This Is Why I’m Down With Bill Cosby

I posted Nas yesterday…here’s NYOIL’s contribution. Go cop his piece

Side note: Imus is at it again. Dumb ass. (Awful Announcing)

Remember this all out conversation we all had? It was serious and I loved every minute of it.

I need to say something. When it comes to racial commentary I’m no longer pulling any punches. I could give a damn if people are offended because that shit is entrenched in fear. When you go through something it gives you a different sense of humanity and my time is now. Straight up…if you don’t like the writing you’ll see the next couple of weeks then Be Peace.

Those of you who are and will continue to support…thanks. Of course they’ll still be sports features posted on the site…this is just my opinion when it comes to race and only race.

We can no longer worry about who is saying this and who is yellow belly yelling that because if we don’t say it, then nobody will.

I posted this song a while back, but here’s the video that’s catching mad wreck across the web.

NYOIL’s explanation. This needs to be spoken so I hope you blow right now.

Here’s another one:

12 Responses to “This Is Why I’m Down With Bill Cosby”

  1. ronglover says:

    That’s something there that makes you wanna take a look inside of yourself. And dig a little deeper…the deeper you are the harder it is to be moved.

  2. Jordi says:

    Of all his rhymes in that song, I love NYOIL’s line about New Orleans and Kayne. I was really surprised there wasn’t the emergence of a new civil rights leader after Katrina. It was like an dunk I was waiting for. But nothing. And now you can already see the differences with the talk about the floods in the mid-west. How great those people are in their efforts to rebuild. I don’t mean to undermine anyone’s tragedy but the people of the mid-west must be special. They are doing what the people in New Orleans, Burma, and China couldn’t do. Uh huh.

    But Kayne doesn’t get off that easy. He made himself look like a fool commenting on the Soulja Boy – Ice-T beef. Can’t have it both ways, Kayne.

    Keep up the great work, Mizzo. While all the blogosphere is a abuzz with the homogenization, selling-out, and stepping straight for The Man topic (see the LA Times article), it’s great to know you are going to pick up the heat.

  3. Temple3 says:

    Bruh – that ain’t the same as being down with BILL COSBY. Let’s just set the record real straight – Cosby wants people to stand up and be respectable — BUT, he’s blaring his biggest guns at those of us who have the least.

    Our collective problem is one of desperately seeking to be something other than ourselves. Until we know ourselves and love ourselves for ourselves, it’s all like a thumb in the dam.

    Cosby has been proven to be empirically wrong is his critique of po’ Black folk. You can blast behavior all you want, but the fact remains that many, many, many poor-as-hell Black people are busting their ass every single day to make ends meet. There are young mothers riding buses to work in suburbs. There are teenagers raising younger siblings working in minimum wage jobs. There are grown ass men who stayed with their women (their childhood sweetheart) and their babies and they work two jobs or three jobs and always have a hustle on the side to bring in more dollars. Many of our people are grinding — and it’s too easy to focus on POOR PEOPLE.

    This VIDEO doesn’t focus on POOR PEOPLE (like Bill Cosby did and usually does). This video focuses on muhphukkas that wanna act like coons — and they come in all shapes sizes and shades. There is a heavy and serious distinction. Now, the fact of the matter is that this video is BULLSHIT — COMPLETE and UTTER BULLSHIT, unless this cat is really on the verge (quietly, of course) of rolling up on fools and separating them from their livelihoods unless they toe the line. The Sons of Liberty did it to win their freedom in America. It’s been done all over the world for centuries. A people unwilling to check what economists call Free Riders will always Eat Shit and Die.

    Free Riders benefit from marginalized Blackness by playing a crucial role in the psyche of white folks. The Free Riders provide entertainment (buffoon “art” – lotsa teeth (See Terrell Owens) and security (through the commission of rapacious crime in the Black community which the perpetrators are too afraid to EXPORT to white communities).

    Free Riders are along for the ride. They join in all the “woe is me” oppression talk, but never do anything to elevate the group. They simply make shit worse. Clarence Thomas is a Free Rider. P. Diddy is a Free Rider. There are MILLIONS of Free Riders in Black America and Africa today. Mobutu was a Free Rider. The opposite of a Free Rider is someone who Pays It Forward. The video tells us who paid it forward. Cosby pays it forward. He’s never been a Free Rider – but he’s just a little bit off base.

    If you wanna keep it real, we CANNOT lynch all the Free Riders yet. We can do our damnedest to educate them – and that means taking a pass on an opportunity to get high with a Free Rider who sells good-ass chronic or bonin’ a Free Rider with a phat ass or even doing business with a Free Rider who you know damn well could give a shit about Black folk. The power is ours — and sometimes that means being honest about exactly why we face the demons we face. Every Free Rider might as well be holding up a mirror.

    A solid dose of humility and love is what we all need. Free Riders seem to get energized off of causing pain — usually because they’ve been so profoundly hurt themselves. Humility, love and respect. We need to educate and put away the ropes.

  4. Temple3 says:

    And, I do recognize that not everyone can be educated. Some folks need, to borrow from something I read on another blog, a Tom Out. And some of those may need to be permanent.

    Be good.

  5. Black people in the Americas are still in my opinion fighting the sting of slavery. Yes things are better, however a lot of ground has yet to be made up, and it will continue to be a long time coming.

  6. Mizzo says:

    Free riders have had their time brotha…

    I have these same sort of conversations with Anthony Gilbert and Ron Glover Temple. I don’t think Cosby is just speaking to those folk. We are from the same area as him and see Mr. Cosby all over the place ALL OF THE TIME. Something has to be said for that. He could be playing golf or sipping on some bubbly lovely in the clinked crystal cafe sunshine instead of giving his well earned time. He’s not Hollywood even though he could be explicitly.

    Like I just said to someone on the phone, I think what’s getting lost is that every one of his speaking appearances is being covered by the mainstream and not by Blacks because Blacks have dismissed someone they’ve grown up with.

    Cosby spoke to me because I was the only Black face in a room of 50 reporters. That’s a damn shame. All the mainstream folk wanted to talk about is guns. I broke it down and had a personal yet relevant conversation with him and he responded with real rap. He spoke to me for 10 minutes of a 30 minute press conference and folks were heated.

    Yes, there are many free riders that need to get checked someway somehow. How are the free riders going to get the message if they aren’t shocked to do so?

    I just spoke with NYOIL and we are setting up a time to do what should be a sick interview. Your question of authenticity is an honest and important one to ask. I’m also cool with Nas and will speak to him out next month.

    I want to get this shit done so Hip Hop can get back on track through the organization you and I speak of when we talk about this subject.

    My sons are listening to some real bullshit so I have a vested interest in Hip Hop’s evolution.

    The time is now.

    I’m but one man, but this is my service.

    Yes we are still fighting the sting of slavery. I need to step up as a father and if I do they so should every father alive. We are the top so it’s imperative we all start there. I’m sure we’ll all agree the judicial system is effed up but we have to keep our brothas out of the system as much as we can. If it’s just one man saved at least it’s something.

    What should we be doing collectively and individually to change this? There has been so many fake ass solutions offered.

  7. Temple3 says:

    I’m always down for whatever you’re rolling with – you know that. Whatever you need!

  8. Mizzo says:

    Thanks. Give me a shout tomorrow. I’m off to work. Please continue the discussion my people.

  9. Temple3 says:

    Two quick ones:

    1) It goes without saying that this is one of the BEST videos ever made – regardless of genre. It’s straight up excellent all-around artistic work that is WEDDED/BOUND to a people in a critical time. I don’t want anyone to mistake my comments up top for a “boom bash” of the vid. The quality is clear. The question, however, of bringing violence to those who do us harm has always been front and center for us as a people. This is nothing to take lightly — and so, proclaiming folks ought to be lynched falls short of the seriousness required to build a solution — even if its right on point for expressing the anger, frustration and pain of RIGHT NOW. In a manner of speaking, the video is perfectly imperfect and a righteous springboard for conversation.

    2) With respect to Coz, the point is real simple. He is doing what he knows to do best. However…Let’s say that most of his energy was directed at lambasting folks with loot who failed to ensure that public schools properly educated children, failed to create jobs for Black teens and build real estate for middle and working-class Blacks and failed to conduct trade with Blacks in the US, Caribbean and Africa. Let’s just say that was his major critique.

    We know for damn sure he wouldn’t be able to get a shred of mainstream media coverage. We also know that if young people heard a millionaire asking other millionaires to network with him to create jobs FOR THEM, they’d listen. I know this because there are sooo many young folks out here scrapin’ and scratchin’. You heard Leon Powe talk about giving up FOOD as a youth so his MAMA could eat.

    Our children our powerful beyond our measure. When elders dedicate BREATH, precious life-affirming BREATH, to damning the youth (without extending a bridge), there is a problem. Money for the best and brightest ($20M to Spelman); words of disdain and rebuke for the neediest. How does that work for you?

  10. Mizzo says:

    I hear what you are saying brothaman. I don’t have any numbers of Cosby giving back to the hood–although I know he does.

    I’m interviewing NYOIL tomorrow. If anyone has any questions they want answered send them to my email.

    Don’t post them in comments please.

  11. origin says:

    Good post Mizzo. Actually Temple this video was totally different then the original was banned off of youtube in like 2 days. I see shady @ss BET created this video.

    He reminds me of Immortal Technique with his up front in your face political, social rap. But this is typical of some forms of underground rap.

    Maybe we are watching a slow bubbling effect of a more positive afrocentric conscious movement in rap (similiar to the late 80s early 90s). But this movement has stayed strong in the underground scene for years. I mean Dead prez and outlawz had a CD can’t sell dope for ever. Telling kats about the dangers of slanging dope and drug addiction. But this CD never got radio or video play.

    As far as cosby, Temple and I have been on the same page with this issue as long as we have been discussing him on this site. With my parents being involved with the civil rights movement in the 60 I have heard many stories how Cosby wouldn’t address isuess and stayed clear while people like Dick Gregory chose to be activist. I have also had issues about how he fussed and pitched a fit when NBC wouldn’t sell the company to him.

    Yet when Clear channel was buying up black radio stations in the 90s him and other elite blacks wouldn’t buy those radio stations so that they wouldn’t fall into the hands of corporate america. But that is neither here or there.

    My issue has always been with elite blacks selling poor and middle class blacks down the river when it came to making money. They will call us out but as Temple states when the time comes to pull their money together and create jobs and companies for these communities that they call out. They are no where to be found.

    Funny story my sista loves Cathy Hughes the sista who runs TVONE. We are big on supporting black businesses and she loves the fact that this sista has a positive TV network and has radio outlets that support black Folks. I always tell my wife that is true but didn’t we as black folks san the same song with BoB Johnson back in the 80s. Don’t be surprised if she sells us out just like Bob and that brotha that owned Essence Mag.

    Well enough with my rant brotha Mizzo. I have been spreading the word to everyone I know that the HBC Fisk is in serious trouble they are in need to raise 500K by June the 30th. They were required to raise 4 mill by june 30th but they are 500k short. If they don’t raise it the school will be closed (learned this on the Steve Hravey Morning show yesterday) Even though I didn’t attend or graduate from a HBC. I felt I had to do my part and donate something to this university.

    I just felt we as older brothas and sistas can’t have our cake and eat it too. We get on these young folks when they don’t go to school, but when they do and them or their school needs economical help we shrug our shoulders.

  12. Okori says:

    check your mail Miz. although not about this.