Jermaine O’Neal Traded To Raptors

Traded to Raps

Once again it’s on. Expect a lot of trades tomorrow. Big names are going places.

Five time All Star Jermaine O’Neal has been traded to the Raptors for T.J. Ford, Rasho Nesterovic (contract expiration) and the 17th pick in tomorrows draft. J.O. was injured for most of last year and returned on March 31. I spoke with him when Indiana came to Philly this past season and he seemed introspective about his fate. He is a great interview and seemed focused on making it all the way back this upcoming season. Good luck bruh. School them young boys up there.

10 Responses to “Jermaine O’Neal Traded To Raptors”

  1. Rashad says:

    I hope Jermaine channels his inner Garnett, and changes the culture up there, because I really don’t see the difference between he and Bosh right now. On the flip side, Calderon will finally get to shine..

  2. GrandNubian says:

    Yeah, i’m w/ Rashad on this one. I don’t see the logic in trading for another PF…..unless he’s going to man the middle.

  3. origin says:

    I guess this means Barganni is pretty much done???

  4. ronglover says:

    Barganni may be on his way back to Europe from what he’s been saying. Like Rashad I believe O’Neal may go in the middle.

    The 76ers have the smallest and weakest frontcourt in the division, time to make a splash tonight and when the free agent period begins.

  5. Co Co says:

    If Jermaine can stay healthy they can have some success with J O and Bosh. At least I think they can. Also, I think they had to trade TJ Ford because he was unhappy coming off the bench and I guess they didn’t want to have a disgruntled player around.

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  7. michelle says:

    Good trade for Toronto. Wtf is Indiana thinking?

  8. Hasani says:

    Bad move for the Raptors. O’Neal has been nothing but a malcontent and injured “potential star” in his NBA tenure. He’s right there in that Stephon Marbury type tradition of L-O-S-E-R-S. Indiana will really suck for a year or two, but in the long run they’ll be better off, much better off. Addition by subtraction.

  9. GrandNubian says:

    There’s also the possibility that Toronto may use O’Neal to get another 1st round pick.

  10. ronglover says:

    I gave that some thought. Toronto is also trying to get Rip Hamilton, so there may be a 3-way trade goin down.