Father knows Best

Lamar Odom

The Goods, the bad, and the NBA Finals

It has been written and said that the key to the Lakers success is within Lamar Odom. With the addition of Pau Gasol, Odom no longer had to be the force in the front court, he could play a more natural finesse power forward position, causing match-up problems for any team that opposed him.The NBA Finals have a unique way of hosting games on Father’s Day, and with that, special moments have made themselves evident over the years. For example when the Chicago Bulls clinched title number 4 on June 16, 1996. It was fitting for Jordan to win on this day as he exclaimed with tears in his eyes and a lump in his throat, “this one’s for Daddy!” His father James was murdered 3 years prior and its often between the lines of a basketball court, that life makes the most sense. 

That being said, I knew that the Lakers would win Game 5 hours before tip-off. Not because Kobe Bryant would have his family waiting for him in the tunnel for inspirational hugs and kisses at half-time…no it was something far greater than that bond. In June 2006, Lamar Odom lost his 6½-month-old son, Jayden due to sudden infant death syndrome. I’m not a father, however I know about pain, hardship, and death, and when a moment presents itself to use those negatives for a positive gain, the possibilities are exponential.

Lamar Odom college game

School Daze 

With the team down 3 games to 1, after the unfathomable Game 4 meltdown, the stakes were considerably high, and for Odom he had more on his plate than met the eye. He has 2 children however it was the loss of his third that pushed him in one of the biggest games of his pro career, to the tune of 20 points, 11 rebounds, 4 blocks, and 2 assists. Simply put, he channeled his high school and college prowess to ensure Game 6 on Tuesday. 

The game was one of the worst I’ve witnessed in quite a while, as both teams made uncharacteristic mistakes. Nonetheless, this is a series that never promised to be glamorous, it was the hype around the Lakers versus Celtics that had everyone drunk off the nostalgia. When a run and gun team like the Lake Show meets the best defense in the League, the contest will be far from the shimmer of Hollywood. This is a battle, a test of will, not skill. With Denzel Washington in his familiar court side chair and Ray Allen shooting for three off the screen, it was Lamar Odom that proved He Got Game




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10 Responses to “Father knows Best”

  1. Temple3 says:

    The Lakers caught a break last night. At the end of the 4th, they had nowhere to go for points. The refs bailed them out with a couple of touch fouls on Kobe (swish-swish-swish-swish). Garnett had some big misses and then there was the steal-foul-steal of Bryant on Pierce. The Lakers couldn’t get anything going toward the rim and missed all of their shots. Free throws and a steal — all ref assisted in one way or another.

    Odom is going to have to go to another level if the Lakers can hope to win Game 6. He was started to come unhinged at the end – arguing with Posey and then with the ref. He was Lucky not to get a technical foul. Game 6 could be the most physical game of the series.

  2. Game 5 was trash, and Odom played with a lot of PAIN last night. Other than that, its one game at a time for either team.

  3. Co Co says:

    The Celtics would be best served to end this thing Tuesday. They do not want to risk a Game 7.

  4. Temple3 says:

    Hard to get a handle on the series. I think the player whose stock has risen the most this post-season is Paul Pierce. I know that I forgot how accomplished a player he is offensively. His game is not attractive by any stretch of the imagination – but his game is pure and it travels well.

    I think we all know guys who play like that – and they can play anywhere on any court in any city against any level of comp and still get theirs. Not a lot of fanfare or rah-rah…just buckets in your grille. Paul reminds me of the old dude with the wrapped knees, the leg brace and the Chucks that no one can stop. He does just enough to keep you off balance — and then, BAM!!

  5. Temple3 says:


    I agree – but where have I heard that before? Was that in Magic City, at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame or coming out of “The Palace”?

  6. thebrotherreport says:

    Whoever can fight through the jet lag will pull it out tomorrow.

  7. Jerold Wells Jr says:

    Game 5. Agh…… Ok I’m pulling for the Celtics (been a pierce fan since the Kansas days, KG since day 1 in a T-Wolves uni) but most of all I’m a fan (dare I say student) of the game and that contest deteriorated into some straight nonsense.

    1st- What’s the deal with KG? SO much has been said about his crunch time abilities or the lack thereof that’s it’s really sickening. It must be mentioned though that he left between 6 to 8 points on the board because of attempted tip ins (as opposed to slamming the rebound back in or just grabbing the rebound and going back up strong) and missed free throws. The C’s needed him to be clutch and he wasn’t. He has to do better.

    2nd- The officiating was spotty at best. Anybody who’s played the game, hell ANY GAME, wants a fair shake. If you’re gonna call it tight, call it tight both ways. LA should consider the disparity in game’s one and two null and void. I’m just sayin.

    3rd- Can someone please tell me why the hell Boston resorted to 15 consecutive high screen and rolls to close out a potential championship clinching game? Come on Doc. That’s not what got you to this point and that’s not what’s gonna win you the title. Run your offense.

    4th- Vujacic is on some other ish. That kid has no conscience whatsoever. He shoots some of the most terrible shots I’ve ever witnessed on a stage this big. I mean really awful. Somebody needs to loosen up his head band because he’s just crazy enough to go “john starks” on his own team and blow a game. That kid is really trippin.

    5th- Give me the celtics to win it in game 6. I don’t see enough d from LA to make a run.

  8. Chris Cason says:

    Pierce has been as consistent as any player this series, but he can’t be the only one who steps up in 4th quarter situations. Lamar has never fully recovered from the loss of his infant son and probably never will, but he truly is the key to this series. With him playing well, it frees up so much room for Gasol and the shooters and also that guy who wears #24.

    I believe the Lakers will take this game tonight setting up a pivotal, ratings grabbing Game 7 that will go down in ages as one of the great games in Finals history.

  9. Miranda says:

    I remember when Odom’s son died – very sad, but a sparrow is singing somewhere – God knows exactly how much we can bear.

    Any word on how Ray Allen’s son is doing? I know his little one fell ill the other night and was taken to the hospital.

  10. Co Co says:

    The recap is on my page since Mike normally posts my articles and he’s unavailable right now. Check it out.