2008 NBA Draft Live Blog

Posted in Blogroll on June 26th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

Whose dream is gonna come true?

Here we go folks. Once again it’s on. ESPN is reporting that Derrick Rose will be the first pick. Good choice?

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Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

Posted in Blogroll on June 26th, 2008 by T-Time

Welcome to the cipher fam. Let’s Get It!

I am T-Time, the newest member of The Starting Five.

I am a role player. I am the George Lynch on the Sixers’ ’00-’01 squad.

I am Showtime. I am Magic on the Lake Show.

I am all these things in one.

I am the Revolution.

A senior journalism major at Temple University and Philadelphia Tribune employee who has never seen a parade in his city.

A Philly native who learned history for 13 years in the elementary, middle, and high school. And then unlearned it all in my first year in college.

A Black man who loves sports and sees it as a vehicle to make change in society.

A Black man who spells Black with a capital B when referring to his people.

A Black man who learned this year that sports can be perceived as a minstrel show of sorts (ponder that).

I am the Revolution.

I am the guy who loves the Dennis Rodmans, Ho Grants, George Lynchs, and the James Poseys in basketball. The ‘Elmers’ of the team.

I am the guy who digs Kobe’s blatant swag, but also peeps CP3’s ‘silent assassin’ swag.

I am the guy who, like SLAM, is sick of players not having thorough nicknames.

So, I will change that.

The Revolution is here.

I am he.

I got now…

Richard Jefferson Traded To Milwaukee for Yi Jianlian

Posted in Blogroll on June 26th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

Did you get your wish bruh?

Should be an interesting night…

The wunderkind from China, Yi Jianlian gets his wish and is shipped to the Nets for Richard Jefferson. Bobby Simmons is also is sent to Jigga land. The pundits are saying this deal was done to clear space when LeBron, Bosh and Wade’s salaries clear.

LeBron in Jerz seems to be what everyone wants so we shall see.

No draft picks in the deal makes that just a little more of a possibility.

Jefferson, who has been injury plagued the last couple of seasons, was a key player on the Nets Finals teams in 2002-2003. Ironically, he played in all 82 games last season and averaged a career high 22 points.

He’ll have a shot to become a star…stay tuned

There was major noise that Yi wanted to play close to a major metro because of his Chinese heritage so he definitely gets that chance. I’ve seen him play a couple of times last season and he does have considerable skills.

Live Blog of the 2008 NBA Draft Tonight

Posted in Blogroll on June 26th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

NYOIL’s interview will be posted later tonight or early tomorrow. It will be a great read.

Unforgettable moment. When Jalen walked out I thought….damn…just damn

I’ll be live blogging the draft tonight ’til around ten. Come check us out as we do it up TSF style.

J.O. has already been traded…whose next?

Tune in around 7:30 for the real thought out TSF vantage point.

Jermaine O’Neal Traded To Raptors

Posted in Jermaine O'Neal on June 26th, 2008 by Michael Tillery

Traded to Raps

Once again it’s on. Expect a lot of trades tomorrow. Big names are going places.

Five time All Star Jermaine O’Neal has been traded to the Raptors for T.J. Ford, Rasho Nesterovic (contract expiration) and the 17th pick in tomorrows draft. J.O. was injured for most of last year and returned on March 31. I spoke with him when Indiana came to Philly this past season and he seemed introspective about his fate. He is a great interview and seemed focused on making it all the way back this upcoming season. Good luck bruh. School them young boys up there.