Sorry Shaq, But You Are No Kareem OR Biggie

Man this shit ain’t news. Baseball must suck right now.

Shaq can’t rap…it’s as simple as that. Michele back me up on this.

What the hell? Shaq waits until the Lakers lose to come out with some bitchassness like this?

Tim Duncan can say the same to you after your team gave up the guts and lost in the first round. Kobe just lost to a better team-in the Finals.

You whined your way out of Miami just to get punched out of the first round and now you want to clap? That’s foul Shaq and you damn well know it.

Never thought I’d say it, but I hope Bean boofs it on your head next year so you can join your point guard in some true Kobe vine tasting.

Yeah was a freestyle with tongue in cheek, but it’s still foul. No matter how you slice and dice it.

32 Responses to “Sorry Shaq, But You Are No Kareem OR Biggie”

  1. rashad says:

    I am more offended that he said the same line “Kobe how does my ass taste” line about 5 times. Not only did that lack creativity, but I’m sure he stole that line from a Morehouse grad…

  2. Diallo says:

    Whoaaaaaa. Let’s not start with the Morehouse jokes kid. How bout we just leave those in your holster? Cool? Cool.

    I’m over the Kobe-Shaq “beef.” It’s not even close to interesting anymore. Shaq is slowly turning into a punchline, while Kobe is primed to lead the Lakers on a nice little run…providing they can find someone who can MAKE A FUCKING LAYUP! Sorry, had to get that out.

  3. origin says:

    What up Mizzo. Man shaq is a fool this dude always wanted to be a goofy comical rapper like red man. Was the free style great nope………but I have heard worse stuff that was written……check MTV or BET/ he11 check your radio.

    It was definently classless. Hey didn’t Kobe have a rap CD that never came out? Maybe Kobe can do a rap response back. LOL!!!

    Oh and I think on those CDs that shaq had he never wrote his own lyrics. It was guys like nas (who also wrote some of teh lyrics on Will smiths CDs), method man and peter guns.

    Last what do you expect brotha when it comes to ESPN and the other MSM. Its slow and the only black folks that are behaving badly are doing free style raps (shaq).

    You know anytime pacman getting his home foreclosed is news its a joke. Funny how many of the folks on ESPN and MSM didn’t want the lakers to win because of Kobe and have stated how they don’t like him because he snitched on Kobe. Are now all in shock that shaq has said the same thing in a rap…oh my goodness.

    Mizzo you and I know that MFers in the MSM were jumping for joy when kobe lost in the finals. Yet idiots gonna tell me Shaq can’t let go of a grudge. The same folks who won’t vote for a player to go to the hall because they don’t like them……….sh$% ain’t that the pot calling the kettle black.

    Especially that little @ss punt Mike Greenberg.

  4. ronglover says:

    Shaq is slowly on his way to becoming a poor man’s Daryl Dawkins – a very poor one at that.

  5. michelle says:


    He needs to stop trippin without D.Wade and Kobe his ass wouldn’t have any rings either. NONE! He has played with some of the best guards in the business. Being a Kings fan the game (during the 2002 playoffs) when Kobe had food poisoning LA got their asses busted. For LA the 4th quarter belonged to Kobe so Shaq needs to kill that noise.

    Every time his ass went to the hole it was an offensive foul anyway. We all know now the NBA cheats big time and Shaq saved the league.

  6. michelle says:

    As for him cheating on his wife, Karrin Steffens busted him on that crap. It wasn’t like it was a secret.

  7. rashad says:

    Don’t rappers usually lie and bend the truth in their raps though? This really isn’t a big deal…unless Kobe disses him back on wax. Then we’ll have yet another east/west coast battle.

  8. origin says:

    Mizzo now you done got sista Michelle started………….LOL!!!

  9. ronglover says:

    Shaq couldn’t lie to his wife with a straight face and we know Kobe can’t hold water. Believe everything you hear from these two.

    Shaq Fu vs. Mamba – Shaq Fu’s Revenge

  10. Temple3 says:

    Shaq couldn’t lie to his wife with a straight face and we know Kobe can’t hold water. Believe everything you hear from these two.

    This is quite possibly the single funniest line EVER written in the history of gossip. I am ROTFLMBAO!!!!!

    Comic relief. Back to the grind.

  11. ronglover says:

    *Taking a Bow* Thanks

  12. Miranda says:

    Shaq needs to act his dayum age, grow up for goodness sakes!

  13. Vleeflo says:

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a legal transcript with Kobe saying that he knows that Shaq has paid women off. I can’t find anything with him saying that.

  14. origin says:

    Miranda Shaq trying to take supernatural’s crown as the best freestyle artist……….LOL!!!!

  15. mcbias says:

    Shaq’s a great player and quote-giver, but a terrible teammate and person. Guy gets jealous at a drop of a hat. I was hoping someone would call him out on it, thanks Mizzo.

  16. origin says:

    This is getting crazier by the minute.

    So let me get this straight you can lose your badge for a free style rap. But keep it for being a dirty cop or shooting someone 50 times for reaching for their wallet.

    The fact that the MSM is even commenting on this 24/7 is sad in it self.

    Boy this is gonna be a long summer.

  17. Jdubb says:

    It was not all that serious, it was meant for comedy. i love how everyone gets up in arms to come to Kobe’s defense. it was a fkn freestyle rap. everyone knows Shaq rapping skills are like his free throws..enuff said. Now the media heads are calling Stern to fine Shaq and now he is in the process of losing his special deputy’s badge too
    Was anything Shaq said untrue…Nahh, Kobe has not won a SHIP without what’s the deal
    I think we all are overly sensitive.. get off Shaq and get up on Imus and the like
    damn the shyt was funny

  18. origin says:

    Calling for stern to fine shaq……………lord have mercy what is happening to this country. D@MN the media is dumbing us all down.

  19. Miranda says:

    we have officially gone straight to the twilight zone! LMAO!! Its just too the point now where I don’t look for actual “news” anymore…LMAO – this is a straight sitcom.

  20. Miranda says:

    I’ll give you three guesses why this story isn’t plastered all over ESPN – when we KNOW how they love to talk about the NFL thugs that always going and getting themselves ROBBED – even if its their own HOUSE….I’ll take away your first two guesses:

    I guess bad things happen EVERYWHERE.

  21. origin says:

    So will Sh%%Lock write a article on this talking about the black KKK. Oops I forgot that only applies to one of the robbers.

    Anyway the dude that they were robbing is a thug. I mean what man plays video games. And on top of that playing them upstairs. He deserves to be robbed, walking around in that big house. Playing games, I bet he was playing grandtheft auto on his xbox 360…….what a thug.

  22. Miranda says:

    Yep Origin! He bought it on himself.
    Well where is he from anyway?? You know he had thug friends and was into no good from way back when he was in junior high and it followed him…so let this be a lesson to all those black men sitting in THEIR home and somebody breaks in….your past always catches up with you!! So when somebody breaks in your home its because you deserve it! Always!!

  23. GrandNubian says:


    You mean to tell me that their are “white” thugs in this country? Wow, i never would’ve guessed it. 🙂

  24. TheLastPoet says:

    Yall trippin…

    Ever been to a club? Ever heard MCs freestyle?

    Shaq’s just trying to have some fun and move the crowd.

    So, NBA and MSM don’t have a clue, so what?

    Blackfolk speak with their hands; whitefolk speak with their pocketbook. Never the twain shall meet.

    Get over it.

  25. eric daniels says:

    This sounds like some “TOSS MY SALAD” homoerotic crap 5 times “how does my ass taste” Shaq couldn’t rap his way around a wet dream. At the tail end of a great career he resorts to hatin on Kobe, Shaq you are getting that divorce because “Superhead” ratted you out in her book (ugh).

  26. vleeflo says:

    I hate that called himself an emcee. Kane, KRS, Chuck-D, Pun, Rakim, Common, the list could go on and on and be debated forever and ever. Shaq would definitely not make the emcee list.

  27. Hasani says:

    Here’s some basic logic for you guys, who appear not to understand a very basic point:

    1. Wade without Shaq –> no rings
    2. Kobe without Shaq –> no rings
    3. Shaq without Wade –> 3 rings
    4. Shaq without Kobe –> 1 ring

    It thus follows that Shaq is more integral to championship quality basketball than is either Wade or Kobe, based on the only (circumstantial) evidence at our disposal.

  28. Mizzo says:

    And how is that relevant to the post?

  29. jdubb says:

    @Mizzo relevant just based on the freestyle by Shaq, it has to be slow news cycle because this is getting no play in my neck of the woods and people over here love Kobe to death.
    It was Shaq having fun..yall are pretty heavy handed when it comes to Shaq..nothing Shaq said in his “freestyle” was untrue so whats the deal

  30. ronglover says:

    The deal is he’s a grown as man doin the same shit he was doin when he was 20. It was funny back then. Then the shit he says in the rhyme. He couldn’t f*ck with Kareem and he knows it.

  31. jdubb says:

    thats not how I deciphered the lyric, I did not think he was saying he was better than kareem, even if he did say it like that and’s a freestyle who cares you hear wack ass rappers all the time boasting about thier “exploits” why should it be in different for Shaq,
    Shaq has always been cool with me. Meet him a few times when he was in Orlando and a few times we came over to Germany..he is the same cat he was when he was 20 and the same cat now…People seem to be overly sensitive when it comes to Kobe
    damn it was a freestyle , you can tell he was just going for laughs anyways
    lighten up yall

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