just been drafted and I argued that we would see no improvement in Thomas’ game so long as Skiles was the coach. And now? Well, the proof is in the pudding. So what do the Bull’s do? Go out and hire Scott Skiles (-)2.0, a former coach who is an older, slower, worthless version of their former coach.

    Just think, a few weeks ago, cats like Thomas, Noah, Deng, Gordon, even Hinrich were geeked about runnin and gunnin with Mike D’Antoni. Now they’ve got to listen to some old retread screamin on em like a drill sargeant for the next couple years, same as before. Expect stagnation, if not outright regression for these Bulls. It’s too bad, and I feel for those cats. Whichever one, Rose or Beasley, who escapes to Miami will be much better for it!

  18. TheLastPoet says:

    One more thought: In the “Bulls Should Draft Rose” article here at TSF, another commenter opined that Bulls ownership, in fact, would draft Rose, but that they were too cheap to surround him with any talent, instead hoping that his name alone would be enough to sell tickets – like a young Micheal Jordan turned out to be a generation ago.

    Well, I think hiring Doug Collins affirms that notion. With Collins and Rose on the marquee, Bulls fans will fill the United Center and Reinsdorf will rake in the dough. At best, the team will be mediocre (think 1st round playoffs) for a few years. If Rose is spectacular, then maybe they bring in some talent (maybe), if he shrinks under the hometwon pressure, then they’ll come up with a reason to trade him. But in the meantime, everybody rides the gravy train. If I was Bulls fan (I certainly am not! as far as I’m concerned, the best thing that ever happened to the Bulls was when John Starks yoked on the heads of both Jordan and Pippen!), I’d be pissed…

  19. Okori says:

    maybe, secretly, the Bulls are waiting for the guy I would have chosen… Tom Thibodeaux. although, if they do hire Collins, it does look like a good ol’ boy hire. I’m just not in love with Avery Johnson.

  20. Bethany Hire says:

    Am not convinced this is the best way to go but fingers crossed it will be