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The Lake Show continues in LA

In the aftermath of Game 2, most of the blame went towards the officials…however the time is now for Los Angeles to regroup and play like the Western Conference champions that they are. Either that, or prepare for a bitter summer vacation.

The Boston Celtics played solid within the first 3 quarters of Game 2 and the Los Angeles Lakers finished the final 12 minutes with a flurry, but in the end the C’s went up 2-0 as the series moves to the City of Angles.  Yes the referees were as Barkley would say terrible, and not only for the Lakers, it got silly quickly for both teams. The keys to the Celtics’ victory was, Leon Powe (played with high energy like Gerald Henderson), the constant ball movement, the numerous LA turnovers, and being aggressive which led to 38 trips to the free-throw line. 

 Leon Powe

Leon Powe is going back to Cali

Outside of the amazing 4th quarter run inspired by the sheer will of Bryant, the series started to give me a feeling that I hadn’t felt in 4 years. The moment started to sink in at the half as Paul Pierce was being interviewed, and then it hit me like an unexpected snowball packed with ice to the face. For a few reasons other than the fact that the pride of the purple and gold are in an 0-2 hole, this is the 2004 NBA Finals all over again. On paper both clubs were expected to roll over the weaker Eastern Conference champs, and like ’04, the Lakers are being out played. 

 KB 8

KB8 hits the shot over ‘Rip at the buzzer in the ’04 Finals

Back in 1980 when Capt. had to sit out against Philadelphia in the Finals, Magic Johnson addressed the team on the flight back east, saying “Never fear, ’cause number 32 is here.” He started at center, and played forward, then guard, and the rest is history. Currently the Lakers don’t find themselves in a similar situation, but you best believe Kobe addressed the team on the flight back to Tinseltown, and if one team can climb out of a deficit…it is this one. 

LA still have a shot 

The Lakers still have a shot

It is difficult to write this as a Laker supporter, however should the Lake Show lose this series, you can pencil them in to win the title next season. (Remember what happened in ’84, and the following year in ’85)

Until then, there are at least 3 more games in this (LA will not get swept) contest, and as the saying goes, it ain’t over ’til its over. 

When the Lakers win the next 2 games, everything will be all knotted up, and then the real games will begin.  




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  1. Hasani says:

    The Celtics are one of many contributers to the proof of the claim that without meat mountain, aka Shaq, roaming the paint, Kobe is incapable of leading a team to the title. Kobe ain’t no Michael Jordan. Nuff said.

  2. michelle says:


    It’s payback time!!!!!

  3. michelle says:


    Shaq needed Kobe just as much as Kobe needed him. As dominant as Shaq was without the killer guards he played with he woulnd’t have his rings either. No man can win a title alone.

  4. michelle says:


    Sorry I messed your name up.

  5. Hasani says:

    The truth is that Kobe was also going nowhere before Gasol came along. Contrary to popular opinion, Gasol did not have a bad series against San Antonio. He did a great job manning up on Duncan, and helped mightily in making TD have one of the most ineffectual playoff series I’ve seen out of him since he came to the NBA. Anyway, I am more addressing the MJ vs. Kobe talk, which has reached absurd proportions since Kobe got the MVP. MJ had no complement even close to Shaq during his Bulls run. Sorry, Pippen doesn’t come close to the dominant presence that Shaq was. No credible case could be made for that. MJ was The Man much more than Kobe is now. I find all this talk that Kobe has somehow elevated his game to MJ proportions to be really ridiculous.

  6. rashad says:

    This may be selfish of me, but I want Kobe to go off. I want a MJ-shrugging-his-shoulders type moment from Kobe. Maybe he’s saving it for later, but tonight would be perfect

  7. Co Co says:

    A, as much as it would pain you if the Lakers lose this series it would pain me even more because if the Celtics win I have to write the recap. Nothing like a friendly little wager with Mizzo 🙂

  8. michelle says:

    Co Co,


  9. Co Co says:

    Michelle, given my unabashed hatred for all Boston teams it would be unbearable! 🙁

  10. Temple3 says:

    AXG – that website of yours is hotter than ass greased with pancake batter on a 100 degree day in the desert!!! DAMN!!!

  11. Diallo says:

    The Lakers are down 0-2, and that’s proof that Kobe can’t win without Shaq? My goodness, why play the rest of the series? No team has ever comeback from 0-2 to win a series.

    The Lakers were going nowhere before Gasol trade? That’s why they were in 1st place the day of Bynum’s injury?

    Why let facts get in the way of unfiltered opinion?

  12. Temple3 says:

    Hasani –

    I hear your argument about Shaq and Kobe – but you cannot compare Kobe and Jordan based on this season just yet. The Bulls won those championships not simply because Jordan and Pippen were dominant, but also because they deployed a legion of 7-footers at their opposition.

    Oh, how soon they forget. These guys weren’t great, but they were all big; they all knew their roles; and they were usually productive within the limits set for them by the coach. Bill Cartwright, Will Perdue, Luc Longley, Stacey King, Scott Williams, Bill Wennington and Robert Parish (for a hot minute).

    The Bulls deployed large front lines in their games – and unleashed a horde of scrubs who actually did just enough to get the job done. If nothing else, these guys rebounded, played solid position defense and made open jumpers. None, save for Cartwright, could have started anywhere else (Parish obviously doesn’t count here).

    The Lakers of this season are playing without Andrew Bynum and their present crew of bigs have not demonstrated the capacity to play the physical style that bigs played on Jordan’s Bulls. This series will not prove that Kobe is not Mike. I don’t think he’s as good as Jordan – but I think he’s as close as we’re going to see for awhile. Most of all, I don’t believe it’s fair to compare apples and oranges when only one player has oranges.

  13. Temple3 says:

    MJ had no complement even close to Shaq during his Bulls run.


    I’m sure how this matters. It’s more fruit in the basket – apples and oranges. MJ never played on a team where he wasn’t the Number 1 offensive option. Shouldn’t that mean that if you wanted to have an honest comparison of the two players, you’d need to begin with them in similar roles? Wouldn’t that mean we have to look at the years Kobe and Shaq played together somewhat differently?

    And, since the Years of the Scrubs (early in Jordan’s career, late in Kobe’s) occurred at different times in their nature evolution as players, we’d also have to look at their production in a different way?

    Simply, there is no easy way to compare these two great players. I don’t think you can make a compelling MJ over Kobe argument by asserting that Shaq was superior to Pippen.

    Since there is nothing easy about the comparison, perhaps it would be better to hypothesize about how Jordan would have fared playing next to an established center after having skipped college. There are many ways to do this, but your process should be applicable to both players (even if hypothetical).

  14. Temple3, thank you for checking out my site. I haven’t had the opportunity to update it like I need to, esp. with “Hulk week” on the Sci-Fi channel, nevertheless, THANK YOU!

  15. origin says:

    Temple I always have said that Kobe’s career was like MJs just in reverse.

    Oh and CoCo you might want to start writing that recap. You know just to get an early start.


    I still see this series going to 7 to the celts.

    Oh one more thing Temple good looking in pointing out that the lakers don’t have enough big men. I called that out before the series.

    The celts bring off wave after wave of big men. The only big men that the lakers have on the bench is turiaf and DJ.

  16. Temple3 says:


    Check this out. http://michiganalumni.ning.com/

    It may be a little before your time, but its my Michigan fam writ large. Sign up when you can and bring your peeps!!

  17. Co Co says:

    Origin, I thought abou that the other day. I refuse!

  18. Temple3 says:


    The Celtics look great. They look more physically imposing than the Lakers. “Wave” is the right word to describe it. We all know that waves really don’t care about anything except their motion. “That’s the sound of inevitability Mr. Anderson.”

  19. Temple3 says:


    Did you see Leon Powe give Tauriaf the “IDGAF” Screw Face after he thundered it down on his dome?

  20. Diallo says:

    Joe Crawford and Bennett Salvatore are reffing Game 3. Lakers by 30! Thanks Stern. The calls will for damn sure even out tonight:)

  21. Hasani says:

    Okay okay….I’ll take back some of my stronger Kobe vs. MJ sentiments until this series is over.

    More interesting note…this NBA ref corruption. Recent reports are suggesting that game 6 Sac vs. LA (2002) was fixed in LA’s favor, not necessarily designed to win LA the series so much as to force it to a game 7 (tv, money, etc). This will be interesting. I’m kind of hoping $tern gets implicated in this. Never much cared for that guy.

  22. michelle says:

    My Kings were robbed in 02. Check the tape it confirms everything tim said.

  23. eric daniels says:

    Kobe stepped up in game 3 , Can the Celtics win one game in L.A. ? I Think they can, the Celtics still have the advantage in this series but Kobe’a defense of Paul Pierce was the difference in this game

  24. michelle says:

    If the Lakers are going to win Kobe needs some serious help. Gasol and Odom have totally disappeared in this series.

  25. Co Co says:

    Gasol and Odom might need to come off the bench……. They are good for nothing thus far in the series.

  26. Temple3 says:


    Ouch! But, right is right.

  27. Co Co says:

    I’m just sayin…..Surfing the web the prevailing sentiment seems to be Boston is in better shape because PP and KG played like crap. I guess people don’t think the Lakers actually need Pau and Odom to win. It’s not like the Lakers gave the Celts their best shot and barely won. Both teams played poorly. That game was blah! 🙁

  28. Chris Cason says:

    That just haven’t [layed up to the level the Celtics have but the C’s are at home and I expected them to play well there as they have all postseason.

    Game 3, showed the will of Kobe Bryant and if he doesn’t get help by Gasol and Odom next game it will be that much harder to win.

  29. Rasheed1 says:

    Hi people

    Im not a regular here, just occasionally reading and only rarely commenting(I posted in one of your question sessions a while back). Imma fan that doesnt like kobe (from Philly and always thought of him as a phony).. I respect his skill, but I loathe his fans and their lack of perspective on Mj vs. Kobe….

    Jordan had 10 scoring titles… 5 MVPS…. 6 Finals MVPs… DPOY in 88 and was hands down the best player around…. He clowned the league for years…

    Kobe is no-where near Jordan’s level

    Kobe is coming to a stage where he seems to have a better handle on what it took for Mj to lead his team as a Sg…. He’s had the physical talent for a years now… but leadership and the mental control are still a work in progress. He looks great this year, but he obviously still cannot impose his will on a game like Mj could.. the relentless attitude is there, but not the ‘mind over body’ control that jordan had…

    The push to make Kobe into the next Mj is manufactured and it angers alot of fans because it is extremely premature. I think the fans will know when Kobe reaches Mj’s level because we wont have to have commentators and kobe fans constantly feeling the need to push this idea any-more… you’ll be able to point to accomplishments as well as his play night in and out and no words will be needed..it will be clear

    lust like when Mj was ripping apart the league…

    anyway thanks for hearing my two cents…

  30. ansis paul says:

    Get to writing CoCo………looks like you owe me and mizzo an apology!!!!LOL!!!!!!

  31. Hasani says:

    Well, Kobe spit the bit in game 4, which appears to make Boston pretty much a lock. Hopefully this will end all the ridiculous MJ comparisons, if the Celts do indeed win.

  32. Temple3 says:

    Just when I was about to give Phil Jackson props (NEVER!!!!), he supervises the greatest collapse since silicone implants.

  33. GrandNubian says:

    Paul Pierce may have wrapped up the Finals MVP award….that is, if Boston can close this thing out. He played excellent defense on Kobe in the second half of last night’s game.

    Also, last night Kobe didn’t stop Pierce when he had to…..and to add insult to injury, Jesus Shuttlesworth got the best of him a few times as well.

  34. Temple3 says:

    Jesus might be the MVP.

  35. GrandNubian says:


    You might be right. Jesus has been the most consistent out of Boston’s big 3.

  36. Temple3 says:

    One thing I will say for the Celtics and this team is that Doc Rivers really knows his personnel. I, for one, have been begging Garnett to play on the block. There really is no need. The Lakers don’t have the personnel to force the Celtics to post Garnett. The Celtics, according to Rivers, are at their best when they move the ball – make the extra pass – and spot the open shooter. With Eddie House on the floor or Posey on the floor, every one of 5 players can shoot. It’s like the 2004 Pistons.

    Someone made that reference before — and it’s looking a lot like that series all over again. The 2004 Lakers were too old and slow. This Laker team is too soft. Kobe playing the Lone Scorer is not going to work because it’s 1-against-5 (even though he’s been passing his ass off). The Lakers aren’t losing because of Kobe, they’re losing because of their approach to the series and because of their bigs.

    CoCo’s write up should be something special.

  37. Hasani says:

    The Lakers may not be losing because of Kobe, but they aren’t winning because of him either. MJ would’ve willed the Bulls to victory over a team like the 2008 Celts.

  38. michelle says:

    Temple 3,

    Silicone implants though? LOL!

  39. Co Co says:

    The recap is on my page since Mike normally posts my articles and he’s unavailable right now. Check it out.