Pele Robbed In Brazil; Carmello Anthony Will Not Be Traded To Detroit; Josh Smith In Philly? Griffey Hits 601 In Last Appearance In Yankee Stadium; Why Is Jevon Kearse’s DUI News?

Robbed at a makeshift road block

Pele was robbed at gun point on June 13th in Brazil but didn’t file a police report which explains the delayed reporting of the story.

The 71 year old iconic footballer led Brazil to three World Cup victories and is considered the best of all time in his sport. I grew up rooting for him while he played for the New York Cosmos. Thieves stole a gold chain, his cell phone and a watch, but other items were returned after he told the assailants who he was. We all should be fortunate one of sports living legends escaped relatively unscathed from a situation that could have ended a lot worse.


Dreaming about the get back? Detroit had its chance but took Darko instead

A blockbuster trade reportedly was in the works to send Carmelo Anthony to Detroit for Chauncey Billups and Tayshaun Prince but the Nuggets rejected the trade. The Pistons have denied the trade proposal. Joe Dumars is looking to wreck shop in the off season and no one is considered untouchable. Chris Broussard reports that Anthony’s agent Calvin Andrews was reassured by Nuggets brass that he will not be moved. Melo, who averaged a little under 26 this past season, has gone through it off the court recently but is one of the best young talents in the league. He’s made some bad decisions, but he’s young so it’s logical why the Nuggets have exercised patience dealing with their most valued commodity. If Denver is going to move him, it has to be an incredibly sweet offer.


Co Co and Jerold I know this is at All Star Weekend, but are you in there somewhere?

Atlanta just might let mad hopper Josh Smith get away and the most logical destination for the budding star is Philadelphia. This possibility has been discussed throughout the media since February. The Hawks have reportedly said they won’t pay more than 11 million a season for Smith and the Sixers most likely would start their offer for Smith at that dollar amount. The aforementioned teams are attempting to get to the next level so look for both to be involved heavily after the July 1st free agent signing period begins. I think ATL would be stupid to let Smith go. Remember the Hawks took the Celtics to 7 games and Smith was a big part of the surprising ATL post season flourish.

This also should be an interesting draft. There will be moves.


Always a flair for the dramatic

Back when Ken Griffey’s Dad played for the Yankees, manager Billy Martin hollered at Jr. It’s something he never forgot and once said he would never play for the Yankees. Even though he has been slowed by a stomach virus that has kept him out of the last 4 games, and what was his last at bat at Yankee Stadium, Griffey went yard–a Reds fan caught the ball–and the Yankee fans gave him a standing ovation as he rounded the bases in a 4-1 Yankees victory. It was his 8th of the year and first since 1999 in NY when he was with the Seattle Mariners. Griff was the DH yesterday. As a Yankee fan, I always wanted Jr. in New York but George never pulled the trigger. He still has the sweetest swing I’ve ever seen. Damn.


Wish he would have worked out in Philly. Jevon was a beast early in his career

Let me preface this by saying that driving under the influence of alcohol is serious. People can die so I understand the priority this country has put on cracking down on the offense. That being said, could someone give me and explanation why Jevon Kearse getting one is breaking news? Kearse was arrested by Vanderbilt metro police after he allegedly was seen swerving early Sunday morning. Outlets were reporting this as if someone did die which concerns me greatly. For the record, I would say the same thing if this was a White athlete. What the hell did the Titans do to keep their name in the news (If I hear one more thing about Pac Man Adam Jones. I don’t care if he’s in Dallas. What has this cat done in the NFL to be in the news so g’damn much?)? Big deal for Kearse? Yeah. Big deal for the NFL, its fans and the media? No. Stay up Jevon.

48 Responses to “Pele Robbed In Brazil; Carmello Anthony Will Not Be Traded To Detroit; Josh Smith In Philly? Griffey Hits 601 In Last Appearance In Yankee Stadium; Why Is Jevon Kearse’s DUI News?”

  1. Co Co says:

    Wouldn’t Josh and Andre kinda cancel each other out? Do you really need more than one player like that on your team? They’re very similar to me. I’d be very disappointed if the Spirit lets Josh walk, however I would not be surprised at all.

  2. ronglover says:

    I think Smith is a little more defensive minded than Iggy although not by much. The 76ers are in serious need of a low post defender that can give weak side help to Sammy D. Finding defensive help on the perimeter can’t hurt either.

  3. ronglover says:

    I think Smith is a little more defensive minded than Iggy although not by much. The 76ers are in serious need of a low post defender that can give weak side help to Sammy D. Finding defensive help on the perimeter can’t hurt either.

  4. Diallo says:

    Don’t worry Mizzo, yuo’ll be acclimated with Mr. Jones skills real quick-like. Oh yeah, DeMarcus Ware is bigger than last year, but hasn’t lost any speed. I pray for Donovan:)

  5. Say it ain’t so…Pele, this world is crazy and none of us are safe. On another note, the 76ers need a solid 4 that can get a double-double as well as command the double team ya dig?

  6. rashad says:

    DUIs are always breaking news man, unless it happens to a Tour De France cyclist or something. I didn’t see this as a big deal

  7. Co Co says:

    ESPN had a scroll about Pacman wanting to be referred to as Adam. Everything is breaking news to them. Just so yall know its all hate talking when I say Josh and Iggy cancel each other out. Although I think its true, I don’t want Josh playin in Philly. I want him in Atlanta!

  8. GrandNubian says:

    If the Hawks don’t find a way to sign J-Smoove, it’s going to feel a little like when they traded Dominique back in 94. The guy has enormous potential and he really wants to stay home. If they don’t sign him, who takes over his spot? Marvin Williams?

  9. Mizzo says:

    Yeah so Thaddeus can go back to the three. Pull the trigger Ed.

  10. ronglover says:

    If they pull this off the 76ers are in the Top 4 in the East 1) Boston 2) Detroit 3) Philly/Cleveland/Orlando

  11. Mizzo says:

    Yep. Marvin Williams. I expect them to be major players in free agency.

  12. Co Co says:

    Why would you expect that Mizzo? Have they been major players in recent years?? πŸ™

  13. Mizzo says:

    Because their brass would be stupid not to do something after a modicum of success against the champs…or the late season push.

  14. Any thoughts on Candace Parker’s dunk yesterday?

  15. Mizzo says:

    Damn didn’t see it. Was it off the break on on someones neck? πŸ˜‰

  16. Co Co says:

    Off the break. Mike please don’t be one of those people who think since the Hawks took the stinkin Celtics 7 games that means things are going okay. They aren’t. The last four years do not get erased just because they had 2 weeks of moderate success. Ownership showed me where theyre at when they resigned Woody. It’s not like there aren’t better options at head coach out there. Plus, Josh and Woody don’t get along and everyone knows it. Not to mention the run ins he’s had with the likes of Salim and Za Za. The only players who openly endorsed him are Joe and Marvin. If you’re Joe what’s not to love hell the offense runs through you all the time. Congratulations you get to play 1 on 5 for the last two years of your contract. And of course Marvin likes him he continued to let him start and play big minutes when Josh Childress is clearly more productive than him. So two players who don’t have to be held accountable for the shortcomings of the team (Joe never takes heat even though he’s a max player) love a coach who has a record of something like 106-222 or something as equally as obscene as that. Give me a break!

  17. Temple3 says:


    It’s just that type of analysis that keeps ’em coming back for more – till there ain’t no more left (but that NEVER happens).

  18. Co Co says:

    I was a lil disgusted. My punctuation in that rant leaves a lot to be desired!

  19. Mizzo says:

    Co Co…two weeks is a start. Try to remain optimistic and maybe this will get done. The Hawks had an epiphany under Woodson that has to be respected. I don’t understand why folks down there and across the league were immediately looking elsewhere when he has not had ANY talent. His game needs to be tempered with a little more correspondence to the x’s and o’s but don’t give up on the brotha.

    As far as them taking the stinkin’ Celtics to seven games, are you saying that totally means nothing? I just have to ask. Isn’t Atlanta the youngest team in the league? Have some patience lady! πŸ˜‰

  20. […] Pele Robbed In Brazil; Carmello Anthony Will Not Be Traded To …Pele was robbed at gun point on June 13th in Brazil but didn’t file a police report which explains the delayed reporting of the story.The 71 year old iconic footballer led Brazil to three World Cup victories and is considered the best … […]

  21. Co Co says:

    Two weeks does not erase 4 bad years of non player development, shotty time management, no offense, not being able to get the team to buy into whatever defensive concepts you supposedly brought and etc. He’s had 4 years 4 freakin years! How can you say he never had a chance? Is he the only coach in the league who has had a flawed roster? Hell No and a lot of them don’t get 6 damn years to prove they aren’t good coaches. If you watched that Celtics series much like if you watched any Hawks games you would see that the team wins in spite of him. Its not like he makes adjustments or anything like that. When those boys won it was because they just flat out played harder and the ball bounced their way. He’s not a good coach Mike. Period. I’m an extremely patient person, but this is ridiculous. 13 Games, 26 Games 30 Games then 37 Games. Come on! How can this guy be employed and making like $4mill per. Avery Johnson lost his job and he consistently had his team at the top of the west. This dude took the Celtics to 7 games now all of a sudden we should forget the past 4 years. It doesn’t work like that. No coach has a perfect roster, but halfway descent coaches can put their players in positions that suit them and get the most out of them. He’s not done that.

  22. eric daniels says:

    The Pistons better not trade Prince, Billips and Denver will never get equal value for Melo from any team unless it’s Lebron or Wade/Marion.

  23. Mizzo says:

    Co Co before this season have the Hawks ever had a capable point guard in those four seasons?

    Why was Marvin Williams drafted just ahead of Chris Paul and Deron Williams? Was it because they thought they could get something out of Salim in the second round? That was a huge mistake. Marvin Williams is my dude, but he has a lot to prove (I hope he will).

    It’s not just the coach there baby girl. Ownership has to step up and make some concrete moves that will propagate the development of a successful future. You are correct about the past…I’m not disputing that but the season was a success and they need to build on that prospect.

    You know the culture down there. The Hawks ain’t been right since “Nique left. Did Sheed play a second for them?

    Professional coaches are fired way to soon in most instances because fans and the media put pressure on the organizations through public outcry. What happens if the Hawks get into the second round next year and threaten to get to the Conference Finals? Will the season be considered a wash?

  24. Co Co says:

    The Hawks aint gettin into the second round. Mike its just as easy for them to take steps backwards as it is for them to build on this “success”. Yes the ownership sucks and keeping a coach who has barely managed to win 100 games drives that point home. Eveyrone knows that they should have drafted Paul or Williams, but they bought into the hype that all the so called draft experts were selling talking about how Marvin had the most upside and blah blah blah. I can’t believe you are preaching patience especially living in Philly.
    Would you be patient if he were coaching the Sixers? Hell no! πŸ™‚ It’s easy for people who are way on the outside to look at 2 weeks and say hey give the man a chance, but that’s bullsh*t. There are fans in Atlanta who want more from this team and I’m one of them. You are right coaches get fired way too soon, but you know what, I’d rather have a GM or owner like Joe Dumars or Mark Cuban or any of the owners who fire their coaches when they don’t win it all. Yes its a bit unrealistic for so many organizations to have championship aspirations, but if Joe D can look several successful coaches in the face and fire them for losing in the ECF then someone should be able to look Mike Woodson in the face and fire him for winning less than 110 games in 4 seasons.

  25. Mizzo says:

    I hear everything you are saying. The only cat I wanted fired from Philly was Billy King because I didn’t think he could find his ass if he had his hands and his ass.

    If you’ve never really had a winning tradition in Atlanta outside of a few playoff runs then the culture is going to be what it is. Like I said sis, if Woodson was able to get the team to play the Celtics tough, I think he deserves another shot. They at least got there. Hold ownership accountable for putting bs pieces in place first. I think they are getting a pass from the fans there or shit maybe would have gotten done awhile ago.

    I’m just not one of these cats who are down for firing and hiring coaches until they finally get it right. Make a decision and stick with it until your fingers are burnt to the bone and then let them burn some more.

  26. Co Co says:

    I do place most of the blame on the owners, but Mike Woodson’s record speaks for itself and its indefensible. Taking the Celtics to 7 games was the worst thing that could have happened to the Hawks and their fans because now all of a sudden people who haven’t paid a bit of attention to the team all season get to look and say “hey wait ,they took the Celtics to 7 games”. Flip took them mofo’s to 6 and it didn’t save him. And hell its not like the Hawks were competitive even once in Boston. They were never ready to play and do you know if I had a damn penny for everytime the Hawks lost a game and I had to hear Mike Woodson say that I’d have at least $200 πŸ™‚ Whose job is it to get the players ready???? Yet game after game he would say they just weren’t ready to play tonight. If the team ain’t ready that’s the coach’s fault. They don’t respond to him at all. No one plays harder just because he asked them to. His voice doesn’t resonate inside that lockerroom so I don’t care who you put on the team if the players don’t respect him it will not translate into success. I’m not even mad at Woody for signing an extension, hell I would too. I’m more disgusted at the Ownership because I see what frame of mind they’re in. They’d rather keep Woody to please Joe (who only has two years left by the way) than get a coach who might actually challenge Joe a lil bit. Right now its all gravy for him in Atlanta. So when he spends the next two years never getting an easy look at the basket and Josh isn’t there to rebound for him he need only remember that this is what he wanted. Woody is his guy and he’s going to be here for at least until the end of Joe’s contract.

  27. Co Co says:

    And you know what Mizzo, if you believe in Mike’s abilities we’ll trade you coaches str8 up! πŸ™‚

  28. Co Co says:

    And one more thing, would you want Mike Woodson coaching your favorite team as currently constructed? Do you even know enough about his coaching abilities or lack thereof to know? I personally think you could give him the Dream Team and he’d find a way to screw it up.

  29. Mizzo says:

    Don’t make me call the Rev lady!

    I’m diggin’ you right now because that fire kinda hot πŸ˜‰

    Would I trade him for Cheeks? Hell no.

    I just hate the term coaching carousel because teams rarely win right away after the change. In fact in most cases they take a step back.

    You win πŸ™‚

  30. Co Co says:

    Yes! IN THE FACE! lol I just watched Coming to America for the 1,234,986th time. πŸ™‚

  31. michelle says:

    Co Co,


  32. Mizzo says:

    Call me later funny lady πŸ˜‰

  33. GrandNubian says:


    I’m diggin’ everything you said about the Hawks & coach Woodson. People don’t seem to understand that he did the best he could with what he had. Billy Knight drafted the players he (Woody) was expected turn into miracles. I think he’s a pretty good coach and will do even better this upcoming season. If Josh Smith is going to continue to jack up ill-advised threes as opposed to working on his mid-range and low post game, then maybe he doesn’t need to be in the ATL. I hate to say it but it’s true.

  34. Co Co says:

    Anyone who thinks Woody is a good coach you are more than welcome to him. I want one person who stands in defense of his “coaching abilities” to tell me that you’d want him coaching your team. Honestly.

  35. origin says:

    Hey CoCo I will trade you Vinny Del Negro for Woody.

  36. GrandNubian says:


    Sister, I feel your pain but with all due respect, i think you’re not being fair to Woody. He has just completed his 3rd year as the Hawks’ head coach, so he’s only had 3 yrs to get them out of the curse. In each of his first 3 season, their record improved and by year 3, he got them into the playoffs and took the Celtics to 7 games in the 1st round. Like mizz said, they have the youngest team in the league and for the 1st two years, they had little to zero talent.

    Instead of placing the majority of the blame on the coach, why isn’t anyone blaming the GM who snuck out of Atlanta (Billy Knight) for his terrible draft picks? Now this is not to say that I think he’s the one coach out there who will get them to the NBA title — hell, that’s a crap shoot in itself. The jury is still out on that one. If he doesn’t make it to the 2nd round this year, he’s gone and I wouldn’t be mad about it either because he would have gotten his chance. But don’t expect the guy to win the NBA title with missing with what he currently has. That’s unfair.


  37. Co Co says:

    He just concluded his fourth season and I’m not putting all the blame on him. However, coaches are hired to be fired that’s the way the game is played and in my opinion being EXTREMELY close to the situation I don’t think he’s the best option. There are plenty of coaches who haven’t had a perfect roster, but they find ways to utilize whatever skill sets their players may have. He hasn’t done that. He hasn’t adjusted his system according to the personnel he has. And, the team’s top free agent and him don’t get along as well as about 4 other players on the team. That says a lot about his ability to get them to buy into whatever he’s teaching. They haven’t. It’s a problem when the players don’t respect you. Do you think they’re going to bust their a** for someone like that? Plus, when you give him such a short extension you’re not sending the message that you think he’s the right man for the job so in effect the players are still going to look at him like “we don’t have to listen to him cause he might not even be here in a year” Nothing good can come from a lame duck coach and that’s essentially what he is. I’m amazed at the vote of confidence he’s gotten just because they went to 7 games against the Celtics. Avery didn’t get this much sympathy and he only had the Mavs consistently at the top of the league. I’m baffled right now, I really am.

  38. GrandNubian says:


    You’re right, i just looked up his coaching career and he did just complete his 4th term. But in my opinion, he has utilized what he has had to work with. Now granted, it’s not much but i’m wondering who out there could’ve done better? As I said earlier, the team’s record improved every year and he got them to the playoffs last year.

    All players are not going to get along with their coaches — that’s just the way it is. It’s called “clash of egos”. If the players know more than the coach does about what it takes to win in the NBA, then maybe the players should coach the team. Personally, I think it’s a matter of the players being “young” and full of you know what. I will agree that not all the players are buying into his system but most of them are. That was the same situation that happened between Doc Rivers and Paul Pierce. Doc couldn’t get Pierce to buy into his system UNTIL he got the missing pieces. This is what needs to happen in Atlanta — they need more pieces and I guarantee you that J-Smoove will buy into it. Winning cures everything.

    It seems to me that they busted their asses for him during the playoffs, unless i’m missing something. And as for the two-year contract extension — it is what it is….you and I both know that. This is a business. If you don’t win NOW, you’re out the door. But if a coach don’t have all the pieces, why do people expect so much with so little? I cram to understand that.

    Avery Johnson inherited a good team, so the expectations for him was indeed higher. Do i agree with his firing? No, I don’t but I think his situation was far different from Woody’s.

    Like I said, i don’t know if Woody is the right guy or not but I think people are really being unfair to him. If the Hawks don’t make it into the second round next year, of course he’s gone. But at the same time, the GM need to get him the players to be successful and for the past 4 years the Hawks have failed to do that.

  39. Co Co says:

    My biggest gripe is Woody seems to be the only coach where it’s never his fault. It’s all about the hand he was dealt. yes he walked into a bad situation, but that doesn’t mean he should get a free pass. His record is like 108-222. That’s atrocious in every sense of the word and if he were coaching your team you wouldn’t care about the crappy roster he has. Head coaching is about results in every sport. Coaches get fired year after year after year and a lot of the time they had personnel flaws on their teams. And as far as them busting their asses in the playoffs, yep they sure did bust their asses at Philips Arena behind a crazy crowd. They were never competitive in Boston and a lot of that was on him. For example sitting Joe and or Al or Josh for the remainder of the first half just because they picked up 2 early fouls. By the time he let them back in the game was over. He’s done that numerous times throughout his 4 year tenure, but all of a sudden his past is irrelevant. Everyone wants to look at the playoffs and say he deserves another shot, but what did he show you as a coach in the losses or the wins for that matter? It’s like no one even bothers to analyze his coaching abilities when they ask for patience. I’m not saying that just because I watched every game the Hawks played in this season that I’m an expert on them. But let’s be honest no one paid attention to them until they got in the playoffs now all of a sudden everyone thinks Woody did a fantastic job. I’m not going to pretend like the last 4 seasons didn’t happen.

  40. Co Co says:

    And, if we’re going to judge coaches off one playoff series then Phil Jackson’s ass needs to be fired. πŸ™‚

  41. GrandNubian says:

    Now I never said or meant to imply that Woody is not to be blamed with some of the losses or the way his team performed at times. He should not be given a free pass. If his record was 108-222 with good players then i’d be on the “Fire Woody NOW” bandwagon. But we all know he walked into a bad situation and I don’t know one coach who would’ve fared better being dealt the hand Woody was dealt.

    The guy is not the best coach in the league (by a long shot), but i don’t think he’s the worse either. I didn’t expect the Hawks to be competitive in Boston. To be honest, I expected the Celtics to take the Hawks in 5 (4-1). No one (and I mean absolutely no one) expected the Hawks to take the Celtics to seven games. Sure he’s made some questionable moves but what coach in this league haven’t made moves we’ve all questioned? Why did Phil Jackson sit Derek Fisher in the Finals after he was effecticve in talking the ball to the basket? Why did Doc Rivers at times sit Rondo and go with Sam Cassell instead of Eddie House, who proved he was more effective?

    What Woody showed me in the playoffs is that if his team buys into what he’s trying to incorporate (play defense, move the ball around, take smart shots, be agressive), they can beat even the best of teams. However, if the team would rather take ill-advised threes(Josh Smith), play “lack-a-daisal” defense(Marvin Williams), and fear the home team(Marvin Williams, Zaza), then they’ll lose on the road like they did in the 1st round. That’s what I took from it. If you never give the system a chance, especially in the most trying of times, you won’t ever know whether or not it will work.

    I’ve been watching the Hawks every since the days of Dan Roundfield. I’ve seen the good years and the bad years. I watch them every year, either on TV or at Phillips Arena. I won’t claim to be an expert on them but I did say that they would make the playoffs this year. And I won’t sit here and say Woody did a fantastic job, either. But I will say that he did the best he could with what he had. I’ll even say that he did better than anyone expected him to. But again, what coach what have done better if he was dealt the hand Woody was dealt? We’ll never know………..

    BTW…..i’m not judging a coach on one playoff series. I’ve looked at what he’s done with what he’s been given by Billy Knight the past four years.


  42. Co Co says:

    Well since you’ve been watching them maybe you can help me because no one else can. What kind of offense is he running? I’ve asked around and no one knows. No one. I’m not even being smug right now I honestly have been trying to figure it out for 4 years. And it’s not like they would have been firing him, his contract was up this summer. They didn’t have to extend him and when you had coaches like Avery and Flip on the market you can’t tell me that Woody was the best option. Is it wrong for me to want a better coach?

  43. GrandNubian says:


    Woody is trying to emulate the offense that Larry Brown had in Detroit. Is he doing a good job of it, hell no (lol). He wants to run a half-court offense through Joe Johnson. The problem with that is Atlanta has no deadly outside shooters, so when Joe penetrates, who’s he gonna dish to? Marvin? J-Smoove? Bibby came to the team towards the end of the year but he’s streaky. The Hawks need a shooter who can consistenly make the open shot, whether it’s a three or 18-footer.

    The Hawks tend to start off the game shooting jumpers instead of penetrating and kicking the ball out. I think that’s because they didn’t have a true point-guard. And being that Joe Johnson was the only viable threat on the team before Bibby’s arrival, teams would double him and dare Marvin and Josh to beat them. But now, with Bibby here for an entire season and Al Horford becoming a force in the middle, they are now able to call more plays in an ‘inside-outside’ offense and free up some shooters. This way you don’t rely strictly on jump shots in the beginning. But make no mistake about it, the Hawks need another shooter….someone like Heinrich with the Bulls.

    Now i’m going to be honest here; I fully expected them to fire Woodson, even after the playoff run. I thought that if Woody got fired, they’d go after Avery. I think Flip Saunders has had his best chances to win a title and after getting to the ECF with the best starting five in the league for 3 years, he just doesn’t have what it takes to get over the top.

    ….and no, it’s not wrong for you to want a better coach. I’m telling you that if Woody doesn’t get them into the 2nd round in ’09, i’ll be right with you screaming for him to be fired. πŸ™‚


  44. Co Co says:

    Well, I honestly hope he proves me wrong I swear I do! I want the team to do well.
    Bibby will more than likely be gone by the trade deadline. I can’t see them paying to keep him because they don’t wanna pay anyone and they already have a point guard on the roster stealing $25 million.

  45. GrandNubian says:

    You think they will really trade Bibby? Dang, I never even thought of that possibility. If they do that, and fail to re-sign both Joshs(sp), it would be some of the dumbest moves ever made.

  46. Co Co says:

    Yeah I do think they’ll trade him unless he’s lights out before the trade deadline. He can’t start the season the way he finished the last one or he’s done. He’s only got one year left and he makes like $13 mil. Of course ATL Spirit will be looking to move him. They’re cheap.