Live Blog of the 2008 NBA Draft Tonight

NYOIL’s interview will be posted later tonight or early tomorrow. It will be a great read.

Unforgettable moment. When Jalen walked out I thought….damn…just damn

I’ll be live blogging the draft tonight ’til around ten. Come check us out as we do it up TSF style.

J.O. has already been traded…whose next?

Tune in around 7:30 for the real thought out TSF vantage point.

2 Responses to “Live Blog of the 2008 NBA Draft Tonight”

  1. The suit Jalen wore is the most pimped out suit in NBA draft history. And representing the 313 I mean that in the best way. DOPE.

  2. Mizzo says:

    That’s where you are from Dr. Spence?