2008 NBA Draft Live Blog

Whose dream is gonna come true?

Here we go folks. Once again it’s on. ESPN is reporting that Derrick Rose will be the first pick. Good choice?

First Round:

1. Chicago Bulls select Derrick Rose, G/Memphis with the number 1 pick.

Chitown gets their prince.

When was the last guard picked number one? Anyone know?

2. Miami Heat select Michael Beasley, PF/KS with the number 2 pick.

I told you Okori that after Wade went down that Miami was going to get their man.

How good will he be. Is he Derrick Coleman or will he potentially be much better?

3. Minnesota Timberwolves select O.J. Mayo, G/USC.

Needs: Everything except center.

O.J. Mayo’s journey to the NBA has been long and arduous. Now the brotha can relax. Look for big things. Dig the shoes…damn!

4. Seattle Super Sonics select Russell Westbrook G/UCLA.

Whose the pick here? Bayless? Trade? Stu just said the Sonics have 6 picks.

Wow, the mad hopper stays out west. He’s a monster athletically, how will he pan out?

Next up Memphis. Anyone want to take a stab? What help does budding star Rudy Gay get here?

5. Memphis Grizzlies select Kevin Love, F/UCLA

Damn, I really didn’t expect Love to be picked here. UCLA Bruins back to back. Kevin looks as if he’s slimmed down a little. If he can run the floor just enough to play a modicum of defense, the kid might be alright.

The Last Poet’s Knicks are next. This pick could be anyone. Stu just said it’s been 7 straight seasons without a playoff berth…damn.

6. New York Knicks select Danilo Gallinari, F/Italy

Chalk this pick up to D’Antoni who played with Danilo’s dad Vittorio. Wow. Sorry Poet. God bless you bruh.

I don’t know what to say. Even the pundits had no idea. They are booing the shit out of this pick.

7. Los Angeles Clippers select Eric Gordon, G/Indiana.

5th freshman picked so far, the record is 8. He’s a balla. Will fill it up with anyone. I think Gordon is going to be a star. When I interviewed Ron Ron, he was aghast of Gordon’s skills. Now he’s a competitor.

The Bucks are next. They’ve been busy already in acquiring Richard Jefferson for Yi Jianlian and Bobby Simmons. Is this where Brook Lopez is picked?

8. Milwaukee Bucks select Joe Alexander, F/WVU.

The Bucks go for the athlete. Can he handle small forwards? I guess we’ll see. With the exception of Westbrook, Alexander has risen the highest since the National Final.

What will Mike do here with the next pick? Is this where Tim Duncan Brooke Lopez goes..specifically because of Sean May’s injuries? What you gonna do Larry Brown?

9. Charlotte Bobcats select D.J. Augustin, PG/Texas

Larry Brown gets his lead guard.

10. New Jersey Nets select Brook Lopez, C/Stanford

He’s a big time low post player. It remains to be seen if he can make the transition from college to the pros quick fast in a hurry.

Diallo Tyson, who has joined the fray, comments: “I can’t believe Knick fans would be surprised at this. They hired a “European” coach who wants to play Euro ball. Umm, yeah he’s gonna take the Euro guy:)”

He’s mos def right here, but NY will be snapping over this one for a loooong time.

11. Indiana Pacers select Jerryd Bayless, G/Arizona.

Big time guard potential. He can play both guard positions and is a sound and heady player. Bilas is saying Chauncey, but I gotta beg to differ with the comparison. Don’t stunt the kid man.

Does Sacramento trade the pick here? Who goes off the board?

12. Sacramento Kings select Jason Thompson, F/Rider.

Damn the first true shocker. This cat goes before Hibbert? Thompson isn’t even in New York. Dude was only 6 foot tall as a freshman and has a referee Pop. The Kings are stacking up down low with Spencer Hawes being the pick last year.

The jp’d Portland Trailblazers are next. I say they go small…I’m gonna start trippin’ because the Sixers are coming up.

We better get suuumbody nice!

13. Portland Trailblazers select Brandon Rush, G Kansas.

Damn! What a pick! Rush can do it all and will be a nice compliment to Roy defensively. If the brotha gets a streak watch out. Portland has one of the most talented young rosters ever seen.

Don Nelson’s pick is next. Is this where Roy Hibbert goes?

14. Golden State Warriors select Anthony Randolph F/LSU.

Goodness gracious. Expect a lot of dunks from the young fella off the break. Dude needs to eat like 3 cows, but will run the floor with ease.

Yo..I’m buggin’. Heart poundin’, forehead sweatin’. C’mon Philly! I say Hibbert.

15. Phoenix Suns select Robin Lopez, C/Stanford.

Wow could you imagine being a parent and have sons taken in the first 15 picks? Must be quite an honor. Dude is here for defense because the Suns definitely need some of that.

Uh…Sixers? Yo..I’m biting my lip. Goodness. Thad needs to go back to the three. Iggy was tendered an offer today. I have no idea if he’s going to resign. Louis Williams and Rodney Carney (trade bait) should get some more time as the Sixers look to get into the top tier in the East. Here we go….

16. Philadelphia 76’ers select Marreese Speights, F/FLA.

I’m with it. I haven’t said that in a while but the Sixers needed to get big like last year. Welcome to Philly brothaman.

17. Toronto Raptors select Roy Hibbert, C/Georgetown.

As part of the earlier trade, Hibbert most likely is headed to Indiana. Better fit there.

I say the Wizards take Darrell Arthur. He’s what they need. What will Gilbert do though? CDR could be the pick. How the hell is he still on the board?

18. Washington Wizards select JaVale McGee, F/Nevada.

McGee has some nice skills. He’ll take some time to develop, but we’ll see.

“”TRade: Indiana receives Jarrett Jack, Josh McRoberts and the rights to Brandon Rush for Ike Diogu and Jerryd Bayless”” Brandon joins brother Kareem in Indiana.

What’s your boys gonna do C? They need the second star. I would go with CDR here. Mos Def.

19. Cleveland Cavaliers select J. J. Hickson, F/N.C. State.

Big and strong but his commitment to the game was questioned in college. Bron Bron will stay on him.

Damn does CDR go to the Nets?

Hasani comments: Rose is a winner, not a head case like so many of the one-and-done losers coming out of college these days. Great choice.

What’s with Knick fans booing the hell out of the Italian guy? Cause he’s white? What a bunch of ignorant dumb asses. Probably not a single one of them has seen Gallinari play.

20. Charlotte Bobcats select Alexis Ajinca, C/France.

Uh, I have no clue who this cat is. He looks like 9 feet tall. Straight project. He averaged 5 points in France.

Bayless looks a little disappointed. Welcome to the NBA young fella.

Darrell Arthur here?

21. New Jersey Nets select Ryan Anderson, F/Cal.

This was the pick that was part of the blockbuster that sent Kidd to the Mavs for basically Devin Harris.

Dude is nice, has some a nice touch from the outside and has size.

Arthur goes to Orlando…watch 😉

22. Orlando Magic select Courtney Lee, G/Western Kentucky.

What the hell did Chris Douglas-Roberts do to slide this far. Lee looks ready on film, but damn.

23. Utah Jazz select Kosta Koufos. C/Ohio State.

Nice player. You know how the Jazz do. They like ’em rough.

If I’m Seattle I’m going for CDR here. Do it, do it.

24. Seattle Super Sonics select Serge Ibaka, F/Congo.

Damn, Seattle goes African. Fraschilla says he stays in Spain. Says he has a decent touch and is very athletic. Dude has 17 brothers and sisters. Good gosh!

Darrell Arthur is giving the look of that certain ND quarterback who fell well.

25. Houston Rockets select Nicolas Batum/G/France

I’ve been following this cat for a couple of years now. He’s a hopper that will bang it on anyone. He also has a nice touch from outside. Houston gets a Rudy Gay like player back.

CDR has to go here. The Spurs are aging at his position.

26. San Antonio select George Hill, G/IUPUI.

Guy looks like a leader. Combo guard. Don’t know too much about the kid..

Teams are saying they are hesitant to pick Arthur because of an existing kidney condition.

I’m not going to say who they should pick here, but you all know who I’m gonna say 😉

27. New Orleans Hornets (trade proposal on table with Portland) selects Darrell Arthur.

He works out with my boy Demetric Shaw (74 points in a game in the Mexican pro league. I did a small feature in SLAM on him). He’s very very talented. He can jump, he can shoot, he can defend and can definitely shot block. He’ll get a lot of lob ops. Real nice player. Definitely a sleeper. I guess good things come to those who wait. He’s headed to Portland and says his health is fine. Damn they have his momma crying. That’s foul. Did you see Stern clap. The rating for this draft are pretty much gonna suck. There’s no true drama.

Does Memphis go hometown?

28. Memphis Grizzlies select Donte Greene, F/Syracuse

Big time talent that fell off towards the end of the season. Has great ball skills and can shoot his ass off.

Off to work. Be Peace! Any of you other fellas on? Handle this.

29. Detroit Pistons select

30. Boston Celtics select.

8 Responses to “2008 NBA Draft Live Blog”

  1. Diallo says:

    I can’t believe Knick fans would be surprised at this. They hired a “European” coach who wants to play Euro ball. Umm, yeah he’s gonna take the Euro guy:)

  2. michelle says:

    I still miss C-Webb

  3. Mizzo says:

    I should have took my Black ass to the draft…

  4. Hasani says:

    Rose is a winner, not a head case like so many of the one-and-done losers coming out of college these days. Great choice.

    What’s with Knick fans booing the hell out of the Italian guy? Cause he’s white? What a bunch of ignorant dumb asses. Probably not a single one of them has seen Gallinari play.

  5. Mizzo says:

    Uh…probably because he’s unknown. What do you expect?

  6. sankofa says:


    Why would you choose to say that? Why did you choose to imply a racial element involved in the Knicks booing him? That’s some straight out bullshit dude!

  7. Co Co says:

    I can’t believe Chris Douglas Roberts didn’t go in the first round and is currently still available! I did a wardrobe recap on my page because we all know what they were wearing is just as important as where they were going! 🙂

  8. Co Co says:

    The Nets finally got him. I wonder why he fell so far.