Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

Welcome to the cipher fam. Let’s Get It!

I am T-Time, the newest member of The Starting Five.

I am a role player. I am the George Lynch on the Sixers’ ’00-’01 squad.

I am Showtime. I am Magic on the Lake Show.

I am all these things in one.

I am the Revolution.

A senior journalism major at Temple University and Philadelphia Tribune employee who has never seen a parade in his city.

A Philly native who learned history for 13 years in the elementary, middle, and high school. And then unlearned it all in my first year in college.

A Black man who loves sports and sees it as a vehicle to make change in society.

A Black man who spells Black with a capital B when referring to his people.

A Black man who learned this year that sports can be perceived as a minstrel show of sorts (ponder that).

I am the Revolution.

I am the guy who loves the Dennis Rodmans, Ho Grants, George Lynchs, and the James Poseys in basketball. The ‘Elmers’ of the team.

I am the guy who digs Kobe’s blatant swag, but also peeps CP3’s ‘silent assassin’ swag.

I am the guy who, like SLAM, is sick of players not having thorough nicknames.

So, I will change that.

The Revolution is here.

I am he.

I got now…

10 Responses to “Allow Me To Introduce Myself…”

  1. Very well written T-time, I dig the flow, and I look forward to reading your thoughts about sports and this interesting world we live in.

    One question: Blue or Red pill?

  2. Inkognegro says:

    Welcome aboard, T.

    Anyone who appreciates George Lynch is aight with me.

    rookies buy the donuts, right?

  3. T-Time says:

    Neither. I go on my terms ya dig?

  4. T-Time says:

    I gotta buy donuts tho?

    I was thinkin Olive Garden…but Donuts work.

  5. ronglover says:

    Welcome, I’m all for Olive Garden.

  6. Mizzo says:

    Yo let’s set that up fo sho! Welcome fam!

  7. Co Co says:

    Rookies also have to carry luggage……… 🙂

  8. michelle says:

    Welcome! Looking forward to checking out your game.

  9. Temple3 says:

    Welcome. Don’t hold back! Bring it on. TSF is a special place. If Mizzo invited you, that speaks volumes. Work it out bruh!!

  10. Holly says:

    “I am the guy who digs Kobe’s blatant swag, but also peeps CP3’s ’silent assassin’ swag.”

    Oh boy!!!. Substitute guy for girl and you’ve summed me up in less than 20 words. Fantastic. I love it. Looking forward to hearing more from you. 😀